First names: Anton Date of birth: 8 July 1978 Nationality: Russian Civil status: Single Tel

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Anton Popov

3/13 Durova street, apart. 19, Moscow, Russia
Family name: Popov

First names: Anton

Date of birth: 8 July 1978

Nationality: Russian

Civil status: Single

Tel.: +7 (985) 784-06-73

Objective: To secure contracts as a translator (English to Russian, Russian to English) as both a supplementary income source and language practice.
Summary of qualifications:

I have extensive experience in project management in the commercial real estate development sphere, with a particular emphasis on the development of hotels, including co-operation with international consultants, major hotel brands, designers and architects, as well as Russian state authorities. I have a good working knowledge of legal and business/financial English and much experience in translating various kinds of legal, economic and financial documentation (contracts, business plans, proposals, memorandums, marketing and feasibility studies, etc.). In addition to language skills I can also offer my experience in and inside knowledge of both Russian and Western legal and business practices and approaches. I am a proactive, self motivated and responsible professional, capable of working independently or as part of a team.

Professional experience:
Aquilon Service LLC (family business, an outsourcing company: cleaning, RE maintenance)

Moscow, Russia

02.2009 to present

Commercial Director

Official duties:

  • Formulating and implementing marketing strategy and business plans for the development of the company.

  • Conducting negotiations with potential clients.

  • Coordinating operations of all the service branches of the company.

  • Supervising personnel recruitment.

  • Providing legal support for the company (contracts, contacts with the authorities, legal correspondence).

Among the principal clients of the company during the last year are:

  • PSN Property Management LLC – the property management division of Promsvyaznedvizhimost Group, one of the largest banking and financial groups in Russia;

  • Technopromexport JSC – a large exporting industrial company (power station development abroad);

  • Companies of the Uralsib group – one of the leading financial groups in Russia.

Rostra JSC (insurance and finance)

Moscow, Russia

08.2008 to 12.2008

Investment projects analytical consultant

Official duties:

• investment proposal analysis (RE development and acquisition, hospitality business management);

• consulting and analytical services for the market (RE development project management, project feasibility evaluation);
Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank (Investment Division) (hospitality RE development)

Moscow, Russia

02.2008 to 08.2008

Project Manager Hotel Intercontinental Moscow (Department Chief)

Official duties:

• management of the large-scale RE development project (project cost ~USD190,000,000);

• coordination of all the activities of all the parties involved in the project;

• close co-operation with the Western partners (hotel management, consultants, architects and designers);

• contacts and co-operation with Moscow authorities (investment contract term revision, getting various official permissions etc).
DominionM LLC (part of the Peresvet Group) (RE development)

Moscow, Russia

02.2006 to 02.2008

Project Manager

Official duties:

• overall management of various large-scale development projects (office, commercial and hospitality RE in Russia and the Ukraine) starting from the land plot acquisition and up to the conclusion of the project;

• coordination of all the activities of all the parties involved in the project;

• close co-operation with the Western partners (investors, consultants, architects and designers);

• close co-operation with the banks financing the projects (both Russian and Western);

• contacts and co-operation with state authorities in Moscow city, Moscow region and the Ukraine (including all preliminary documentation and permits necessary for the investment contract).

Some of the key projects:

  • Four-star Hotel in Kiev, Ukraine (project cost ~USD20,000,000);

  • Multifunctional complex in Molzhaninovo near Moscow, including 2 hotels, a business center and a commercial center (project cost ~USD150,000,000);

  • Peresvet Plaza business center in Moscow (project cost ~USD100,000,000);

  • Series of 10 commercial centers situated in various cities of the Moscow region (project cost ~USD100,000,000).

Olympiysky Bank (banking, finance, various investment activities)

Moscow, Russia

01.2003 to 03.2005

Project Manager

Official duties:

• overall management of various development projects (accommodation RE in Moscow, cottage development in the Moscow region);

10.1997 to 01.2003


Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO)

Specialist in International Economics, 2005

grade point average 5.0
Moscow State University, Law Faculty

Specialist in Commercial Law, 2000

grade point average 4.2


Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver.

English: fluent.

French: intermediate.

Italian: basic.

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