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(Expressed relationships of families in this section to families in preceeding sections are conjectures and need some research)

Notes by

Scott Anthony 12 Mar 2002

This chapter was copied from scanned images of photocopies of a typewritten manuscript, presumably the original manuscript published in 1970-1971 by Nancy Vashti Anthony Jacob.
I have edited the manuscript in the following ways:

  1. Changed state abbreviations to their modern 2-character captitalized standards with no periods following them.

  2. Corrected the few instances of confusing wording or grammar

  3. Occasional missing words were added in parentheses.

  4. Changed month names to standard 3-character abbreviations without periods following them. This makes the manuscript considerably easier to read.

[Scott Anthony 3 April 2002]

Additions and corrections added in [blue]

THOMAS ANTONY of Goochland

There is a possibility that Thomas Antony and Thomas Anthony , son-in-law of James Martin of St. Paul's Parish and Amherst Co. were the same person and a son of Mark Anthony and Isabella Hart.
St. Paul's Parish Vestry Records, p. 101: Sep 6, 1722,

"Ordered that there be taken out of … gang to assist … in his presinct … James Martin … Jno (?) Lewis with Tithables."

William & Mary College Quarterly, Vol. 10, Series 2, p. 23: Amherst Co., VA, Will Book 1, p. 279:

"Will of James Martin, Dated Sep 25, 1771, proved Mar 9, 1775:


Azariah Martin. (md. Mary Rodes, spinster, M. L. B. Mar 19, 1772)

John Martin. (md. Feb 6, 1786, Milley Rucker.)

William Martin.

James Martin. (md. Feb 14, 1799, Rebecca Wills, daughter Of James Wills)

David Martin.

Obidiah Martin.


William Terrell Lewis and THOMAS ANTHONY."

Douglas Register, by Jones, p. 152: Dover Church, 1st church in Goochland Co. VA

"Thomas Antony & Elizabeth Martin, a son named David, b. Aug 26, 1764, Bapt. Dec 24, 1767. page 79."

"Thomas Antony & Elizabeth Martin, daughter named Sarah, b. Jul 11, 1767, Bapt. Dec 24, 1767. page 79."

(Unidentified Martin Anthonys and David Anthonys probably descend from this family.)


John Anthony, parents not identified, Will Aug 21, 1814, probated Mar 6, 1815, Franklin Co. Listed in Land Lottery of 1805.

Wife: Mary Anthony (age 60-70, 1840, Jackson Co., Will May 18, 1849, Jackson Co.)


  1. Willis Anthony, md. Sep 19, 1822, Jackson Co., Peggy (Margaret) Davis, Land Lottery 1833.

  2. Wiley Anthony, Land Lottery, Jackson Co., 1832

  3. Wade (Waid) Anthony, Ens. Jackson Co., 1831.

  4. Thomas Anthony.

  5. Lucretia Anthony, md. Thomas Lord.

Other children listed in Mary's will:

  1. Martin Anthony. (possibly a middle name of one of above.)

  2. William Anthony. (possibly Willis or Wiley.)

  3. Ezekiel Anthony, (age 20-30, 1840, Jackson Co.) (probably born after father's will written.) md. Apr 16, 1839, Jackson Co., Elizabeth Lord.


David Anthony, parents not identified, md. Dec 29, 1816, Elizabeth Chandler, (Franklin Co., GA Records by Wynd) daughter of James Chandler, Oct 30, 1817. David Atnhony was the legatee of James Chandler estate on right of his wife. Listed in: Land Lottery of 1805, 1832, and census of 1830, Franklin Co., GA Will of David Anthony, Franklin Co., GA, Dec 6, 1844, Proved Mar 13, 1843: Wife: Elizabeth; Son, Martin; daughter Ann, wido of Stephen Chandler. (David Anthony was guardian of James and Steven Chandler.) daughter: Elizabeth Anthony.


Martin Anthony, listed in DAR Index, b. 1759, d. after Aug 23, 1813, md. Catherine … Patriot service NC.

Martin Anthony, age 50-60 in 1840, parents unidentified, md. Aug 31, 1817, Elizabeth Chandler, daughter of James and Elizabeth Chandler. Martin witnessed will of John Anthony, Martin and David Anthony received distribution of right of their wives. Jackson Co., GA census 1840:

Martin Anthony, 1 m 0-5, 2 m 5-10, 1 m 10-15, 1 m 50-60, 1 f 30-40.

Marriage recorded in Franklin Co. GA


REV. JOSEPH ANTHONY of Goochland and Henry Co.

