By Yurananth Gift Amlumyong Historical background

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By Yurananth Gift Amlumyong

Historical background

Luxembourg was founded in 963. Since the 70’s, it has become one of the biggest and most important financial centres in the world, but its arts scene was born just recently, the multimedia art sector being the one of the newest arrivals.

Due to its size, Luxembourg is a small country, with 400,000 inhabitants from more than 150 different nations. In this little space in Europe, the population constitutes a mixture of people from all over the world. Luxembourg, where French, English, German and Luxembourgish are widely spoken, is a multicultural and multilingual society, which helps tear down the communication barriers. Consequently, most of the exhibitions or events often contain more pieces by foreign artists than by Luxembourgish artists. It is a shame but it is a matter of fact.


The artist Su Mei Tse, who was born in 1973 and who works in Luxembourg and Paris, exhibited her work in the „Luxembourg Pavillon“ at the biannale in Venice last year and her „multimedia installation“ was awarded a golden lion. She describes her work as being „a strong but poetical combination of sound, film and space that immediately attracts the attention of the viewer, and yet is rich with subtle echoes of political and metaphysical meanings“. (by )

One of the Luxembourgish artists is Tania Frank ( 31). She has already had a few experiences and she has already shown her works of videoprojections in cooperation with Kulturfabrik and Ekzema. Tania says there is no special style to her work and during the interview she explained that „Luxembourg is on the way to waking up“ to mutimedia art, and that „it is not more difficult here than in other places“ . During the three years she has spent in the mutimedia scene, she has continuously been offered opportunities to exhibit her work at events like InstallationLX ( organised by Ekzema) or in locations such as the Kulturfabrik in Esch-Alzette. She is going to show her most recent work at the „Fête de la Musique“ (21.06.2004) organised by Ekzema .



The magazine “Café Crème“, a pioneer publisher of contemporary photography and art from 1984-1997, doesn’t exist anymore as such but as a non-profit organization which is one of the founders of the “Semaines Européennes de l'Image“. This event takes place every second year in France and in Luxembourg. A different country from the European Union is always invited to the festival. For the third edition of the festival, Poland will be the invited country.


The gallery „Nei Liicht“ was founded in 1982 and is situated in Dudelange. Like „Café Crème asbl. “ it is one of the organisational partners of „Semaines Européennes de l'Image“. For long time the gallery was considered to be the only gallery dedicated exclusively to photographic art not only for national but for international artists.

Throughout the year, the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain organises contemporary art exhibitions, focusing on the diversity and complexity of current artistic approaches and attitudes.

The current exhibition „ RE:LOCATION“ is a project which belongs to the „ART CENTRES OF EUROPE“ network. This exhibition doesn’t only contain modern paintings but also the audiovisual work by artists from all over Europe.

MUDAM , „The museum of modern art Luxembourg“ always organises workshops or exhibitions. Recently, they hosted an exhibition called „Happy Victims – you are what you buy“ by the Japanese artist Kyoichi Tsuzuki. In addition to the main expo, Mudam also showed a few multimedia masterpieces by other artists.

Their next project „audiolab“ is a fusion of modern art and music. All the work, created by three young French designers, are transportable. The modules contain music by different musicians and in various styles.

The „Kulturfabrik“ in Esch-Alzette is usually a space where small concerts take place, but sometimes modern art, especially new multimedia art, blends in with the music scene. The „Cellula indietronica“ was that kind of event, where international artists,live acts and djs set a workshop for sound and visual experimentations.

The next similar event „ SNOW WALK WITH ME“ is a projection and music event where the VJ Chris P., who is dedicated to experimental film-making, will be showing his first long cut and paste VHS work .

Virtual platform/groups is a virtual Platform for Creative Talents.

We present diverse creations and the talented individuals behind it. We offer a framework to showcase, exchange and collaborate in many creative disciplines. This website is accompanied by national TV & Radio broadcasts of selected content, new media contests, events and educational workshops.

TCP is a project developed by The Cornelius Project ASBL in close partnership with the Entreprise des Postes et Telecommunications and RTL Luxembourg

The TCP is a very modern and creative solution to the problems of anonymity and it is a medium for new young artists to exhibit and introduce themselves to the public.

Ekzema, a non-governmental group, often organises a mixed event in Luxembourg where electronic music is combined with modern art, installations, videoprojections, modern dance etc. The members of this group are extremely creative, they have original ideas for new events which are always very exciting and they are open to experimental projects like the „InstallationLX“ in April 2004. Personally, I have to admit that their event is always stimulating and unconventional, and it always attracts a young crowd.

The next project will be shown at „la Fête de la musique“ which includes the videoprojection work of Tania Frank (mentioned above).


CNA „Centre national d’audiovisuel“ is a public archive of all the audiovisual works that have ever been made, and it has a certain importance to the cultural development in Luxembourg.


interview and information :

Nathacha Wagner( at the Carsino),

Paul Di Felice (Prof. at Uni. Of Lux.),

Tania Frank (audiovisual artist)
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