Birthday and Holiday traditions in Azerbaijan

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Holiday and birthday traditions
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Birthday and Holiday traditions in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani customs and traditions have come a long way before they formed into those types that are familiar to us now. It took many centuries for their formation, and many events, both positive and negative, became the reason for their occurrence. Various religious worldviews of people, the peculiarity of their mentality, the influence of other cultures is also reflected in Azerbaijani traditions. In the 20th century, the centralized (Soviet) government of the republic tried to eradicate many of the traditions, but no one will ever succeed in destroying what is part of a person in a person. That is why many ancient traditions are still alive. Azerbaijan is a country that sacredly observes its national traditions. Traditions accompany Azerbaijanis from the moment of birth and throughout their lives: matchmaking, the birth of children, holidays, harvesting and much more, that it is important to talk about them.

First and foremost, the birthday parties are organized at homes or restaurant, with inviting friends to the party. The main purpose for this party is to celebrate new age of people and to cut the birthday cake for the person who has birthday party. As well as, each person enjoys, dancing together with their friends.

When it come to the weddings in Azerbaijan, the richest in national rituals and ceremonies were and wedding ceremonies remain. Despite it is not possible to describe all Azerbaijani wedding traditions with one word, some traditions can be as following traditions:

Early warning. The groom's relatives send a close relative to the girl's house. He must say about the intention to come to the matchmaking. It so happens that the girls in the house do not give consent to this. In this case, the most respected groom is delegated and tries to obtain consent from the girl's parents. Small matchmaking. According to custom, the first to come to the girl's house are two women - the groom's mother with one of her close relatives. As soon as the women come to an agreement, the heads of the two families - the fathers - must meet. The groom's father comes to the bride's house with three respected people. With all their behavior, they let know about their intentions. According to the established tradition, the girl's father does not give consent the first time. He must first consult with his daughter. When asked for the opinion of a girl, she is silent, which means consent. However, even after this, the bride's side does not give final consent. This will happen in the course of a great matchmaking. Because the main words should be said by the main people in the family.

The groom's father invites close relatives to the house. Together they make a common matchmaking decision. On the day of the great matchmaking, matchmakers come to the bride's house again. They are seated at the head of the table. The girl's relatives are also present. Everyone except the bride's mother and the bride herself - both of them are taken out of the house that day. The groom's father again asks the bride's relatives what their answer is. “May Allah bless them,” they answer. Those at the table say, "Amen." New relatives congratulate each other. The girl's sister brings tea. Lunch is sometimes served. After the matchmakers leave, the bride's sisters follow her, congratulate her and escort her home.

Kurban (Sacrifice) holiday is a part of the Muslim rite of pilgrimage to Makka. During the holiday of Kurban, every possessing Muslim must sacrifice an animal, distribute its meat to the poor and needy. This holiday embodies the high moral qualities of Islam - mercy, kindness and love for people.

Ramadan Holiday is celebrated for two days. At this time, it is customary to visit the graves of loved ones, distribute donations to the poor, give gifts and ask each other for forgiveness. By tradition, on a festive evening, everyone gathers with their families at the festive table. After the meal, according to the order, the poor and the orphans should be donated.

All in all, there are a lot of traditions that are related to holidays and birthday parties and are important for all Azerbaijanis.
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