Free Perennial Seedlings/Seed in 2012

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Free Perennial Seedlings/Seed in 2012

Expression of Interest

Caring for our Country Project 2009-2013 - Perennial Farming Systems Targeting Wind Erosion within the North Eastern and Southern Wheatbelt Regions of WA
WEROC, SEAVROC and NEWROC Natural Resource Management (NRM) are seeking expressions of interest from landholders who are interested in planting Perennial Pasture seed (including Lucerne), Sandalwood hosts, Brushwood, Saltbush, Oil Mallees, and/or Swamp Sheoak on low/poor production areas that are at risk of wind erosion in 2012 with considerations also going to areas where salinity is a significant threat.
The species indicated can be integrated successfully into farming systems to tackle not only wind erosion but also salinity, soil health, enterprise diversity and water management. As the focus of the project is Wind Erosion the species will be implemented through wind breaks, alley farming systems and through improved perennial pasture systems.
There are limited numbers of seedlings available through this project which means we have to limit each successful farmer to enough seedlings to cover approximately 5 Ha ONLY.
Assessment Criteria:

Seedlings/seed will be allocated based on the selection criteria listed below and your preferred species as determined in the table on the following page.

  • Preference to new and/or ‘younger’ growers;

  • Species must be planted to tackle wind erosion prone areas (or other ‘land degradation matters’ that are associated with wind erosion);

  • Broadacre farms that require planting of 5 Ha areas;

  • Willingness to have your farm involved in extension activities (including field walks and case studies);

  • Previously attempted to address the issue on your property;

  • Purchased seedlings previously for private works and

  • Good survival rates of previous plantings (not including uncontrollable factors e.g. drought).

  • Seedlings will be delivered on-farm during July/August 2012. Applicants must be able to accept seedlings at any time within this period.


Your Contact details:


Size of Property:

Proportion of farm cropped and grazed:

Property Address/homestead location:
Postal Address:

Green number’ at gate: Mobile: Phone:

Phone: Fax:

Email: Two-way channel:

Species requirements:

Seedlings/seed required

(number from 1 to 7 - 1 being most preferred, 7 being least preferred)

Soil type of proposed site

Perennial Pastures

($500 to purchase any perennial pasture seed)

Sandalwood hosts

Acacia acuminata

Acacia assimilis

Acacia neurophylla


Melaleuca atriviridus


Atriplex nummularia – Old Man Saltbush

Atriplex amnicola – River Saltbush

Oil Mallees

Eucalyptus loxophleba lissopholia

Eucalyptus kochii plenissima

Eucalyptus kochii borealis

Swamp Sheoak

Casuarina obesa

Rhagodia pressii

(Native fodder shrub)

Site Details:
Describe why you want to implement your preferred species and the current problems experienced at your chosen site. The assessment process to obtain seedlings will be competitive so please add as much detail as possible. (Add additional pages if needed):

Declaration and Signature:
I declare that the information provided on this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Signed: Name: Date:

For further information please contact:
Jen Vincent Cheryl Shenton

9645 0016 / 0447 898 995 OR 9645 0236 / 0427 450 236

Please return by fax to the Shire of Quairading on 9645 1126 by 5pm Tuesday 11th November 2011. Late forms will not be accepted.

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