Free, Reliable Internet resources in Medicine Fred Pond, mls

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Free, Reliable Internet resources in Medicine

  • Fred Pond, MLS

  • Vice Rector, Library & Internet Medical Resources

  • Dartmouth Medical School

  • USA

Free, Reliable Internet Resources in Medicine

  • Where can you find them?

The Internet is:

  • Big, but is usually overwhelming

  • Powerful, but requires effort & patience

Today’s Presentation

  • Focuses on three types of information on the Internet

  • Identifies methods to find exactly and specifically what you want to find

Internet Resources in Medicine

Internet Directory

  • Medical Matrix


Medical Matrix

Medical Matrix

  • “Full content, unrestricted access, Internet clinical medicine resources.“

  • Medical Matrix assigns ranks to Internet resources based on their utility for point-of-care clinical application.

Internet Textbook

  • eMedicine



  • Peer-reviewed online medical references and textbooks-- as emergency medicine, dermatology, wilderness, medicine, pediatrics, neurology, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, and radiology.

Internet Database of Journal Articles

  • PubMed/Medline



  • Contains bibliographic citations and author abstracts from more than 4,000 biomedical journals in 70 languages.

  • Free, no registration.



How to Search PubMed

  • Use MeSH Browser

  • Consider subject term subheadings

  • Use Limits to reduce retrieval

  • Combine terms to find references on two or more topics

MeSH Browser

  • Helps identify correct subject heading

    • ‘Translates’ our clinical terms to ‘academic’ terms
    • e.g.. Use Neoplasm instead of Cancer
    • e.g Use Cross Infection instead of Nosocomial infection


  • Located under MeSH Browser, click on ‘detailed’ display after searching term

  • Choose correct subheading relating to the focus of your search

    • Drug therapy, rehabilitation, therapy
    • Blood, diagnosis, epidemiology, etiology
    • Adverse effects, contraindications, poisoning
  • Subheadings differ with the different terms

Limit Your Search

  • Human

  • Language

  • Years; e.g. 1995-2001

  • Patient age

  • Abstracts

Patient Age Groups

  • Infant, <30 days

  • Infant, >30 days to 2 yrs

  • Child, preschool,2-5

  • Child, 5-12 yrs

  • All Child, 0-18 yrs

Combine subject terms

  • Use to combine two or more subject terms

  • For Example: penicillins & urinary tract infections

Finding full text articles

  • Display abstract to see publisher icon

  • Visit publisher web site

Full Text Journals on PubMed

  • A Journal list of free full text articles in PubMed is available at: (fill in)

  • User registration, a subscription fee, or some other type of fee may be required to access the full text of articles for some journals. Policies vary by provider and by journal.

More Search Methods

  • Author searching

  • Journal searching

  • Finding complete references

  • Saving searches

Author Search

  • Family name, first & second initials

  • No first names

  • For example.. IVANOV SJ

Journal Search

  • Click on Journal browser

  • Enter journal title or abbreviation, e.g.

  • >BMJ

  • >British Medical Journal

Finding complete references

  • Find the abstract to a journal reference you want to know more about.

Saving Searches

  • Save a complicated search to conduct at a later time

  • Requires free registration

  • Can be customized to your needs.

For More Information

  • Overview

  • HELP/FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  • Tutorial

  • News/Noteworthy

Internet Directory

  • Medical Matrix


Internet Textbook

  • eMedicine


Free Books on the Internet


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