Chw 3M1 – Ancient Egypt: The Mummy Movie Quiz Name

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CHW 3M1 – Ancient Egypt: The Mummy Movie Quiz

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  1. According to the movie, what was the name of the ancient city that all pharaohs were buried in?

a) Memphis b) Cairo

c) Thebes d) Hamunaptra

  1. During the introduction to the movie, who was Imhotep?

a) The Pharaoh b) A High Priest

c) The Vizier d) A Palace Scribe

  1. How does the pharaoh discover that his mistress is having an affair?

  1. Her body make-up is smudged indicating that she had been touched.

  2. He caught her in bed with Imhotep making love to one another.

  3. Her lipstick is smudged indicating that she was kissing someone.

  4. Horus came to him in a dream and told him.

  1. In the movie, Hamunaptra was also known as:

  1. The city of Gold

  2. The City of the Dead.

  3. The Land of the Pharaoh.

  4. The Valley of the Kings.

  1. How much does Evelyn (Evi) pay the prison warden to save O’Connel’s from being executed by hanging?

  1. 500 Pounds.

  2. 50% of the treasure of Hamunaptra.

  3. 25% of the treasure of Hamunaptra.

  4. 30% of the treasure of Hamunaptra.

  1. What is the book of Amon-Ra?

  1. A map that shows the way to Hamunaptra.

  2. Instructions on how to mummify a person alive.

  3. An ancient book of the dead.

  4. A book made of solid gold filled with incantation of the old world.

  1. What must the treasure hunters wait for in order to enter the Hidden City?

  1. The rising sun to show the way.

  2. A message from the Bedouin Magi (Men in Black).

  3. Benny to point them in the right direction.

  4. A sign in the sand from Imhotep.

  1. What is the name of the Pharaoh that is supposedly buried in Hamunaptra?

a) Imhotep b) Seti c) Ramses d) Tutankhamen

  1. What is the name of the statue of the jackal headed god guarding over the tomb?

a) Osiris b) Annubis c) Horus d) Ra

  1. After Evi reads from the book of Amon-Ra, what is the first plague that strikes Egypt?

  1. The Nile River turns to blood.

  2. A swarm of flies covers the land.

  3. A cloud of locusts swarms over the area.

  4. Scarab Beetles eat everyone in their path.

  1. What does the mummy of Imhotep take from its first victim, the American, Mr. Burns?

  1. His Eyes/Tongue. c) His Canopic Jar.

  2. His Heart d) His Flesh and Soul.

  1. What is Imhotep afraid of?

a) Guns and Fire b) The Star of David c) Water d) Cats

  1. How many canopic jars are presented in the movie?

a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6

  1. How does the Prison Warden die?

  1. He drowns after jumping over the side of the burning ship into the Nile.

  2. The Mummy Imhotep drains him of life.

  3. A scarab beetle crawls into his shoe and into his body.

  4. He is attacked by a swarm of flies.

  1. What must Imhotep do in order to bring back to life his love, Anck Su Namun?

  1. Kill all the people who opened his grave.

  2. Open and consume all of the contents of the canopic jars.

  3. R

    20 (App)
    ead from the book of Amon-Ra.

  4. Sacrifice Evi.

  1. What kind of Hieroglyphics is Evi skilled in reading?

a) Cuneiform b) Hieratic c) Demotic d) Pictographs

  1. How do O’Connel and the others get back to Hamunaptra to save Evi?

  1. They ride camels back into the desert.

  2. They take a magic carpet.

  3. They fly in an airplane.

  4. They hitch a ride on a sand storm.

  1. How do they kill Imhotep?

  1. Johnathon reads a spell from the book of Amon-Ra that turns the mummified palace guards against Imhotep.

  2. Imhotep is chopped to pieces by O’Connel.

  3. Evi reads a spell from the book of Amon-Ra that turns Imhotep into a mortal, allowing O’Connel to stab him.

  4. He is trapped and then eaten by scarab beetles.

  1. O’Connel’s weapon of choice is:

a) A sword. b) A whip. c) Guns d) A knife.

  1. How does Evi know that Imhotep was buried alive in his Sarcophagus?

  1. the inscription on the front of his coffin says so.

  2. The skeletons of the scarab beetles in the coffin indicate that the occupant was alive.

  3. There are scratches made from fingernails on the inside of the coffin.

  4. The corpse is still decaying.

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