Rev. Joseph Anthony, a Baptist minister. Will recorded in Henry Co. VA, was probably a grandson of Mark Anthony and Isabella Hart. His parents may have been Thomas Antony and Elizabeth Martin.
Steven-Davis and Allied Families, says that lots of people confuse Joseph Anthony, the Baptist in Virginia, with Joseph Sr., called "the Quaker", and said that James and his wife attended the Baptist Church of which his kinsman was pastor.
VA Tax Payers, 1782-87: "Anthony, Jos., 3 slaves, Henry Co."
Semple's History of the Rise and Progress of Baptist in Virginia, by Beale:

p. 26: Rev. Joseph Anthony, baptized Jun 1770 by J. Waller in Goochland

p. 32: In 1770 he was a zealous young preacher, cast into prison.

p. 44: Charles Co., VA, Charles City Church 1774 was raised by labors of Elijah Baker and Joseph Anthony.

p. 264: Pawhatan Church in county of same name, Elder Webber and Anthony carried gospel here.

p. 269: Chesterfield Church, first preachers to preach within the bounds of this church were William Webber and Jo. Anthony. For this they were counted worthy of prison.

p. 271: Salem, Chesterfield Co., seven preachers were confined to jail: William Webber, Joseph Anthony, …
Goospeed's History of S. E. Missouri., p. 858:

"Joseph Anthony…Baptist minister imprisoned during Rev. War for speaking out."

History of Beaver Creek Church, Henry Co., VA, by Mrs. J. Frank (Stella Anthony) Thompson, pub. 1933, a booklet of about 13 pages:

Rev. Joseph Anthony was the first pastor. Some information on his family is given. Rev. Joseph Anthony m. Aug 14, 1777, Jane Ferris, daughter Of Jacob Ferris and Ruth Haden, b. 1729, daughter of Anthony Haden and Lady Margaret Douglas.


  1. Samuel Anthony, b. Feb 18, 1781.

  2. Joseph Anthony, b Jan 22, 1784.

  3. Elizabeth Anthony, b. Aug 16, 1786.

  4. Jane Anthony, b. Jan 21, 1791.

  5. William Anthony, b. Jun 9, 1793.

  6. Josiah Anthony, b. Jul 5, 1796.

  7. Jacob Anthony, b. Jul 19, 1800.



Samuel Anthony, b. Feb 18, 1781, 1st child of Rev. Joseph Anthony and Jane Ferris, md. Jul 31, 1811, Hannah ….

  1. Jane Anthony, b. Mar 16, 1813.

  2. Richard B. Anthony, b. May 4, 1815.

  3. Elizabeth Anthony, b. Jan 26, 1818.

  4. Joseph Anthony, b. Jun 16, 1820.

  5. Sally Anthony, b. Jan 20, 1823.

  6. Samuel Anthony, b. Sep 12, 1825.

  7. Patrick Henry Anthony, b. Jul 25, 1828, d. 1879

  8. Richard Anthony, b. Jan 24, 1831.

  9. William Brittain Anthony, b. May 27, 1833.

  10. Ellinor Amealia Anthony, b. Feb 29, 1836.



Patrick Henry Anthony, b. Jul 25, 1828, d. 1879, son of Samuel Anthony and his wife Hannah, md. 1855, Elizabeth Mathews, b. 1839, moved to Texas, in 1865 moved to AK for one year then back to Fredericktown, MO.
Four of 7 children:

  1. Honorable Robert A. Anthony, b. 1859, Coffman Co., TX, was a prosecuting attorney, Madison Co., MO. His biographical sketch in Goodspeed's History of S. E. Missouri, p 860 says: "He was a descendant of one of 2 boys who escaped in a shipwreck perhaps 100 years ago. These boys settled in Virginia and their descent was unknown. But one of them was the original ancestor of the family to which Patrick Henry Anthony belonged." Robert A. md. Jan 25, 1888, Jennie Wiley, a native of Peoria, IL, daughter of John A Wiley.

  2. Alice Anthony, md. John Cacey.

  3. Mary Anthony.

  4. Samuel C. Anthony.



William Anthony, b. Jan or Jun 9, 1793, VA, d. Oct 17, 1865, 5th child of Rev. Joseph Anthony and Jane Ferris, md. (1) in TN, Jane Branch Marshall, b. Jun 23, 1799, d. Jul 4, 1834. Three years after marriage he moved to Madison Co. MO, finally settled in Fredercktown. William md. (2) Mrs. Eunice Bennett.
Children of 1st wife:

  1. Joseph Anthony, b. 1818, md. Martha J. Stephenson.

  2. Josiah Anthony, b. 1820, md. Sarah Bennet.

  3. William Anthony, b. 1823.

  4. James B. Anthony, b. 1825, md. Sidonia Vogal.

    1. James B. Anthony, Jr.

  5. Edward Anthony, b. 1827.

  6. Richard Marshall Anthony, b. 1829, md. 1878, Pocahuntas Farmer, b. 1837, d. 1918. Daughter Stell Anthony, md. J. Frank Thompson, Columbia, MO.

  7. Mark Anthony, b. 1831, md. Jane Carruthers.

Children of 2nd wife:

  1. Jane Anthony, md. …Buford.

  2. Samuel Anthony.

  3. Hannah Anthony

  4. Eliza Anthony.

  5. Deto Anthony.

  6. John Anthony, md. Virea White.

  7. Mary Anthony.



Joseph Anthony, b. 1818, d. 1883, 1st child of William Anthony and Jane Marshall, md. Martha J. Stephenson, b. 1830, maidson Co. MO.


