Creativity and art

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Questions MBT 11665

  1. What is the Play-Way Method?

  2. What do you understand about “Creativity and art” ?

  3. What is the Multiple-choice tests?

  4. What is the Achievement tests?

  5. What is the placement test?

  6. What is the progress test?

  7. What is the Diagnostic tests?

  8. Who improved test?

  9. Who created the test?

  10. “Knowledge of another is not only faster than the knowledge itself, but also serves as the source of his and support.” Who mentioned it?

  11. What kind of adjectives do We usually report for describing some man to using?

  12. The third component …

  13. The first component …

  14. Based on the tasks the author picked up a few techniques for writing this
    course work:

  15. What kind of a special place does the age of educational psychology and primary school age have?

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