Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Recovery plan recommendation

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4.4Recovery plan recommendation

The main threats to the South Gippsland Plains Grassland ecological community and the actions required to address them are understood. Although there is no recovery plan or other overall mechanism addressing recovery across the ecological community, some of the key sites have management plans encompassing recovery requirements, and the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries is undertaking and keeping record of actions at several sites. While current arrangements are not reversing decline at all sites, enhancing and better resourcing existing mechanisms is likely to be a more effective and efficient way to address recovery of the ecological community than developing a recovery plan. Taking into account the recovery and threat abatement priorities and actions specified in the conservation advice, a recovery plan for the ecological community is not required at this time.


Appendix A – Lists of Species Associated with the Natural Damp Grasslands of the South East Coastal Plain Bioregion

The tables shown here are not intended to be fully comprehensive lists of species that are present in the Natural Damp Grasslands of the South East Coastal Plain Bioregion ecological community. They note the key species identified from surveys or field observations in the sources cited.

Table A1 Native vascular plant species of the ecological community

A given patch may not include all species on the list or may include other species not listed. Scientific names are current as at June 2014.

Sources: Taylor, 1991; Anon, 1992; FFG-SAC, 1994; Frood, 1994; MacLennan and Taylor, 1994; Cook and Yugovic, 2003; DSE, 2004a; DSE, 2005; Brett Lane & Associates, 2006; Yugovic, 2006; Sinclair, 2007; DSE, 2008; Biosis Research, 2009; Yugovic, 2011; Dwyer, 2013; Department of the Environment, 2014.

Scientific name

Common name


Allocasuarina verticillata

drooping sheoak

Eucalyptus bosistoana

coast grey box

Eucalyptus bridgesiana


Eucalyptus ovata

swamp gum

Eucalyptus radiata s.l.

narrow-leaf peppermint

Eucalyptus viminalis

manna gum

Exocarpos cupressiformis

cherry ballart


Acacia dealbata

silver wattle

Acacia mearnsii

black wattle

Acacia melanoxylon


Acacia paradoxa

hedge wattle

Acacia pycnantha

golden wattle

Acacia verticillata

prickly moses

Bursaria spinosa

sweet bursaria

Cassinia aculeata

common dogwood

Cassinia arcuata

drooping cassinia

Cassinia longifolia

shiny cassinia

Epacris impressa

common heath

Hymenanthera dentata

tree violet

Kunzea ericoides


Leptospermum continentale

prickly tea-tree

Leptospermum laevigatum

coast tea-tree

Melaleuca ericifolia

swamp paperbark

Ozothamnus ferrugineus

tree everlasting

Pimelea humilis

common rice-flower

Viminaria juncea

golden spray

Wilsonia rotundifolia

round-leaf wilsonia

Xanthorrhoea minor

small grass-tree

Forbs and low shrubs

Acaena echinata

sheep’s burr

Acaena novae-zelandiae


Acaena ovina

Australian sheep's burr

Acrotriche prostrata

trailing ground-berry

Asperula conferta

common woodruff

Astroloma humifusum

cranberry heath

Bossiaea prostrata

creeping bossiaea

Brachyscome cardiocarpa

hinge-fruit daisy

Brachyscome graminea

grass brachyscome

Calocephalus citreus

lemon beauty-heads

Calocephalus lacteus

milky beauty-heads

Carpobrotus rossi


Centella cordifolia

centella/swamp pennywort

Centipeda cunninghamii

common sneezeweed

Centrolepis aristata

pointed centrolepis

Comesperma volubile

love creeper

Convolvulus erubescens

pink bindweed

Cotula vulgaris

slender cotula

Craspedia canens

grey billy-buttons

Craspedia glauca spp. agg.

common billy-buttons

Dichondra repens


Drosera peltata subsp. auriculata

tall sundew

Drosera peltata subsp. peltata

pale sundew

Epilobium billardierianum

robust willow-herb

Epilobium billardierianum subsp. intermedium

variable willow-herb

Epilobium hirtigerum

hairy willow-herb

Eryngium vesiculosum


Euchiton collinus

creeping cudweed

Euchiton gymnocephalus

creeping cudweed

Euchiton involucratus s.s.

star cudweed

Geranium potentilloides

cinquefoil cranesbill

Geranium retrorsum

grassland cranesbill

Geranium solanderi

Austral cranesbill

Geranium solanderi var. solanderi s.s.

