Deferred Forest Area Report

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Structural Adjustment

The purpose of the Forest Industry Structural Adjustment Package (FISAP) is to facilitate structural change within the native forest industry sector to accomodate changes in the availability of the production forest resource and assist the development of a long term ecologically and economically sustainable forest industry. 

In this context, the elements of the FISAP are designed to cushion the adverse impacts on businesses and workers employed in the native forests industry sector which have been directly adversely affected by the outcomes of the DFAs/RFAs and to provide incentives for businesses remaining in the industry to increase the level of value added processing. 

In response to the potential impacts of the DFAs and RFAs on workers, businesses and communities, on 3 October 1995 a paper outlining the major elements of a general assistance package was distributed for comment, prior to developing the detail of a structural adjustment package. 

Rescheduling Assistance for States

This element is directed at providing assistance to States to facilitate access to native hardwood forest coupes into which forestry operations are being rescheduled as a direct result of the Deferred Forest Assessment and/or RFA processes. 

Labour Adjustment for Employees and Self-Employed

For enterprises which intend to remain in the native hardwood forests based industry sector but which need to retrain staff, assistance may be provided through the DEET Training and Skills (TASK) program. 

For workers, including the self-employed, displaced from the native hardwood forests based industry sector as a direct result of the Government's DFA and RFA decisions, a specific Labour Adjustment Package (LAP) similar to the packages available in the passenger motor vehicle and textile, clothing and footwear industries will be established. 

The LAP is designed to improve access to jobs outside the native hardwood forests based industry sector for workers, including the self-employed, retrenched from that industry sector and may include: 

- vocational training generally for 52 weeks, but up to 78 weeks in special circumstances;

- wage subsidies to employers outside the affected sector; and 

- relocation assistance to another area to commence a job or undertake formal training, including travel (fares) assistance, removal expenses and legal fees for the sale/purchase of a home, but not including compensation for the non-sale of a home.

LAP clients who wish to start a new enterprise outside the native hardwood forests based industry sector may also access the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme on the basis of individual eligibility. 

Restructuring Assistance

This element is directed at providing assistance for forest industry businesses in the native hardwood forests based industry sector and their employees who are willing and able to move to new value adding opportunities within the same sector or elsewhere in the forest industries. 

Assistance measures that may be considered include; 

- the DEET TASK program to reduce the loss of skilled employees;

- Commonwealth business assistance programs; and 

- consultancy grants to assist firms with advice on restructuring company operations and upgrade business management skills.

Business Exit Assistance

This element is directed at assisting businesses in the native hardwood forests based industry sector to either diversify into other industries or to exit from the native hardwood forests based industry sector. 

Community and Social Adjustment

This element is directed at providing community and social adjustment assistance and may involve: 

- providing free and confidential advice on financial and personal matters from trained counsellors employed by local community groups (similar to the services provided for farming communities by the Rural Counselling Service); and

- appointment of Liaison Officers to regions affected by structural adjustment in the native hardwood forests based industry sector to promote understanding of the assistance measures available and to facilitate take-up by those persons or businesses who are eligible.

Regional Adjustment

Regional adjustment assistance may be provided through existing Commonwealth programs.

