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I have 8 years of professional work experience in contract/project management which includes 

the following as part of my duties.    



Development of (also multidisciplinary) cost reduction projects (e.g. process 

streamlining, value engineering, optimization of the supplier base)   


Managing the identification, justification, development and support the implementation of 

improvements within Operations   


Preparing business cases including technical specifications for raw materials, 

components, equipment, or constructions.   


Negotiation and agreement for Contracts and numerous Work Service Orders for large 

scale EPCM construction projects based on FIDIC Red Book.   


Maintain an audit file for each project which will include original contract, all 

correspondence, changes/deviations, amendments, clarifications, payment schedules 


Testing and comparison of the design with the customer requirements in AutoCAD 


Experience processing, filtering, and presenting large quantities (100K to Millions of 

rows) of data as well as developing data models using VBA application 


Building platform to effectively work with Manufacturing/ Marketing/ R&D to identify and 

match business needs with supplier capabilities to drive strong business partnerships through 

supplier challenges, relationship development, and sharing of the business priorities and 

innovation capabilities within the supply industry. 


I have worked on many projects including:    


1. Oil&Gas Platform Construction Projects (5 years)   

2. Olympic Games Operations Project Management (1 year)   

3. Shipyard/Ship Construction (2 years) 

4. Wind Energy Project (6 months)    


I have hands-on experience working with warehouse supervisors to maintain daily schedules of 

anticipated goods movements both inwards and outwards. Additionally, I have a strong 

understanding of strategic sourcing and supply chain management including forecasting, 

planning, and inventory control, including EOQ, EPQ models, and inventory models in 

Operations Research. I have excellent communication, IT and Management skills that will be 

very useful for this project. I have completed a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and 

have studied MS in Electrical Engineering. 




Ruslan Gurbanov 

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