Austral cranesbill

Geranium sp. 2

variable cranesbill

Geranium sp. 5

naked cranesbill

Glycine latrobeana

clover glycine, purple clover

Gnaphalium gymnocephalum

creeping cudweed

Gnaphalium sphaericum

common cudweed

Gonocarpus tetragynus

common raspwort

Goodenia humilis

swamp goodenia

Goodenia paniculata


Goodenia ovata

hop goodenia

Haloragis heterophylla

varied raspwort

Hydrocotyle laxiflora

stinking pennywort

Hypericum gramineum

small St John’s wort

Kennedia prostrata

running postman

Lepidium pseudotasmanicum

shade pepper-cress

Leptinella reptans s.l.

creeping cotula

Leptorhynchos linearis

shiny buttons

Leptorhynchos squamatus

scaly buttons

Leptorhynchos tenuifolius

wiry buttons

Lilaeopsis polyantha

Australian lilaeopsis

Linum marginale

native flax

Lobelia gibbosa

tall lobelia

Lobelia pratioides

poison lobelia

Lotus sp.


Lythrum hyssopifolia

small loosestrife

Microseris lanceolata


Mimulus repens

creeping monkey-flower

Opercularia ovata

broad-leaf stinkweed

Oxalis exilis

shady wood-sorrel

Oxalis perennans

grassland wood-sorrel

Oxalis sp. aff. exilis

shady wood-sorrel (glabrescent)

Patersonia occidentalis

long purple-flag

Persicaria decipiens

slender knotweed

Plantago gaudichaudii

narrow plantain

Plantago varia

variable plantain

Poranthera sp.


Pratia irrigua

salt pratia

Pratia platycalyx

salt pratia

Pratia sp.

salt pratia

Prunella vulgaris


Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum

Jersey cudweed

Pultenaea gunnii

golden bush-pea

Pultenaea glabra

swamp bush-pea

Ranunculus glabrifolius

shining buttercup

Ranunculus inundatus

river buttercup

Ranunculus sp. (inundatus group)


Rubus parvifolius

Small-leaf bramble

Rumex brownii

slender dock

Samolus repens

creeping brookweed

Sarcocornia quinqueflora

beaded glasswort

Sebaea albidiflora

white sebaea

Selliera radicans


Senecio glomeratus

annual fireweed

Senecio hispidulus

rough fireweed

Senecio minimus

shrubby fireweed

Senecio psilocarpus

swamp fireweed, smooth-fruited groundsel

Senecio quadridentatus

cotton fireweed

Senecio tenuiflorus spp. agg.

slender fireweed

Solenogyne dominii

smooth solenogyne

Stylidium graminifolium

grass trigger-plant

Tetratheca stenocarpa

long pink-bells

Veronica gracilis

slender speedwell

Viola betonicifolia

showy violet

Viola hederacea

ivy-leaf violet

Wahlenbergia communis

tufted bluebell

Wahlenbergia gracilis s.l.

sprawling bluebell

Wahlenbergia multicaulis

many-stemmed bluebell

Wahlenbergia quadrifida

sprawling bluebell

Wahlenbergia stricta

tall bluebell

Wurmbea dioica

early nancy

Xerochrysum palustre

swamp everlasting

Orchids and lilies

Arthropodium minus

Small vanilla-lily

Arthropodium strictum


Bulbine bulbosa


Burchardia umbellata


Burnettia cuneata

lizard orchid

Caesia calliantha

blue grass-lily

Caladenia fragrantissima subsp. orientalis

cream spider-orchid

Caladenia oenochila

wine-lipped spider-orchid

Caladenia tessellata

thick-lipped spider-orchid

Corybas aconitiflorus

spurred helmet-orchid

Dianella amoena

matted flax-lily

Dianella brevicaulis subsp. revoluta s.l.

small-flower flax-lily

Dianella brevicaulis/revoluta

black-anther flax-lily

Dianella longifolia

pale flax-lily

Dianella longifolia var. grandis

glaucous flax-lily

Dianella revoluta

black-anther flax-lily

Dianella sp. aff. longifolia (Benambra)

arching flax-lily

Diuris behrii

golden cowslips

Diuris punctata var. punctata

purple diuris

Dichopogon strictus


Diuris sp.


Diuris sulphurea


Hypoxis glabella

yellow star

Hypoxis hygrometrica var. hygrometrica

golden weather-glass

Hypoxis hygrometrica var. villosisepala

golden weather-glass

Hypoxis vaginata

yellow star

Hypoxis vaginata var. vaginata

yellow star

Microtis arenaria

notched onion-orchid

Microtis parviflora

slender onion-orchid

Microtis sp.


Microtis unifolia

common onion-orchid

Prasophyllum frenchii

maroon leek-orchid

Prasophyllum sp.


