Bob marley By zach dirksen

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Bob marley

Bob marley

  • Bob marley was born in a village in jamaica on febuary of 1945 he was married and he had eleven kids one of his kids is famous three of his kids he had with his wife two were adopted and he had six other children with different women

My favorite musician is bob marley

  • Bob marley played hip hop he sang with the wailers bob marley sings all of his songs he was a guitarist and a Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician my favorite song that he sang is get up stand up.

Bob marley’s legacy

  • Bob marley was the third world’s first pop superstar.he was the man who introduced the world to the mystic power of reggae. He was the true rocker at heart,and as a songwriter,he brought the lyrical force of bob dylan,the personal charisma of john lennon,and the essential vocal stylings of smokey robinson into one voice.

Bob marley and the wailers

  • In 1963, bob Marley, Bunney wailer, peter tosh, junior braithwaite, beverley kelso, and cherry smith formed a ska and rocksteady group, calling themselves ‘’the teenagers they later changed their name to the Wailing Rudeboys ‘’, then to ‘’the wailing wailers’’,at which point they were discovered by record produced coxsone dodd, and finally to’’ the wailers’’.

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