Die Pflanzenwelt von West-Australien südlich des Wendekreises

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Appendix C 

Translation of Plate captions.

Plate I

Eucalyptus marginata Sm., Jarrah

In right foreground Xantorrhoea Preissii Endl.

Darling District, Darling Range near Mundaring

Photo E. Pritzel February 90.

Plate II

Eucalyptus calophylla R. Br., Red Gum

In foreground numerous Xantorrhoea Preissii Endl.

Darling District, Bellevue east of Perth.

Photo E. Pritzel April 90.

Plate III

Eucalyptus diversicolor F. v. M., Karri

The thick shrubby trees on the bank, Melaleuca rhaphiophylla Schau.

Warren District, Denmark River.

Photo E. Pritzel July 90.

Plate IV

Eucalyptus gomphocephala DC., Tuart over Callitris (Frenela) robusta A. Cunn.

Darling District, Osborne Cliffs, littoral limestone on the lower Swan River.

Photo E. Pritzel November 90.

Plate V

Banksia attenuata R. Br.

On  left  edge  Banksia ilicifolia  R.  Br.,  behind  in  middle  distance  young  Eucalyptus marginata 


Photo E. Pritzel December 90.

Plate VI

Nuytsia floribunda R. Br., Christmas Tree

The tree in the distance Melaleuca Preissiana Schau.

Darling District, Guildford.

Photo E. Pritzel December 900.

Plate VII

Macrozamia Fraseri Miq., Cycas Palm

On left Eucalyptus marginata Sm., in the distance Melaleuca Preissiana Schau.

Darling District, Bayswater east of Perth.

Photo E. Pritzel December 90.

Plate VIII

Tree-like Liliaceae Western Australia.

Xantorrhoea Preissii Endl. (left) and Kingia australis R. Br. (right). Along with Xylomelum occiden-

tale R. Br., a poor stunted example (left edge), and Banksia grandis R. Br. (between the Kingia).

Darling District, Serpentine.

Photo E. Pritzel December 900.

Plate IX

Dasypogon Hookeri Drumm., an unusual western Australian grass-tree.

In woodland with Casuarina Fraseriana Miq. (left), Eucalyptus marginata Sm. and Banksia gran-

dis (right edge).

Warren District, south of the Vasse River.

Photo E. Pritzel December 90.


Plate X

Mangrove and mudflats.

With Avicenna officinalis L. and Sarcocornia australis Sol. (in foreground).

Darling District near Bunbury.

Photo E. Pritzel November 1091 [sic].

Plate XI

Coastal Woodland in the Tuart Zone.

Eucalyptus gomphocephala DC. (trees on both sides); Agonis flexuosa DC. (Myrtac., small trees in 

the hollow in the background); Olearia candidissima (Compos., strongly defined white tomentose 

bushes); Jacksonia furcellata DC. (Legum., bushes in foreground on the left); Hibbertia cuneiformis 

(Lab.) Gilg. (Dilleniac., small bush in the foreground on the right).

Darling District, Bunbury.

Photo E. Pritzel November 90.

Plate XII. 

Forest belt in the Warren District. 

Eucalyptus cornuta Lab. (on left); Banksia verticillata R.Br. (in centre); Pteridium aquilinum (L.) 

Kuhn (main undergrowth); Macrozamia Fraseri Miq. (foreground).

Warren District, Wilson’s Inlet.

Photo E. Pritzel, March 1901.

Plate XIII.

Wandoo Woodland: Eucalyptus redunca Schau. (stand behind).

Eucalyptus occidentalis Endl. (individual in front).

Stirling District, Cranbrook.

Photo E. Pritzel, November 1901.

Plate XIV.

Mixed Woodland of sandy coastal plain.

Casuarina Fraseriana Miq. (left and right); Eucalyptus marginata Sm. (centre).

Darling District, Serpentine.

Photo E. Pritzel, December 1900.

Plate XV.

Mixed Woodland of sandy coastal plain.

Casuarina  Fraseriana  Miq.  (tallest  tree);  Banksia  ilicifolia  R.  Br.  (narrow  pyramidal  shaped 

shrubby tree); Adenanthos cygnorum Diels (Proteac., grey left front); Xantorrhoea Preissii Endl. 

(right front).

Photo E. Pritzel, December 1900.

Plate XVI.

Very open Woodland of the sandy coastal plain

Eucalyptus marginata Sm.(centre) – Banksia attenuata R. Br. (low trees, mostly left).

