Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Table A3. Native vertebrates, other than birds, from the wheatbelt region of WA

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Table A3. Native vertebrates, other than birds, from the wheatbelt region of WA.

Some species may be resident in eucalypt woodlands and utilise it as key habitat while other species may only be transient within the ecological community. The scientific and common names and national distributions of species were checked using The Atlas of Living Australia website.

Source: Burbidge et al. (2004), Table 2. Note the wheatbelt area in this study was broader than that defined in this conservation advice and includes parts of the Eastern Mallee, Esperance Plains and Geraldton Sandplains regions. Species with distributions outside the wheatbelt, as defined in this conservation advice, are excluded, including those marked ‘m’ in the study, signifying distributions marginal to the study area. Species regarded as extinct, either nationally or within the study area, also are excluded.

Scientific name

Common name/s

Crinia georgiana

Tschudi’s froglet

Crinia glauerti

Glauert’s froglet

Crinia pseudinsignifera

bleating froglet

Heleioporus albopunctatus

western spotted frog

Heleioporus barycragus

hooting frog

Heleioporus eyrei

moaning frog

Heleioporus inornatus

plains frog

Heleioporus psammophilus

sand frog

Limnodynastes dorsalis

western banjo frog

Litoria adelaidensis

slender tree frog

Litoria cyclorhyncha

spotted-thigh frog

Litoria moorei

motorbike frog

Myobatrachus gouldii

turtle frog

Neobatrachus albipes

white-footed frog

Neobatrachus kunapalari

Kunapalari frog

Neobatrachus pelobatoides

humming frog

Neobatrachus sutor

shoemaker frog

Pseudophryne guentheri

Gunther’s toadlet

Pseudophryne occidentalis

orange-crowned toadlet


Scientific name

Common name/s

Acanthophis antarcticus

common death adder

Acritoscincus trilineata

western three-lined skink

Antaresia stimsoni

Stimson’s python

Aprasia pulchella

granite worm-lizard

Aprasia repens

sand-plain worm-lizard

Aprasia striolata

lined worm-lizard

Brachyurophis fasciolatus

narrow-banded shovel-nosed snake

Brachyurophis semifasciatus

southern shovel-nosed snake

Christinus marmoratus

marbled gecko

Crenadactylus ocellatus

clawless gecko

Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus

Peron’s snake-eyed skink

Ctenophorus cristatus

bicycle lizard

Ctenophorus maculatus

spotted military dragon

Ctenophorus ornatus

ornate dragon

Ctenophorus reticulatus

western netted dragon

Ctenophorus salinarum

claypan dragon

Ctenophorus scutulatus

lozenge-marked dragon

Ctenotus australis

western limestone ctenotus

Ctenotus fallens

west-coast laterite ctenotus

Ctenotus impar

odd-striped ctenotus

Ctenotus labillardieri

common south-west ctenotus

Ctenotus mimetes

checker-sided ctenotus

Ctenotus pantherinus

leopard ctenotus

Ctenotus schomburgkii

barred wedgesnout ctenotus

Ctenotus uber uber

rich ctenotus

Delma australis

marble-faced dema

Delma fraseri

Fraser’s delma

Delma grayii

side-barred delma

Demansia psammophis

yellow-faced whip snake

Lucasium alboguttatum

white-spotted ground gecko

Diplodactylus granariensis

wheatbelt stone gecko

Lucasium maini

Main’s ground gecko

Diplodactylus pulcher

fine-faced gecko

Echiopsis curta


Egernia depressa

pygmy spiny-tailed sking

Liopholis inornata

desert skink

Egernia multiscutata

bull skink

Egernia napoleonis

southwestern crevice-skink

Egernia richardi

bright crevice-skink

Egernia stokesii

gidgee skink

Elapognathus coronatus

western crowned snake

Eremiascincus richardsonii

broad-banded sand-swimmer

Furina ornata

moon snake

Gehyra variegata

tree dtella

Hemiergis initialis

southwestern earless skink

Hemiergis peronii

lowlands earless skink

Heteronotia binoei

Bynoe’s gecko

Lerista distinguenda

southwestern orange-tailed slider

Lerista elegans

elegant slider

Lerista gerrardii

bold-striped robust slider

Lerista lineopunctulata

dotted-line robust slider

Lerista macropisthopus

unpatterned robust slider

Lerista muelleri

wood mulch-slider

Lialis burtonis

Burton’s snake-lizard

Menetia greyii

common dwarf skink

Moloch horridus

thorny devil

Morelia spilota

diamond python

Morethia butleri

woodland morethia skink

Morethia lineoocellata

west coast morethia skink

Morethia obscura

shrubland morethia skink

Neelaps bimaculatus

black-naped snake

Nephrurus vertebralis

midline knob-tail

Notechis scutatus

tiger snake

Hesperoedura reticulata

reticulated velvet gecko

Parasuta gouldii

Gould’s hooded snake

Parasuta monachus

monk snake

Parasuta nigriceps

Mitchell’s short-tailed snake

Pogona minor

dwarf bearded dragon

Pseudechis australis

king brown snake

Pseudonaja affinis


Pseudonaja modesta

ringed brown snake

Pygopus lepidopodus

common scaly-foot

Pygopus nigriceps

hooded scaly-foot

Ramphotyphlops australis

southern blind snake

Ramphotyphlops pinguis

fat blind snake

Simoselaps bertholdi

Jan’s banded snake

Strophurus spinigerus

soft spiny-tailed gecko

Suta fasciata

Rosen’s snake

Tiliqua occipitalis

western blue-tongue

Tiliqua rugosa


Underwoodisaurus milii

thick-tailed gecko

Varanus gouldii

Gould’s goanna

Varanus rosenbergi

heath monitor

Varanus tristis

black-headed monitor


Scientific name

Common name/s

Antechinomys laniger


Antechinus flavipes leucogaster

yellow-footed antechinus

Bettongia pencillata ogilbyi


Cercartetus concinnus

western pygmy-possum

Chalinolobus gouldii

Gould’s wattled bat

Chalinolobus morio

chocolate wattled bat

Dasyurus geoffroii

chuditch; western quoll

Hydromys chrysogaster


Isoodon obesulus fusciventer

quenda; southern brown bandicoot

Macropus eugenii

tammar wallaby

Macropus fuliginosus

western grey kangaroo

Macropus irma

western brush wallaby

Macropus robustus

common wallaroo

Macropus rufus

red kangaroo

Myrmecobius fasciatus


Notomys alexis

spinifex hopping-mouse

Notomys mitchellii

Mitchell’s hopping-mouse

Nyctophilus geoffroyi

lesser long-eared bat

Nyctophilus major

central long-eared bat

Parantechinus apicalis


Petrogale lateralis

black-footed rock-wallaby

Phascogale calura

red-tailed phascogale

Pseudocheirus occidentalis


Pseudomys albocinereus

ash-grey mouse

Pseudomys occidentalis

western mouse

Scotorepens balstoni

inland broad-nosed bat

Setonix brachyurus


Sminthopsis crassicaudata

fat-tailed dunnart

Sminthopsis dolichura

little long-tailed dunnart

Sminthopsis gilberti

Gilbert’s dunnart

Sminthopsis granulipes

white-tailed dunnart

Sminthopsis griseoventer

gray-bellied dunnart

Tachyglossus aculeatus

short-beaked echidna

Tadarida australis

white-striped freetail-bat

Tarsipes rostratus

honey possum

Trichosurus vulpecula

common brushtail possum

Vespadelus regulus

southern forest bat

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