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Catholic Education Week 2014: SERVING IN THE LOVE OF CHRIST

DAY 5: Serve with Joy

Suggested Grade Level:



One Love


Cedella Marley

Vanessa Brantley Newton




Adapted from one of Bob Marley's most beloved songs, One Love brings the joyful

spirit and unforgettable lyrics of his music to life for a new generation. The book celebrates the efforts of one girl who enlists her community to help transform her neighbourhood for the better. Adapted by Cedella Marley, Bob Marley's first child, the book illustrates the joy that comes from a shared love for community. TEACHER INFORMATION: Scripture reminds us that we are ‘one body in Christ’. Jesus is the ultimate expression of God’s love for humanity. It is in serving each other in relationship that we achieve such love. The joy of community depicted in this book illustrates the love we bring to each other.


o Video camera / handheld recording device (ensure Media Release has been approved)

o Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations booklets (ICE)

o Computers/iPads/Smartboard™

o Background music of Bob

Marley’s ‘One Love’ song


OCSGE: 1c, 1g, 2a, 2c, 3f, 6e, 7i

Catholic Social Teachings: We are called to live in faith and community. Jesus taught us that people need other people. He lived in a community of family and friends. With the help of Jesus, we create loving community.

Scripture Connections: Luke 4:18

Religious Education Program: Celebrating-H.E. 3; Living in Communion – H.E. 3; Living in Solidarity – H.E. 1, 2


Media Literacy: ML 1.1-1.6

Reading: OE 1, 1.5

Arts: A1.2, 2.1

MINDS ON (Before) Approximately: 10 min.


Learning Goal:

Inspired by the images of the text and the lyrics of the Bob Marley song,

‘One World’, we will create video presentations to accompany the song.

Through a video, students are able to create a visual presentation about the gifts of love and community that demonstrates their understanding of the five themes explored this week and specifically, ‘Serving in the love of Christ with JOY’.
Making Connections:

o When you hear the title One Love’, what comes to your mind?

Listen to the Bob Marley song ‘One Love.’ ♪

o What do you know about this musical artist? Tell the students that Bob Marley is a Jamaican singer/songwriter who became world famous and spread popularity of a new musical genre known as reggae. He promoted a message of humanity and peace.

Assessment for Learning:

In group discussions, provide charts and visuals of discussion.

Assessment as Learning:

 Think/Pair/Share

 Creation of Word Wall

Identify personal thoughts and insights. These are recorded in reading response book.

Making Connections:

There are many songs about love and humanity. Common themes of many world

religions are the ‘Golden Rule’ and the Common Good. In the Christian tradition, Jesus Christ is our model of how this is lived. There are many Gospel moments and messages that Jesus gives us as examples about how to live with peace, compassion and love.

Take a moment to reflect:

o Where do you see service in love in your own community?
Bob Marley’s oldest daughter has become an author of children’s books. Let’s listen to the song and look at his daughter’s interpretation. This book is dedicated to her father’s memory.

ACTION (During) Approximately: 30 min.


1. Listen to the song ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley or watch a YouTube™ video.

Make sure to watch the official version!

2. Read aloud the book, giving students time to look closely at the beautiful illustrations. An ELMO™ (document camera) would be ideal to project the illustrations. Refer to the book’s illustrations and Bob Marley’s song. How do Bob Marley and Cedella Marley celebrate the love of community?
3. Listen to this scripture passage about the ministry of Jesus. (Read Luke 4: 18).

What words and phrases connect with the idea of Christian service? As a group, brainstorm various Gospel words and phrases from this passage and others that reinforce the idea of Christian service. Remind them of the overall theme of SERVING WITH JOY IN THE LOVE OF CHRIST.
4. For our class culminating presentation, we are going to create a video to the Bob Marley song ‘One Love’. We will hold up cardboard signs with gospel words and phrases that illustrate Jesus’ model of service in love (e.g. ‘Bring Good News to the poor’). We can think of many words and images that are about the ministry of Jesus. Also, the words of the themes of this education week would be great to include.

Differentiation (DI):
Students can work individually or in groups.

Some may choose to write or

explore a different creative way to demonstrate the messages

of “One Love” and serving with joy.
Some students can benefit from symbols or images about faith rather than words. These can be displayed on a chart.

Assessment of Learning:

Does the student work on the presentation meet the success criteria and the Learning Goal?

CONSOLIDATION (After) Approximately: 15 min.


Reflective Activity
Record the themes of the week on a chart or SmartBoard™. Let’s think of the many ways that we can Serve with Joy in the Love of Christ.
Now for our celebratory gathering, we will watch the video that demonstrates our thinking, discussion and creative collaborations.

Invite another class to come and watch the class video.

It could also be shared at an

assembly or at the closing of a mass celebration for Catholic Education Week 2014.

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