Draft transition Services Center capsto meeting Minutes for the Meeting on March 28, 2016 tsc eastdale Plaza, Suite 15 Members Present

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Transition Services Center CAPSTO Meeting

Minutes for the Meeting on March 28, 2016

TSC Eastdale Plaza, Suite 15
Members Present: Janice Becker, Ralph Canapa, Amy DeCoster, Lori DeCoster, Brad Eland, Nikki Herbst, Lisa-Ann Johnson, Judith Knabe, William Knabe, Cassie Krahe, Jan Martins, Alison McGoff, Lisa Ortega, Paul Retish, Tekila Robinson, Tenisha Robinson, Laura Schwab, Deb Scott-Miller, Madeline Shea, Shannon Sullivan-Channon, Marla Swesey, David Tiffany, Tom Yates
6:30 – 7:05 Committee Meetings

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Janice Becker, President

Welcome and introduction of members

Approval of Minutes for 2/22/16

Motion by J. Knabe, second by M. Shea to accept the minutes.

Principal’s Report – Carmen Dixon

  • The ICCSD Special Education Learning Night is April 18 at the Kirkwood Regional Center

(2301 Oakdale Blvd., Coralville, IA 52241 319-358-3100) TSC and CAPSTO will both have a table.

  • Craig Hansel is still committed to the purchase of two suites for the TSC program. At this time, Suites 15 and 16 are bigger than Suites 15 and 22. Carmen will keep us posted on purchase decisions from the district. Tom Yates said they expected this to pay for itself in about 5 years. Members thanked Tom Yates and the School Board for moving forward with this.

  • In April, staff from Minnesota schools will be visiting TSC

  • The Collaborative Autism Team Meeting will be April 7 from 6:30 – 7:30 at the ESC Building

Treasurer’s Report – Madeline Shea

  • Our current balance in our ICCSD Foundation account is $225.

  • Accounts have been set up at Stuff Etc. in Iowa City and Coralville to accept donations on behalf of TSC CAPSTO. Furniture will bring in a bigger donation than clothing.

  • Madeline summarized information on 501c3 status that other PTOs have filed for nonprofit status for tax exemption. The initial cost is estimated at $500 for filing, with additional costs for taxes, work time and attorney review. It also requires annual preparation of tax filings. She recommended that we not file this year. Jan Becker brought an example of the 501c3 application for another non-profit organization and said initial cost had been closer to $1K.

  • Please see the detailed attached Treasurer Report for March 28, 2016 for a draft of our fundraising plan and T-shirt sponsor form, as well as Treasurer duties related to projects.

Teachers Reports – Lisa Ortega and Shannon Sullivan-Channon

  • Job sites and work experience are leading to actual jobs for students. Amy DeCoster has applied for a job at Wendy’s online and now has a meeting to start the job.

  • Talk of Iowa is featuring a former TSC student - see Janice Becker for details.

Committee Reports
Community Outreach – Judith and William Knabe

  • So far $150 has been pledged from people.

  • This committee will work on a membership form for CAPSTO. For high school students attending TSC the following year, the committee will also reach out to their parents.

TSC Support and Arts – Paul Retish and Deb Scott-Miller

  • Focus is on graduation and the committee members will coordinate with Lisa and Shannon.

Public Relations – Ralph Canapa and Nikki Herbst

  • Old Capitol Screen Printers are offering deeply discounted prices for the TSC T-Shirts.

  • After student input, the T-Shirt Logo has been changed to “Taking Flight to the Future”.

  • The initial run for T-Shirts for current students is about $250.00, which two donors have already volunteered to cover. More donors would allow more shirts to be run and fund raise.

  • Ralph and Nikki will be working with Madeline on T-Shirt Donor Forms and Order Forms to obtain approval from the school district.

  • Separating funds for future T-shirts paid for by TSC CAPSTO was discussed and tabled until the next meeting.

DPO Report – Marla Swesey

  • Marla presented information about TSC at the March DPO Meeting. This was very well received with many people learning about TSC for the first time. Flyers were handed out.

  • April 7 is Dine Out For Education for ICCSD

New Business

  • Paul Retish requested support for parents that have a student graduating from TSC. There are many concerns about adult supports. A subcommittee was requested to address these concerns. This will be addressed at the next meeting.

  • Laura Schwab and Tom Braverman are working to extend the Best Buddies Program beyond the University to adults.

  • The next meeting will also start with Committee Meetings

Motion by L. DeCoster, second by N. Herbst to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 7:44 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Deb Scott-Miller

Next Meeting: Monday, April 25, 2016, 6:30 – 7:30 pm, at TSC
Following meeting: May 23, 6:30 – 7:30 at TSC – Transition Services Work Group (TSWG) Update and Officer Slate Nominations for 2016 - 2017

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