Court 3 Opposition Brief: Against Audrey Hepburn for Nobel Peace Prize

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Court 3 Opposition Brief:

Against Audrey Hepburn for Nobel Peace Prize

The biggest argument Audrey Hepburn has for being posthumously awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is her work in charity. She was an actress, not a head of state, not any sort of politician. That’s not to say that these are any sort of necessary prerequisites to being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but it certainly limits the scope at which she can easily affect the world as a whole, or even a small part of it to bring what could be described as peace. The Audrey Hepburn Children’s Foundation is a charity dedicated “to raise money and awareness for the needs of children worldwide” [1]. Problem is other than sharing a name the only connection Hepburn has to the charity is that her sons, Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti, and her husband Robert Wolders founded it [2], and she wasn’t even alive for that. There is a group named after her called the Audrey Hepburn Society[3], which is basically just a donation incentive for those who donate then thousand dollars or more to the United States Fund for UNICEF whose purpose is “a better world for children everywhere” [4] . Audrey’s biggest clam to the prize is her work as a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, which is a title given to celebrities who use their fame to draw attention to the plight of impoverished children all over the world [5]. Audrey made many trips to different countries including Ethiopia, Turkey, Sudan, Vietnam, and Somalia. Audrey was in these countries as a spotlight. She was not an administrator, she did not handle day to day operations on distributing food and water, and she most certainly did not organize any sort of aid plan. She was there purely because of her fame and her ability to make people pay attention, UNICEF themselves describe her excursions as mere “field trips” [6]. Outside of these visits she gave speeches, designed fundraising cards, and hosted award ceremonies [6] . In comparison to Mahatma Gandhi who inspired the liberation of millions of his people from British rule and had long lasting philosophical impacts, most notably by inspiring Martin Luther King Jr. with his idea of peaceful protesting and civil disobedience, Hepburn is merely a pebble to his mountain.

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