Pterostylis chlorogramma

green-striped greenhood

Pterostylis grandiflora

cobra greenhood

Pterostylis X ingens

sharp greenhood

Thelymitra antennifera

rabbit ears

Thelymitra epipactoides

metallic sun-orchid

Thelymitra holmesii

blue-star sun-orchid

Thelymitra ixioides

dotted sun-orchid

Thelymitra matthewsii

spiral sun-orchid

Thelymitra pauciflora

slender sun-orchid

Thelymitra sp.


Thelymitra X irregularis

crested sun-orchid

Tricoryne elatior

yellow rush-lily

Graminoids (grasses, rushes and sedges)

Amphibromus archeri

pointed swamp wallaby-grass

Amphibromus fluitans

river swamp wallaby-grass, floating swamp wallaby-grass

Amphibromus nervosus

veined swamp wallaby-grass

Anthosachne scabra

common wheat-grass

Austrofestuca hookeriana

hooker fescue

Austrostipa pubinodis

tall spear-grass

Austrostipa rudis subsp. australis

veined spear-grass

Austrostipa rudis

veined spear-grass

Austrostipa rudis subsp. rudis

veined spear-grass

Austrostipa semibarbata


Baumea acuta

pale twig-sedge

Baumea articulata

jointed twig-sedge

Baumea rubiginosa

soft twig-sedge

Carex alsophila

forest sedge

Carex appressa

tall sedge

Carex breviculmis

short-stem sedge

Carex inversa

common sedge

Carex polyantha

river sedge

Deyeuxia minor

small bent-grass

Deyeuxia quadriseta

reed bent-grass

Deyeuxia sp.


Dichelachne crinita

long-hair plume-grass

Distichlis distichophylla

Australian salt-grass

Eleocharis acuta

common spike-sedge

Eleocharis pusilla

small spike-sedge

Eragrostis brownii

common love-grass

Gahnia filum

chaffy saw-sedge

Gahnia radula

thatch saw-sedge

Glyceria australis

Australian sweet-grass

Hemarthria uncinata

mat grass

Isolepis cernua

nodding club-sedge

Isolepis fluitans

floating club-sedge

Isolepis hookeriana

grassy club-sedge

Isolepis marginata

little club-sedge

Juncus amabilis

hollow rush

Juncus australis

Austral rush

Juncus bufonius

toad rush

Juncus flavidus

yellow rush

Juncus gregiflorus

green rush

Juncus holoschoenus

joint-leaf rush

Juncus kraussii

salt marsh rush

Juncus pallidus

pale rush

Juncus sarophorus

broom rush

Juncus subsecundus

finger rush

Lachnagrostis aemula

blown grass

Lachnagrostis aemula var. aemula


Lachnagrostis aemula var. setifolia

blown grass

Lachnagrostis billardierei


Lachnagrostis filiformis

common blown-grass

Lachnagrostis punicea subsp. punicea

purple blown-grass

Lepidosperma gunnii

sword sedge

Lepidosperma laterale

variable sword-sedge

Lepidosperma longitudinale

pithy sword-sedge

Lomandra filiformis

wattle mat-rush

Lomandra glauca s.s.

pale mat-rush

Lomandra longifolia

spiny-headed mat-rush

Luzula meridionalis var. densiflora

common wood-rush

Microlaena stipoides

weeping grass

Microlaena stipoides var. stipoides

weeping grass

Notodanthonia semiannularis

wetland wallaby-grass

Pentapogon quadrifidus

five-awned spear-grass

Pentapogon quadrifidus var. quadrifidus

five-awned spear-grass

Poa clelandii

tussock grass

Poa labillardierei

common tussock-grass

Poa poiformis

coast tussock-grass

Poa sieberiana

grey tussock grass

Poa sp.

tussock grass

Poa tenera

slender tussock grass

Rytidosperma caespitosum

common wallaby-grass

Rytidosperma duttonianum

brown-black wallaby-grass

Rytidosperma geniculatum

kneed-black wallaby-grass

Rytidosperma laeve

smooth wallaby-grass

Rytidosperma pilosum

velvet wallaby-grass

Rytidosperma racemosum

branched wallaby-grass

Rytidosperma racemosum var. racemosum

stiped wallaby-grass

Rytidosperma semiannulare

heath wallaby-grass

Rytidosperma setaceum

bristly wallaby-grass

Rytidosperma setaceum var. setaceum

bristly wallaby-grass

Schoenus apogon

common bog-sedge

Schoenus nitens

shiny bog-sedge

Schoenus sp.


Schoenus tesquorum

soft bog-sedge

Themeda triandra

kangaroo grass

Triglochin striata

streaked arrow-grass


Clematis microphylla

small-leaved clematis

Cuscuta tasmanica

golden dodder

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