Darling District, Bayswater east of Perth.

Photo E. Pritzel, November 1901.

Plate XVII


Numerous types represented. 

The striking Melaleuca megacephala F. v. M. (Myrt.) is flowering in the foreground.

Irwin District, White Peak north of Champion Bay.

Photo E. Pritzel September 90


Sclerophyll scrub in the western Stirling Range.

Eucalyptus tetragona F. v. M. (thin stemmed); Eucalyptus Preissana Schau. (large leaved, dwarf); 

Xantorrhoea Preissii Endl. (foreground); Dryandra armata (Proteac., very dark leaved).

Stirling District, Suckys Peak.

Photo E. Pritzel November 90.


Plate XIX

Edge of sand heath.

Eucalyptus eudesmioides F. v. M., in the foreground Ecdeiocolea monostachya F. v. M. (Restio-


Irwin District, Greenough River crossing.

Photo E. Pritzel June 90.

Plate XX

Scrub heath on sand

Eucalyptus macrocarpa Hook. (greyish-white shrubs in background); Xanthorrhoea (Preissii Endl. 

?); Petrophila scabriuscula Meissn. (Proteac., flowering bush in foreground).

Avon District, Meenaar.

Photo. E. Pritzel December 90.

Plate XXI

Edge of scrub heath on sand.

Actinostrobus pyramidalis Miq. (Pinac. extreme left); Jacksonia eremodendron E. Pritzel (Legum. 

- behind the Actinostrobus); Grevillea eriostachya Lindl. (Proteac., the apparently leafless shrub 

in  middle  background);  Conospermum  stoechadis  Endl.  (Proteac.,  smoky  grey-white  inflores-


Irwin District, Watheroo.

Photo E. Pritzel December 90.

Plate XXII

Alluvial formation

Melaleuca Preissiana Schau. (background); Xantorrhoea Preissii Endl. (foreground).

Darling District, Bayswater east of Perth.

Photo E. Pritzel December 90.


Vegetation of the granite rocks (in foreground).

The granite flats partially overlain with the dark green cushions of Campylopus bicolor (Musci). 

In the inter-spaces Anthocersis viscosa R. Br. (Scrophular., shrubby  trees), Agonis marginata 

DC. (Myrtac., thick bushes left), Anarthria scabra R. Br. (Restionac., flowering sward in front), 

Eucalyptus cornuta Lab. (back right).

King George Sound, summit of Mt Elphinstone.

Photo E. Pritzel October 90.

Plate XXIV

Eucalyptus loxophleba Benth., York Gum

In the background with Acacia acuminata Benth.

Harvested wheatfield in front.

Avon District, Newcastle [Toodyay].

Photo E. Pritzel February 90.

Plate XXV

Eucalyptus occidentalis Endl., Flat-topped Yate (foreground)

A stand of Eucalyptus redunca Schan., Wandoo behind.

In front many annuals, particularly composites in flower.

Stirling District, Cranbrook.

Photo E. Pritzel November 90.

Plate XXVI

Eucalyptus salmonophloia F. v. M., Salmon Gum

With under storey of Melaleuca uncinata R.Br.

Avon District, Meenaar.

Photo E. Pritzel November 90.



Acacia acuminata Benth., Jam

With the top left crown occupied by a specimen of Loranthus quandang Lindl.

Iwin District, Mingenew.

Photo E. Pritzel June 90.


Eucalyptus Woodlands of the Eremaea

Eucalyptus celastroides Turcz. The two small trees in the left foreground are Fusanus spicatus R. 

Br. (Santal.); the rest of the bush consists of Acacia and Melaleuca.

Coolgardie District, Southern Cross.

Photo E. Pritzel May 90

Plate XXIX

Eucalyptus stand of Eremaean Savanna type.

Eucalyptus loxophleba Benth. - In the centre is a fine example of Cassytha racemosa Nees.

In the foreground is good growth of Triraphis mollis R. Br. (Gramin.).

Irwin District, Watheroo.

Photo E. Pritzel December 90.

Plate XXX

Savanna Woodland

With Eucalyptus loxophleba Benth. (left and middle) and Acacia acuminata Benth. (the smaller 

trees on the right and in the background).

Avon District, Meenaar.

Photo E. Pritzel November 90.

Plate XXXI

Savanna type Acacia stand on loam in the dry period

Acacia acuminata Benth., mature and young specimens.

Avon District, Newcastle [Toodyay].