Appendix 5: List of Individuals and Organisations involved in Public Comment
Boral Timbers
Cape to Cape Alliance
Coffs Harbour Hardwoods Trading Pty. Ltd.
Forest-based Communities of North East New South Wales
Gisbourne Timber Products
M. Webb Bros. Pty. Ltd.
Merriman's Local Aboriginal Land Council
Murrah/Mumbulla Residents' Group
President, Northcliffe Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Warren Environment Group
Whian Whian Heritage & Environment Network
Mr Philip Achurch, Western Australia Small Business & Enterprise Assoc. Inc.
Mr R.J. Adams, Bunnings Forest Products Pty. Ltd.
Mr John Adamson, Bombala & District Development Association
Ms Julie Alderson, private
Mr Brad Alfred, Davies Knox Chartered Accountants
Mr Steve Allen, The Wilderness Society - Illawarra Branch
Mr Peter Allen, private
Mr Paul Amar, Northern Rivers Regional Economic Development Organisation Inc.
Mr Tim Anderson, private
Ms Anita Pike, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Mr T. Armstong, private
Ms Rachel Armstrong, private
Mr Paul Arnold, Circular Head Council
B. Arnott, private
Ms Penelope Atkinson, private
Mr Robert Atkinson, private
Mr Doug Aumann, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Ms Vanessa Badham, private
Mr Roger Bailey, New South Wales Farmers' Association
Ms Karen Bailey-Smith, Richmond Environmental Network
Dr Robert Bain, National Association of Forest Industries Ltd.
Messrs Bain, Dorber and Ms Loydell, New South Wales Forest Products Association - National Association of Forest Industries - Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Mayor J.H. Baldwin, Bombala Council
Mr Michael Baluit, private
Mr Barclay, private
Mr Allan Barden, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Mrs Irene Barnard, private
Mr Fred Benecke, New South Wales Apiarists' Association Inc.
Ms Susan Bennett, Casino Timber
Mr Julius Bertock, private
J. Bevan, private
Mr Peter Beverland, Australian Timber & Trusses Pty. Ltd.
Mr Paul Biggs, Institute of Foresters of Australia Inc. - Western Australia Division
Mr David J. Bills, North Limited
Mr T. Bird, Forests & Forest Industry Council of Tasmania
Ms Joan Birkett, private
D. Blackwood, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Mr Gary Blackwood, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
M.A. Blackwood, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Ms Leonie Blain, Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition Inc.
Ms Leonie Blain, private
Mr Mike Blake, National Party of Australia - New South Wales Branch
Ms Tara Bonham, private
Ms Jessica Bowden, Clarence Environment Centre
Mr Ben Bowman, private
Ms Robyn Brake, private
Mr Linton Briggs, The Federal Council of Australian Apiarists' Association
Mr Donald Britton, Britton Bros. Pty. Ltd.
Ms April Bromfield, Ellendale Environmental Landcare Group
Mr Shaun Bromfield, private
Mr Gene L. Browder, Worsley Alumina Pty. Ltd.
Ms Jane's Brown, private
Ms Karen Brown, Tasmanian Aboriginal Land Council Aboriginal Corporation
Mr Ron Brown, private
Mr Floyd Browne, private
Mr Bruce, private
Dr Stehan Bruggisser, private
Ms Margaret Bruggisser - Atkin, private
Mr John Brumby, Leader of the Opposition - Victoria
Ms Linsey Buck, private
Ms Maggie Burke, private
Mr Buster Burton, private
Mr Tim Cadman, Native Forest Network
Mr Julian Calver, Calver, de Witt & Taylor
Dr Michael Calver, Biological Sciences - Murdoch University
Ms Edna Cameron, private
Ms Leonie Cameron, private
Mr David Cater, National Parks Association of NSW Inc. - Hunter Branch
