Credit union schools quiz 2016 Sunday 10th April 2016

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Credit Union National Final 2016



Sunday 10th April 2016

Hall 1, RDS, Dublin

Round One

  1. What word follows: grandfather, cuckoo and alarm?


  1. The character that lives next door to Horrid Henry is known as Moody


ANSWER: Moody Margaret

  1. Name the actor, famous for playing Professor Snape and Eamon De Valera, who passed away on the 14th of January this year?

ANSWER: Alan Rickman

  1. Igor Sikorsky is credited with the creation of which flying machine, sometimes used to transport patients to hospital?

ANSWER: Helicopter

  1. The huge fleet of fighting ships launched against England in 1588 by the King of Spain was known as The Spanish __________.

ANSWER: Armada

  1. If you suffered from coeliac disease, what G are you allergic to?

ANSWER: Gluten

Round Two

  1. What word is both a type of window and something awarded to the winner of a pageant e.g. the Rose of Tralee?


  1. Who writes the Captain Underpants series of books?

ANSWER: Dav Pilkey

  1. What is the capital of Venezuela?

ANSWER: Caracas

  1. What Q is the formal term for the answer to a division sum? E.g. 48 ÷6=8

ANSWER: Quotient

  1. Name the actor who plays Superman in the recently released movie: Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

ANSWER: Henry Cavill

  1. What A is an annual publication containing a calendar with weather forecasts, astronomical information, tide tables and other information?

ANSWER: Almanac

Round Three

  1. Based on the books by R.L. Stine, which actor voices Slappy the Dummy in the Goosebumps movie?

ANSWER: Jack Black

  1. Credit Unions do not have customers. Instead, what name is given to people who have an account in a credit union. Beginning with the letter “M”.

ANSWER: Members

  1. Which is the only Great Lake to share its name with an American State?

ANSWER: Michigan (Huron, Erie, Superior and Ontario)

  1. Which Scottish poet wrote: The Land of Counterpane, Bed in Summer and From a Railway Carriage?

ANSWER: Robert Louis Stevenson

  1. What S is a light, 2 wheeled horse drawn vehicle for one, used chiefly in trotting races?


  1. What R is the name given to the list of requirements provided by a band or actor before they appear at a venue? The list usually contains a list of comforts they require in their dressing room(s).


Round Four

Number Round

Hint: Numbers Total: 2152

  1. What number is known as DEKA in Greek and DECIM in Latin?


  1. If there are 50 stars on the American Flag, how many stripes are there?


  1. If you add the number of legs a spider has to the number of legs a horse has, how many legs are there all together


  1. The last flight of the Concorde took place on November 26th of what year?

ANSWER: 2003

  1. How many Irish caps did Captain Paul O Connell retire with (NOT including the British and Irish Lions)? Is it (A) 108 (B) 87 (C) 132

ANSWER: (A) 108

  1. How many Brandenburg Concertos did Bach write?


Round Five (Audio Round)

  1. Listen carefully ….what type of manuscripts are Zach, Hannah and Champ talking about?

ANSWER: Goosebumps

  1. What is the title of this Canadian Singer’s hit song?


  1. The opening of a famous German composer’s Symphony No. 5 ….What is that composer’s name?

ANSWER: Beethoven

  1. Who is this chart topping band?

ANSWER: Lukas Graham

  1. In Zootropolis, what type of mammal is Flash?

ANSWER: A sloth

  1. Part of a Concerto by a French composer Francois Devienne ….What instrument is featured here?


Round Six

  1. What is Greg’s surname in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books?

ANSWER: Heffley

  1. What type of food commonly found in stir-fries, omelettes or risottos, is a

CEP? (Pronounced Sep)

ANSWER: A mushroom

  1. Meaning re-birth, what is the title given to the period in history between the 14th and 17th centuries, where there was a revival of interest in art, literature and learning?

ANSWER: The Renaissance

  1. In November of 2015 a system of naming storms was introduced by Met Eireann and the UK’s Met Office. What was the very first storm, beginning with A?

ANSWER: Storm Abigail.

  1. What type of transport would you find parked on an apron?

ANSWER: Aircraft/aeroplane

  1. Who was the Prime Minster of Britain from December 1916 until 1922?

ANSWER: (David) Lloyd George

Round Seven

  1. Short for web log, what is the name given to an account of something written online? It is usually updated frequently and written in an informal style.


