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Appendices 10.1. Bibliography

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10. Appendices

10.1. Bibliography

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10.2. Definitions of terms from the Burra Charter

These definitions are quoted from article 1 of The Burra Charter: the Australia ICOMOS charter for places of cultural significance, 1999.
Adaptation means modifying a place to suit the existing use or a proposed use.
Associations mean the special connections that exist between people and a place.
Compatible use means a use which respects the cultural significance of a place. Such a use involves no, or minimal, impact on cultural significance.
Conservation means all the processes of looking after a place so as to retain its cultural significance.
Cultural significance means aesthetic, historic, scientific, social or spiritual value for past, present or future generations. Cultural significance is embodied in the place itself, its fabric, setting, use, associations, meanings, records, related places and related objects. Places may have a range of values for different individuals or groups.
Fabric means all the physical material of the place including components, fixtures, contents, and objects.
Interpretation means all the ways of presenting the cultural significance of a place.
Maintenance means the continuous protective care of the fabric and setting of a place, and is to be distinguished from repair. Repair involves restoration or reconstruction and should be treated accordingly.
Meanings denote what a place signifies, indicates, evokes or expresses.
Place means site, area, land, landscape, building or other work, group of buildings or other works, and may include components, contents, spaces and views.
Preservation means maintaining the fabric of a place in its existing state and retarding deterioration.
Reconstruction means returning a place to a known earlier state and is distinguished from restoration by the introduction of new material into the fabric.
Related place means a place that contributes to the cultural significance of another place.
Related object means an object that contributes to the cultural significance of a place but is not at the place.
Restoration means returning the existing fabric of a place to a known earlier state by removing accretions or by reassembling existing components without the introduction of new material.
Setting means the area around a place, which may include the visual catchment.
Use means the functions of a place, as well as the activities and practices that may occur at the place.

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