Mr Robert Caufreur, private
Mr Ian Chalk, Forests & Forest Industry Council of Tasmania
Mr Julian Chapple, private
Mr Barry Chipman, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Ms Megan Chisholm, private
Ms Bianca Christoff, private
Mr Simon Clark, South East Forests Conservation Council
Mr Don Clingan, private
Ms Shelley Cohn, Bendigo & District Environment Council
Dennis Cole & Faye Pollack, private
Mr Geoff Coles, Parks & Wildlife Service - Freycinet District
C. Colli, C.O.P Transport
C. Colli, Colli & Sons Timber & Hardware
Mr Harry Connors, Harry Connors Pty. Ltd.
Mr Roger Cook, private
Mr Steve Cook, The Big Scrub Environment Centre Inc.
Mr Bob Cooper, The Wilderness Society - Illawarra Branch
Dr Stephen Cork, CSIRO - Division of Wildlife & Ecology
Dr Alec Costin, private
Mr Cam Cox, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Mr Peter Coxhead, Launceston Environment Centre Inc.
Ms Ann Coyle, private
Ms Ruth Crago, private
A. Crawford, private
J. Crawford, private
Mr C. Crisp, private
J.W. Crooke, Queensland Sawmills Pty. Ltd.
Mr Simon Cubit, Tasmanian Traditional & Recreational Land Users Federation Inc.
Mr Alan Cummine, Australian Forest Growers
Mr Ray Curo, private
Ms Mary Cusack, Spencer Gulf Environmental Alliance Inc.
Mr Michael Daley, private
Mr Tim Daly, The Australian Workers' Union
Ms Mary Dalyell, private
Mr Craig Darlington, Conservation Council of the South East Region & Canberra
Mr John Davenport, private
Mr Richard Davis, private
Mrs Bev de Rusett, private
Ms Rose Degenhard, private
Ms Marilyn Dellapina, private
A. Delliou, Forest Rescue
Mr Tom Dennis, Northern Rivers Regional Development Board Inc.
Mr Rex Direen, Southern Forests Community Group
Mayor Cyril Dixon, Waratah-Wynyard Council
Mr Richard Donaghey, private
Ms Donna Green, private
Cr D.P. Donnelly, Glen Innes Municipal Council
Ms Carran Doolan, private
Mr Col Dorber, Australian Logging Council Limited
Mr Col Dorber, NSW Forest Products Association Ltd.
Mr Royce Dorney, Newell's Creek Sawmilling Co. Pty. Ltd.
Mr Don Driscoll, University of Western Australia - Department of Zoology
Mr John Duggan, Clarence Valley Local Government Committee
Mr John Duggan, Ulmarra Shire Council
Mr Rodger Dunn, private
Mrs Pat Durman, National Parks Association - Macarthur Branch
B.D. Earl, Tenterfield Shire Council
Mr Steve Eckersley, Gough & Gilmour
Mr Peter Elias, private
Ms Susan Elks, Bongil Bongil National Park Support Group
Mr P.J.D. Ellery, Chamber of Mines and Energy of Western Australia Inc.
Ms Christine Elliott, private
Mr Max S. Elliott, private
Mr Mark Evans, private
T.S.R. & P.J. Evans, private
Mr Patrick Eyre, private
Mr Len Ferguson, Coastline Timbers Pty. Ltd.
Mr Peter Fisher, Boral Timber Division
Ms Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, private
Mr Jim Flaherty & Ms Jo Kelly, private
Mr Errol Fletcher, Errol Fletcher Engineering
Ms Mary Forbes, Forest Protection Society Ltd. - Gloucester Branch
Mr Norm Forbes, Queensland Timber Board
Mr Allan Ford, Ford Timbers
Mr Nolan Alder Fox, private
Mr T. Frith, Bridgetown Greenbushes Friends of the Forest
Ms Rhonda Froggatt, private
Mr James Fuller, private
Ms Lisa Gaul, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Mr John Gibson, private
G. & L. Gill, North East Forest Alliance
Mr Alex Gilmore, Southern Cross University
Mr Cirillo Giovanetti, Giovanetti Transport Pty. Ltd.
Mr James Gooding, private
Mr Clive Gordes, private
L.G. Gordon, L.G. Gordon Pty. Ltd.
S. Gorrell, private
Mr Alan Gray, Wombat Forest Society