  1. Who became the first female artist to win the Grammy Award for the category Album of the Year (twice)?

ANSWER: Taylor Swift (Fearless in 2010 and 1989 in 2016)

  1. Who was the captain of the Titanic?

ANSWER: Capt. (Edward John) Smith

  1. Queen Elizabeth and Barack Obama both visited Ireland recently. In what year were these historic visits?

ANSWER: 2011

  1. 33 miners were rescued in October 2010 having spent 69 days trapped underground. In what South American country did this story unfold?


  1. Also known as Bio Sonar, what E is the name of the method of finding food/other objects, used by bats and dolphins, where they emit sounds and use rebounding sounds to pin point where something is?

ANSWER: Echolocation

Round Eight

  1. Footballer Wayne Rooney and wife Coleen had a third son this year. What did they name him?


  1. Name the Human Rights Campaigner, born in India in 1869, who fought for Indian Independence?

ANSWER: (Mahatma) Gandhi

  1. Who is the captain of the Irish Women’s Rugby Team?

ANSWER: Niamh Briggs

  1. The Credit Union movement is spread across the world, approx. how many credit unions are there world wide?

(a) 45,000 (b) 57,000 or (c) 70,000

ANSWER: (b) 57,000

  1. What E is a name is given to the flag flown by a ship, to indicate what

country it is from?

ANSWER: Ensign

  1. Name the British judicial ceremony that dates back to the 1800s, whereby coins made in the Royal Mint are tested to ensure they all conform to the correct specifications. Trial of the ____


Round Nine

  1. What name is given to the structures carved on posts or pillars with symbols or figures – usually of animals? _______ Poles.

ANSWER: Totem poles.

  1. If a political map shows the borders between countries, states or counties, what kind of map shows the geographical features of an area e.g. mountains?

ANSWER: Physical map

  1. What S is the name given to women who fought for the right to vote?

ANSWER: Suffragette

  1. Name the virus that is spread by mosquitoes and caused a public health emergency that began in Brazil in 2015? Answer has 4 letters.


  1. Born in Copenhagen, name the architect that unexpectedly won a competition to design the Sydney Opera House in 1957?

ANSWER: Jorn Utzon

  1. Elected in 2015, Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of which country?

ANSWER: Canada

Round Ten

  1. Cascade, plunge, horsetail and tiered are all types of what?

ANSWER: Waterfall

  1. What U.S. state was Hilary Clinton born in?

ANSWER: Illinois

  1. 2 new sports were added to the calendar of events for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. One was Rugby (Union - 7s). What was the other?


  1. What E is an official order, proclamation or announcement of law, often associated with a monarch or the pope?


  1. What K is the name of the temperature scale where zero degrees is known as absolute zero and the size of one unit is the same as the size of one degree Celsius? Answer has six letters.

ANSWER: Kelvin

  1. Located in Russia, the world’s deepest lake holds approximately 20% of the worlds unfrozen fresh water. What is it called?

ANSWER: Lake Baikal

Round Eleven


  1. What colour does red litmus paper turn in the presence of a base?


  1. If a convex shape curves outwards, what is the term for a shape that curves inwards?

ANSWER: Concave

  1. What L is the name of the soil, perfect for gardening and farming, which has large amounts of nutrients and can hold the correct amount of water?


  1. Beginning with L, name the caves in South Western France, famous for their Palaeolithic cave paintings, which are approximately 17,000 years old.

ANSWER: Lascaux

  1. Irish visual artist and portrait photographer Kevin Abosch recently sold a picture of what vegetable for a reported fee of €1 million?

ANSWER: Potato

  1. There will be a census in Ireland later this month. What E is the name given to someone employed in the taking of a census?

ANSWER: Enumerator

Round Twelve


  1. What word is both a kitchen implement used for chopping and a musical instrument?

ANSWER: Mandolin (e)

  1. Born in 1939, Sir James Galway OBE is world famous for playing which instrument?


  1. What ‘T’ is a seasonal lake or pond found in limestone areas which is flooded in wet weather and dry or marshy in summer?

ANSWER: Turlough

  1. If the call sign of the aircraft carrying the President of the United States is Air Force One, what is the call sign of a helicopter carrying him/her?

ANSWER: Marine One

  1. The earth’s atmosphere is divided into layers. What is the name of the very bottom atmospheric layer where we live and most types of clouds and weather occur?

ANSWER: Troposphere

  1. Idlewild Airport in the US changed its name in 1963. What is it now called?


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