Comment on the genera Syzygium, Anetholea, Waterhousea and Acmena

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Changes for Rainforest Trees and Shrubs (2006, 2009


Comment on the genera Syzygium, Anetholea, Waterhousea and Acmena 


There is continued debate amongst botanists as to whether the genera Anetholea, 

Waterhousea and Acmena should be included in the mega-genus Syzygium. In this 

publication we have included these three genera in Syzygium; however, many botanists do 

not think that on present knowledge this position should be continued. Therefore it is 

suggested that the species be retained in their separate genera, i.e., Anetholea anisata, 

Waterhousea floribunda and Acmena hemilampra, Acmena ingens and Acmena smithii.   


Previous names are listed below for users who wish to continue using the separate genera. 

Note, all names are valid, therefore until there is consensus amongst botanists and State 

Herbaria either of the names for a taxon can be used.  



Name changes etc. 


Page 24: Add: WTRf for Pararchidendron pruinosum 


Page 31: Name change: Zieria species ‘Brolga Park’ now Zieria bifida 


Page 33: Name change: Zieria species ‘Binjour’ now Zieria vagans 


Pages 30, 52 & 95; Add: Springbrook to distribution for Alloxylon pinnatum 


Page 34: Add: CTRf for Acradenia euodiiformis 


Page 36: Name change: Erythrina species ‘Croftby’ now Erythrina numerosa 


Page 45: Spelling correction: Mackinlaya macrosciadea 


Pages 53 & 69: Name change:  Senna odorata now Senna barronfieldii 


Pages 89, 91 & 115:  Name change: Hymenanthera dentata now Melicytus dentatus 


Page 121: Callistemon salignus has been included in the genus Melaleuca (as Melaleuca 

saligna), however, this change has not been accepted by all botanists.  Therefore, continue to 

use the name Callistemon salignus and include Melaleuca saligna as a synonym until the 

position of the species is clarified and its position more widely accepted by botanists. 


Page 126: Name changeFitzalania species ‘Gregory River’ now Fitzalania bidwillii 


Page 136: Correction: for Endiandra sieberi – fruit 20-25 mm long 


Page 142Name change: Leucopogon maccraei now Acrothamnus maccraei 


Page 142 Name change: Trochocarpa species now Trochocarpa montana 


Pages 154 & 172: Name change: Pouteria australis now Planchonella australis 


Page 154: Name change: Pouteria myrsinifolia now Planchonella myrsinifolia 


Pages 154 & 172: Name change: Pouteria chartacea now Planchonella chartacea 


Page 155: Name change: Pouteria cotinifolia var. cotinifolia now Planchonella cotinifolia 


Page 155: Name change: Pouteria cotinifolia var. pubescens now Planchonella pubescens 


Pages 155 & 166: Name change: Pouteria pohlmaniana now Planchonella pohlmaniana 


Pages 155 & 172: Name change: Pouteria eerwah now Planchonella eerwah  


Page 182: Name change: Daphnandra species ‘Illawarra’ now Daphnandra johnsonii 


Page 182Name change: Daphnandra species now Daphnandra melasmena 



Page 182Name change: Daphnandra species ‘McPherson Range’ now Daphnandra 



Pages 189 & 198: Name change: Syzygium hemilamprum var. hemilamprum reverts to 

Acmena hemilampra var. hemilampra 


Page 194: Name change: Syzygium anisatum reverts to Anetholea anisata. 


Page 194:Name change: Syzygium floribundum reverts to Waterhousea floribunda. 


Page 194: Name change: Syzygium ingens reverts to Acmena ingens. 


Pages 195, 196: Name change: Syzygium smithii reverts to Acmena smithii. 


Page 212: Correction: for Cryptostegia grandiflora – flowers 4-5 cm diam. 



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