Chapter 9: 4-7 Center of Mass

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Chapter 9: 4-7

Main Concepts

Momentum is a vector quantity

A block of wood is struck by a bullet. Is the block more likely to be knocked over if the bullet is (A) metal and embeds itself in the wood, or if the bullet is (B) rubber and bounces off the wood? The mass of the two bullets is the same.

  • (A), metal, because it would transfer more energy to the block.

  • (B), rubber, because it would transfer more momentum to the block (higher impulse).

  • Makes no difference

  • Sorry, I don’t believe in guns.

Relationship of Momentum and Kinetic Energy

Consequences of Momentum Conservation in Elastic and Inelastic Collisions

Problem: Exploding Object

Solution, Exploding object.

Conceptual Checkpoint.

  • Work, Impulse, Power, Force

  • Work, Power, Impulse, Force

  • Work, Power, Impulse, Energy

  • Work, Energy, Power, Impulse

Putting Momentum and Energy to Work

Work backwards from desired result…

Work this one out!

A real-world example: Ion scattering

Ion scattering: can it be done?

The Rocket Problem

Center of Mass: What it is, and why it matters

Center of Mass of a Mobile

Find the Center of Mass: 2nd try

  • R = .25 m

  • R = .50 m

  • R = .75 m

  • R = 1.0 m

Forces and Center of Mass

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