Ms Liz Gray, Koala Koalition
Mr Mark Greenhill, Construction, Forestry, Mining & Energy Union - New South Wales Branch
Mr Alan Greensill, New South Wales Logging Association
Mr Alan Greensill, private
Mr Alan Greensill, Tenterfield Logging Pty. Ltd.
Mr Denis Greensill, Greensill Bros Pty. Ltd.
Mr Barrie Griffiths, North East Forest Alliance - Hunter Region
Dr Stephen Gulliford, Beechworth Environment Group
L.G. Gunson, private
Guy, private
A. Guyer, private
Ken & Kay Gwynne, private
Mr Robert Hadler, National Farmers Federation
Hainsworth & Rattray, private
Ms Emma Hamilton, private
Graeme & Narelle Hammond, Hammond Logging Pty. Ltd.
Mr Colin Handley, private
Mr Henry Handley, private
Ms Sarah Handley, private
Mr Geoff Hannon & Ms Anne Lee, private
Mr Frank Harrison, Hastings Municipal Council
Mr Reg Hartley, private
Ms Sarah Harvey, Lower Hunter Environment Group
Mr Warren Hastings, private
Ms Susan Haworth, private
Mr Greg Heberle, private
Mr Vin Heffernan, Vin Heffernan Pty. Ltd.
Mr John Hellmers, Friends of Goonengerry Sanctuary
Mr Paul Herbert, Paul Herbert Timbers Pty. Ltd.
Mr John Hermans, private
Mr Petrus Heyligers, private
Mr Simon Hickson, private
Ms Sue Higginson, private
Mr Michael Hill, Byanda Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
Mr Nicholls Hobbs, private
Mr Marshall Hodgekiss, National Parks Association - Three Valleys Branch
Mallika Hodges, private
Holy Goat Ranch Inc., private
G. Hooper, L.T. Doland Pty. Ltd.
Mr Peter Horden, Kalang Landcare
Ms Carmen Hordern, private
Mr Pierre Horwitz, Edith Cowan University - Department of Environmental Management
Ms Antoinette Hughes, private
Ms Patricia Hughes, private
Mr Robert M. Humphreys, Hallmark Oaks Pty. Ltd.
Ms Amanda Hunt, private
Ms Deborah Hunter, Wild Cave Tours
Mr G. Norman, Huon Victorian Association of Forest Industries
J.D. Hurley, Brown & Hurley
Ms Joan Jenkins, Greens
Ms Janelle Johnston, Drake Environment Protection Group
Ms Kirsty Jones, private
Ms Lusa Jones, private
M.J. Jones, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Mr Michael Jones, The National Parks Association - Three Valleys Branch
Mr Paul M. Jones, private
Mr Toby Jones, private
Mr Theo Jongen, private
Ms Sue Kalab, private
Mr David Kanaley, Caldera-Nightcap Ecoologically Sustainable Tourism Inc.
Mr Alastair Kay, Ulitarra Conservation Society
Ms Tania Keller, private
D.R. Kelly, Department of Resources Development
Mr Ian Kennedy, private
Mr Michael King, private
Mr Cam Kneen, Forest Industries Federation - Western Australia
Mr Ken Langley, Langley's Timber Sales Pty. Ltd.
Mr Ken Langley, Northern Rivers Sawmillers' Co-operative
Mr Keith Latham, private
Mr Geoff Law, The Wilderness Society
L. Lewis, private
Mr Geoffrey & Ms Lois Loftus-Hills, private
Mr C.R.A. Long, private
Ms Moana Love, private
Mr David Lovegrove, private
Ms Frances Lowe, private
Mr Peter Ludowici, Friends of Goonengerry Sanctuary
Mr Michael Lynch, Tasmanian Conservation Trust Inc.
Mr Sam MacFarlane, private
J. Macgregor-Skinner, private
Mr Alec Marr, National Forests Campaign Working Group
Ms Helen Martin, East Gippsland Shire Council
C.B. Mason, Fry's Creek Sawmilling Company
Mr John G. Matthews, W Tree Walks
Mr Ronald & Ms Valerie Maxwell, Friends of Mallacoota Incorporated
M.E. McDougall, Midway Wood Products Pty. Ltd.
Mr Gavan McFadzean, Friends of the Earth - Fitzroy
Ms Paula McKay, private
S.A. McKinnell, McKinnell's Pty. Ltd.
Ms Carole McKinney, Forest Discovery Tours
N.S. McLeod, Gloucester Shire Council
Mr Andrew McMaster, Forest Protection Society Ltd. - Circular Head Branch