Photo. E. Pritzel Feburary 90.


Creek vegetation in the transition zone between the Eremaea and the Southwest Province.

Casuarina glauca Sieb. (left); Eucalyptus rostrata Schlecht. (centre, with white stems); in the fore-

ground, Acacia acuminata Benth., young specimen (left); Melaleuca viminea Lindl. (on right).

Irwin District, Mingenew.

Photo E. Pritzel June 90.


Mulga vegetation of the Eremaea

Chief  vegetation  consists  of  Acacia  species,  Trichinium  obovatum  Gaud.  (Amarantac.).  Kochia 

species (Chenpodiac.).

Austin District, Cue.

Photo E. Pritzel July 90.


Eremaean landscape with Helipterum splendidum Hemsl.

Acacias in the background.

Austin District, Murrin-Murrin.

Photo taken September or October 900.


Diels’ Photographic Sites - 82 years later

A study of Resilience in southwestern Australia

Byron B. Lamont and Brian J. Grieve





School of Biology,





W.A. Institute of Technology,





Western Australia.

Appendix D


In 1900-02, Drs L. Diels and E. Pritzel travelled extensively in 

southwestern Australia. The outcome was the classic work, Diels, L 

906. Die Pflanzenwelt von West-Australien. In the process of translat-

ing and updating this text, we have tried to relocate and rephotograph 

the sites of the  plates in this mammoth book. Below are paired 

photos from 12 selected sites in Diels, taken 82 years apart.



Eradu, 46km E of Geraldton

Little change. Same mallee (Eucalyptus eusdesmoides) present, ‘grass’ (Ecdeioco-

lea monostachya) thinned out, Acacia rostellifera (dead in foreground) established 

and died during that time.


Mt Elphin-stone, Albany

Site almost unchanged. Ground cover of Lepidosperma aff. effusum now almost 

completely replaced by Stypandra imbricata and annual grasses.


Mouth of Denmark River

Original two karri trees blown over at a height of 39m by cyclone Alby, Jan. 1978; 

present stand up to 16m high, fringing vegetation now denser; Watsonia (South 

Africa) common along edge.


Newcastle (Toodyay)

Almost unchanged, except bare ground replaced by a wide range of annual weeds.


Leschenault Inlet, Bunbury

Only mangroves Avicennia marina left on S side of inlet are pictured in foreground; 

many mangroves on N side fallen over; in background, piles of woodchips, bauxite 

and harbour; retaining wall in foreground built about 96.



Grasstrees thinned considerably (human use); Banksia grandis replaced by Euca-

lyptus calophylla, new ground cover (Leptocarpus, Hakea sulcata, Lepidospermum 

ellipticum) suggests site now wetter.


Sukey Hill, 5km E of Cranbrook

Little change except emergent mallee (E. tetragona) not found, Dryandra armata 

(erect dark branches in Diels) is very short, although no evidence of recent fire.


White Peak, 10km N Geraldton


Most  of  the  surrounding 

area  cleared  for  farming;  veg-

etation now denser on peak; wild 

oats in valley; high species rich-

ness retained however Melaleuca 

gomphocephala replaced by more 

drought-tolerent  species;  peak 

fenced in October 1983, to protect 

rare species of Drummondita.


Lockier River, Mingenew

Watercourses severely degraded as indirect result of widespread clearing for agri-

culture in 90s; most trees and shrubs eliminated; slopes densely covered with 

annual weeds; a few native halophytes now present (increased salinity).



Travelled 40km around Meenaar without finding a thicket of Melaleuca uncinata 

beneath salmon gums (E. salmonophloia) as this provides the best farmland; pic-

tured is the closest remnant of salmon gum vegetation to Meenaar.



Almost no change. Fallen York gum (E. loxophleba) may have been in original 

photo; minor annual weed invasion


Southern Cross

Little change. Individual plants seem to have denser foliage; salt bushes (Atriplex, 

Maireana)  now  widespread  as  a  ground  cover  (saltier,  less  grazing?);  some 




Southwestern Australia has undergone massive human interference during the 

last 80 years. The level of direct interference has had greatest impact on structure 

of the vegetation and extent of invasion by annual weeds, while indirect interfer-

ence (increased salinity, low or higher water availability) appears to have had most 

impact on floristics of the dominants. Some floristic changes suggest a reduction 

in effective rainfall may have occurred during that time. Unlike Diels, none of his 

revisited sites showed evidence of recent fire.

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