David Cruden, 16 Doctors Lane, West Meon, Nr Petersfield, gu32 1LR

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David Cruden, 16 Doctors Lane, West Meon, Nr Petersfield, GU32 1LR

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01730 829 360


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Alan Rickman, 101 Taplings Road, Weeke, Winchester, Hants. SO22 6HG

15 May 2017

The Rt Hon Gordon Brown

Prime Minister

10 Downing Street


SW1 1AA .

Dear Prime Minister,

As Chairs of TACT (Tenants and Council Together) in Winchester, David Cruden, and Alan Rickman, on behalf of our committees we wish you well as Prime Minister. TACT are non political, but challenge any party concerning our rights regarding retaining our council homes.
TACT, have written to the previous Prime Minister Tony Blair, regarding the unfair negative subsidy taken from our Housing Revenue Account each year of over £7million. This money would allow us to maintain our council homes, in good condition. The council would then be able to build new council homes, if it was not taken from us.
As stated in our previous correspondence council homes have been a proud tradition to many tenants over the years. They were brought up in one and have fond memories of them. If given the choice they would much prefer to rent a council home. Not every one can afford to purchase their home, or want the millstone of a large mortgage around their necks. Schemes that have allowed part ownership have worked for some, but have led to homes being repossessed for others.
Please allow us the right to have the money we pay in rent to go to our own homes in Winchester, and let us stay with our council as landlord. We have made it clear that this is our wish, when the last Housing Options took place.

TACT know it has to be gone through again. Money down the drain. As tenants we will not change our minds, tenants tell us so at our regular meetings.

TACT actively support Defend Council Housing and will be going to their conference on the 12th July 2007 in London, to give our whole hearted support in all they strive to do for council tenants all over the country.
We know that you will receive thousands of letters a week and you are just getting settled into your new career as Prime Minister and with all the many tasks that face you, our requests may seem minor, but as TACT chairs we know they are major concerns that worry our tenants. You seem by your comments recently, to promise to make affordable housing for all, `one of the great causes of our time`. As tenants we realise Housing Associations will play a major part in solving the problem, we can work side by side with them, but do not take our council homes away from us, they are a vital part of affordable housing. They should still be a major part of housing for the future. TACT followed with interest the findings of the Cave report, and Hill report, to name just a few. There must be a way forward. As tenants our views are important, please take them on board.
Having a housing minister attend Cabinet is a great step forward, involving and engaging the British people in a national debate on ‘the new homes we must build’ another.
Housing for our children and grand children is of vital concern to us, if they are to have any sort of future. We put our trust in your hands please do not let us down. For the first time in a long while, we begin to feel some one actually cares.
As Chairmen of TACT we look forward to your reply with interest.

Yours faithfully

David Cruden Alan Rickman

Chair of afternoon group Chair of evening group
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