Ms Ainslie McMillan, private
Mr K.A. Mendoza, private
Mr James Meredith, Urbenville Progress Association
Ms Isabel Merisik, private
Ms Gillian Mews, private
Mr Fritz Michelin, South East Timber Association Inc.
Ms Katherine Miles, private
Mr David Milledge, Wildlife Ecologist
Mr Ken Miller, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
R. & L. Minchin, private
Taurie Mitchell, private
A. Mitchell, private
Ms Heather Mitchell, Public Land Council of Victoria
Ms Catherine Moore, Braidwood Greens
Ms Kylie Moore, private
J.A. Morgan, private
Ms Marilyn Morgan, Manjimup Aboriginal Corporation
P. Morgan, National Parks Association of NSW Inc. - Clarence Valley Branch
R. Morgan, private
Mr Michael Moriarty, private
Associate Professor Robert G.B. Morrison, private
Dr J.G. Mosley, Peak Environmental Enterprises & Conservation Centre of Australia
Mr Keith Muir, Colong Foundation for Wilderness Ltd.
Ms Trudi Mullett, private
Mr Peter Murphy, Preston Environment Centre
J. Murray, South Coast Friends of the Forest
Mr Ullan Murray, private
Mr Glenn Nagy, private
Mr Michael Neville, private
Mr R.L. Newman, R.L. Newman & Partners - For/Env.& For.Products Consultants
Ms Cassie Newnes, private
Dr Raymond Nias, World Wide Fund for Nature Australia
Mr Geoff North, private
Dr I. North, private
J. North, private
Ms Melissa North, private
L.J. Notaras, J. Notaras & Sons Pty. Ltd.
S.J. Notaras, J. Notaras & Sons Pty. Ltd.
Mr R. O'Connor, Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association
Mr Michael O'Grady, private
Mr S. O'Loughlin, Slater Contracting (Eden) Pty. Ltd.
Mr Peter Olson, private
Ms Lyn Orrego, North East Forest Alliance
Ms Doreen Owens, private
Mr Winston J. Oxenbridge, private
Ms Margaret Parkin, private
Ms Linda Parlane, Environment Victoria Inc.
Ms Shirley Parnaby, private
Ms Sita Parson, North East Forest Alliance
Mr Phil E. Paxman, private
Ms Bridgid Pearse, private
Mr Jonathon Pedley, private
Mr Stan Pelczynski, private
E.D. Pereira, A.S. Nicholas & Sons Pty. Limited
Mr Peter Simons, private
Ms Paula Peters, private
G. Phillips, private
Mr Martyn Phillips, The Coastwatchers Association Inc.
K.T. Pidcock, Big River Timbers Pty. Ltd.
R.D. Pigg, Nymboida Shire Council
Mr Trevor Pike, Bellingen Environment Centre
Mr Angus Pollock, Australian Paper Limited
Mr Tom Port, Nambucca Shire Council
Mr Des Power, private
Mr Prahara, private
Ms Kathryn Price, private
Ms Angela Pritchard, private
Mr Dailan Pugh, North East Forest Alliance
S.J. Quain, private
Mr Hurford, R.J. Hurford's Building Supplies Pty. Ltd.
Mr Brian Rabbitt, Kempsey Timbers Pty. Ltd.
Mr Ray Ralph, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Mr Iain Rankin, private
Mr Harry Recher, National Biodiversity Council - University of New England
Ms Jill Redwood, Concerned Residents of East Gippsland
Ms Anne Reeves, National Parks Association of NSW Inc.
Mr Toby Reid, private
Mr John Reynolds, Victorian Chamber of Mines Inc.
Mr Andrew Ricketts, Reedy Marsh Forest Conservation Group
Ms Alison Roberts, private
Ms Patricia Robertson, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Mr Peter Robertson, Conservation Council of Western Australia Inc.
Mr T. Rock, Culoul Sawmill
Ms Kitty Rodwell, private
Mr Peter Rodwell, Rodwell Logging Co. Pty. Ltd.
Mr Alastair Ross, Rubicon Coast & Landcare Inc.
Mr Arnold Rowlands, Tasmanian Conservation Trust
W.S. Rudd, Midway Sawmill
A.T. Russell, "Walks and Talks"
Ms Susie Russell, North East Forest Alliance
Mr David Ryan, New South Wales Division of The Institute of Foresters
