Colors have a special impact on human life and psychology and physiology. Since we live in the world of colors, each one of us has a favorite color

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Colors have a special impact on human life and psychology and physiology. Since we live in the world of colors, each one of us has a favorite color.

Scientific studies have shown that a human being is able to distinguish up to 180 colors and more than 10,000 colors through their eyes. Each color has its own peculiarities and it's very interesting to know about them. A person may become ill or be affected by any color, or he may succeed or lose.

It has been proven that there is a difference in the perceptions of colors of women and men. Note that there is also a separate field of knowledge about colors and their features and is called coloristics.

According to psychologists, color is one of the most important types of information. Following the research, scientists have come to the conclusion that the choice of a particular color depends on the national and individual characteristics of the person. The preference for one color or another reflects the hidden traits that people have at some point. It has been proven that when choosing a color, a person justifies it with age-appropriate arguments. Color change and harmony are necessary for people.

Scientists have made diagnostic ideas about the health of people, using what color they prefer and characterizing those colors. In this regard, it is worth noting the tests by the Swiss psychologist Lusher.

In Europe doctors use these tests as a diagnostic tool. The checkers will be given eight color cards. A prefixed figure (1 to 8) is marked on the back of each card. Inspectors are instructed: “Look carefully at these colors. Put aside the color card you like most. ” This way, all colors are selected sequentially. The numbers on the back of the card are written in the selected sequence. Then these cards are mixed for the second time, the same process is repeated, and the number of selected colors is saved. In this way psychophysiological capabilities of the person are revealed.

Each color has a certain effect on the human mood. Some colors have irritating effects on the nervous system, while they cause intense wakefulness, while others calm the nervous system. Therefore, the effects of colors on human psychology are divided into two parts. The first of these effects is described as annoying, inspiring, invigorating, and second, causing distress and anxiety. For example, during a certain period of time, a person who looks at purple will raise his blood pressure, and his breathing and heart rate will increase. On the other hand, a person with a clear blue color is in a different position, his blood pressure drops, his heartbeat and breathing slow down.

Red - this color is energetic and dynamic, it is inviting and inviting. It represents joy. Red shows his vitality and determination and determination to the end. It opens the appetite. The people who favor him are active, business-oriented, leadership-oriented, and sexually active. This color is the color of brave, convictive, fast-paced people. At the same time, the red color increases the pressure and accelerates the blood circulation. Those who love red always try to stay focused. For those who dislike this color, they like to stay away from conflict and conflict.

Green is the color of nature, it gives people confidence. Green is also the color of people who love creativity and love peace. In hospitals, this color is used as a symbol of comfort. People who prefer that color are stubborn and end their work.

Under the influence of green, there are real opportunities to be proud, to be superior to others, to feel empowered, to foresee and manage events.

Black - represents strength and connection. In many parts of the world, black is a symbol of mourning. Those who choose this color have some problems and represent black despair. The people who prefer black dresses are those who are indifferent, serious and self-contained. The black color exacerbates the nerves and drains energy.

Blue - brings a sense of calmness, peace, comfort, satisfaction, and weakness. Blue color, blood pressure, pulse beating and breathing are weakened. In sickness and fatigue, a person is more prone to this color. Not only does blue color weaken sensitivity, it also provides the basis for the ability to hurt others, as well as aesthetic impression. Blue is often considered a symbol of loyalty, trust, and love. Studies show that people who prefer the blue color are calm and generous, and feel the need for an atmosphere of insecurity and sadness. Blue is also a symbol of homosexuals.
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