Budget cycle Gaps in budgetary process

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  • Budgetary process – is a regulated by legislature activity of state organs on preparation, consideration, approval and performance of state budget.

  • Its content is defined with country’s state and budget structure, as well as, concerned organs and persons’ budget rights.

  • Preparation of project budget

  • Review and approval of project budget

  • Budget performance

  • Preparation and approval of the report on budget performance

  • When starts budgetary process and its separate stages

  • How long a stage continues and when it finishes

  • Who are the participants of each stage

  • Rights and duties of participants

Budget cycle

  • Gaps in budgetary process

  • gaps and contradictions in current budget legislature and in standard-legal basis of budgetary process (“gap in law”);

  • lack of efficient proceeding of budget resource allocation;

  • maintenance of all budgetary process stages with law-breaking

  • low level of administrative and legal liability of officials and MPs

  • lack of efficient state and public controlling mechanisms in developing and using process of budget resources;

  • Lack of transparency and development of public participation and etc. in budget decision-making process.

Budget rules are not enough to provide expected results…

  • Full preparation of the budget and budget control and managing rules

  • +

  • Stimulating factors for its continuation

  • =

  • Expected budget indicators

    • Legislative power
    • Citizen society
    • Chamber of Accounts
    • Mass Media
    • Court

Initial budget report

  • Initial budget report

  • 3 year prognosis of incomes and expenses

  • Prognosis of perspective indicators

  • Allocated financial amounts (in detail)

  • Reports made in a year (quarterly)

  • Year-end report (including information concerning budget performance)

  • Opinions of Chamber of Accounts

  • State debt

  • And etc.

  • Access to preliminary and final (annual) reports on the extent of the implementation of the Programs;

  • Dispatch of questionnaires;

  • «In-depth» interviews;

  • Discussions in focus groups;

  • Open-ended surveys in focus groups;

  • Surveys among experts;

  • Questionnaires;

  • Analysis of interviews of persons responsible for the implementation of the Program;

  • Observations and discussions with various community groups (doctors, patients, etc.)

Analyses, Expertise, Advocacies

  • National Budget Group (www.nbg.az) NBG is an NGO alliance established on February 22, 2006. NBG is specialized mainly in budget and finance issues, and in 2006 had different projects for monitoring and tracking different budget expenses, trainings and seminars for NGO

  • and Mass Media Groups.

  • NGO Alliance «Call for Health» (www.healthalliance.az ) was established on May 7, 2007 by a specialized NGO group. Currently

  • the Alliance is made up of 22 NGOs, famous in Azerbaijan in the field of research and healthcare advocacy.

  • Presidential candidates

  • International Financial Agencies

  • Parliamentarians

  • NGOs

  • Ordinary people

Popularizing of the NBG

  • Popularizing of the NBG

  • Inclusion of budget problems into election campaigns

  • Closer cooperation with members of parliament

  • Popularizing of problems

  • To draw public attention

  • Preparation of opinions

  • Publicizing opinions

  • Meetings with candidates

  • Simple articles and calendars

  • Spread of opinions and researches among interest and impact groups

  • Discussion of problems and recommendations

  • Radio and TV speeches

  • Public hearings

End of presentation

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