Mr Leon Ryan, private
Mr Paul Ryan, Bird Observers Club of Australia
Mr Ian Satchwell, Minerals Council of Australia
Ms Kathryn Scholes, private
A.W. & D.J. Seccombe, private
Mr R.B. Semmens, private
Ms Lyn Serventy, Leeuwin Conservation Group Inc.
Mr Shahid, private
K.P. Sheridan, New South Wales Agriculture
Mr Charles Sherwin, Victorian National Parks Association Inc.
Ms Trishala Shub, Mt. Roland Landcare Group Inc.
Mr Peter Simon, private
Mr Richard Sims, Upper Hunter Timbers Pty. Ltd.
Mr Graham Sinden, private
Mr Michael Slaggett, private
Mr Graham Slessar, Alcoa of Australia Limited
Mr Linden L. Sly, Sly Bros. Pty. Ltd.
Mr Colin G. Smith, private
Ms Donna Smith, private
Ms Melissa Smith, private
N.J.C. Smith, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland - Capricorn Branch
Mr Ray Smith, The Council of the City of Grafton
Mr Richard Smith, private
Phyl & Terry Smithurst, private
Mr J.C. Sparkes, Harris-Daishowa (Australia) Pty. Ltd.
Mr Peter Stace, New South Wales Agriculture
Mr Rodney Stagg, Meander Resource Management Group
Mr Robert M. Stephen, private
D.J. Stevens, private
Mr Allan Stewart, Tablelands Sawmills Pty. Ltd.
O. & A. Stokes Hughes, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Mr Stuart Sutton, private
Mr Alex Syme, Western Australian Forest Alliance
Clarice Tainsh, private
Mr John Taylor, Friends of Jane Inc.
Ms Sasha Taylor, private
Mr Stephen Taylor, private
J. Tedder, North Coast Environment Council
Mr Robin Tennant Wood, Cooma Greens
J.R. Thomas, private
W.J.T. & R.L. Thomas, private
Mr Daryl Thompson, Clarence Environment Centre
Mr Tim Thorncraft, North East Forest Alliance
Lionel E.H. & M.M. Timms, private
B.K. Tomalin, Forest Protection Society - Nundle Branch
Mr Glynne Tosh, private
Mr Glyyne Tosh, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Ms Trish Townsend, Forest Protection Society - Western Australia Branch
Mr Barry Traill, Environment Victoria Inc.
Mr Malcolm Trudgen, B.Sc. Consultant Botanist
Mr John Venturoni, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Ms Monika Wagner, private
Mr Clive Waite, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Mr Jim Walker, private
Mr Sid Walker, Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales
Ms Joy Wallace, The Summerland Greens
Professor Rob Wallis, Field Naturalists Club of Victoria
Mr Peter Warrilow, private
Ms Jane Wasley, private
Mr Shane Watkins, private
Ms Edith Watters, private
D.G. Wauchope, Towamba Progress Association
R.J. Waugh, Thora Sawmilling Pty. Ltd.
Cr John Wearne, Shires Association of New South Wales
M. Wehr, Severn Shire Council
Mr Patrick Weir, The BIG Forest Rally
Ms Yoona Welling, private
Mr Brian Wheeler, Forest Protection Society Ltd.
Mr Brett White, private
Mr Michael Whitelaw, private
Mr David Whitrow, Tasmanian Minerals Council Limited
Mr Rod Whittle, Augusta-Margaret River Friends of the Forest
Mr Geoff Wilkinson, Forest Protection Society Ltd - Southern Tasmanian Branch
Mr Jim Williamson, private
Mr Ishtar Wilson, private
Ms Wendy Wilton, Wilton Logging Pty. Ltd.
Mr John R. Winter, Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria Inc.
C. Winterlun, private
Mr Cory Woods, private
Mr Ken Woodward, private
Mr Peter Wright, Australian Conservation Foundation
Mrs Sandra Yates, Forest Protection Society Ltd. - Yarloop Branch
Mr T.J. Yates, Yates Bros (Stratford) Pty. Ltd.
Mrs Marnie Yeates, private
Mr Brian Young, private
Mr Dimitri Young, private


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