  1. Edward D. Anthony, b. 1856, Madison Co., MO, md. Oct 1880, Mrs. Laura (Nifong) Childton, daughter of T. J. Nifong. Edward D. was the publisher of "The Standard" and attorney-at-law in Fredercktown, MO. Children: a. Edith Anthony b. Anne Anthony.

  2. Eliza Anthony, md. C. F. Fulenwider.

  3. Julia Anthony, md. Theodore Underiner.

  4. Sterling Anthony.

  5. Frank Anthony.

(Ref.: Goodspeed's History of S. E. Missouri, p. 859)

A??F M


Josiah M. Anthony, b. Dec 5, 1820, Madison Co., MO, 2nd child of William Anthony and Jane Marshall, md. Sarah Ann Bennett, a native of Girareau, MO.


  1. Wm. B. Anthony.

  2. Eunice Anthony.

  3. Mildred E. Anthony, md. Wm. Matthews, merchant at Marquard.

  4. Elnora Anthony, md. John Pablick.

  5. Nancy E. Anthony, md. W. Buford, New Port, AK.

  6. Jessie Anthony.

  7. Albert D. Anthony.

(Ref.: Goodspeed's History of S. E. Missouri, p. 858)



Luke Anthony of St. Paul's Parish was probably a son of Mark Anthony and Isabella Hart.

St. Paul's Parish Records:

Mar 2, 1721, Luke Anthony ordered to be added to road working gang.

Sep 6, 1722, Luke Anthony mentioned.

1755, 1756, and 1757, Luke Anthony paid in tobaccor for keeping Mary Kenny.

Sep 30, 1767, Luke and Mark (Jr.?) mentioned in the same record.
William & Mary Quarterly, 1st series, Vol. 21,

p. 149: "The father of Mary (Anthony) Perkins was Luke Anthony of Hanover Co. VA He deeded 4 negroes to his son-in-law, John Perkins, in 1785."

p. 144: "Luke Anthony sold land 1787, St. Paul's Parish, - Luke's home was burglarized Jul 12, 1792. The name of his wife was Judith. He owned 2 slaves, Harry and Jack Christian. Luke died by 1794 as Judith Anthony appears 1794-96 on roll of Hanover Co. Taxpayers, St. Paul's Parish. Luke Anthony, Jr. is listed on tax roll beginning 1783.
Douglas Register, by Jones, Dover Church, Goochland Co., p. 124:

Date of registration of 1st child: "Anthony, Mary & John Perkins, 13 Oct 1765."


JAMES ANTHONY of St. Paul's Parish

James Anthony of St. Paul's Parish was probably a son of Mark Anthony and Isabella Hart. He is mentioned in the church records in 1731, 1732, and 1743.
History of Louisa Co., VA by Harris, p. 10:

James Anthony, Aug 25, 1731, 400 acres on North East Creek.

VA Tax Payers 1782-1787

Lists James Anthony, Louisa Co., with 8 slaves. He had at least one son: John Anthony, Sr., of St. Paul's Parish and NC.


John Anthony, Sr. is listed in church records 1755, 1759, and 1771. John Anthony executed the power of attorney to his son-in-law, Hudson Berry, in Caswell Co., NC, Mar 6, 1785 (Book C p. 45) to receive the legacy willed to him by his deceased father, James Anthony, of Hanover Co., VA John Anthony's will, Jul 1786, lists wife Ursula, and children:

  1. Jonathan Anthony, md. Nov 7, 1781, Rebecca Berry.

  2. James Anthony, md. Feb 7, 1781, Elizabeth Corder.

  3. Elijah Anthony.

  4. John Anthony, Jr. St. Paul's Parish, Nov 12, 1779. (Various Taxpayers records in St. Paul's Parish, 1786-1815)

  5. William Anthony, md. Jul 30, 1794, Sally Simonds.

  6. Joseph Anthony, md. Feb 17, 1802, Hannah Castwell.

  7. Sarah Anthony, md. Jun 27, 1775, Hudson Berry. They moved to Greenville Co., SC, buried at Fork Shoals Bapt. Church. (Ancestor of Miss Mary Riley, PO Box 604, Anderson, SC, 29622)

  8. Nancy Anthony, md. …Stone

  9. Jean Anthony, md. …Corder.



Mark Anthony, Jr., St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co., was probably a son of Mark Anthony and Isabella Hart. Vestry records, 1723, show he was paid for keeping a bastard child. In 1729, 1730, 1731, Mark Anthony, Jr. was paid for keeping John Lewis' child. Since records for Mark, Jr. stop after 1731, his father could have died and records for Mark Anthony for 1739-1767 should be credited to the son.
William & Mary Quarterly, 1st series, vol. 21, says:

"Mark Anthony, St. Paul's Parish, and Hester, his wife, sold 50 acres on Mattadequin Creek (being part of Patent of William Watson late of James City, deceased on Apr 5, 1724)".


Harrison Anthony (not brother but probably kinsman of Whitfield) listed in Jackson Co., GA 1832 Lottery; md. Jan 8, 1833, Nancy Cruise, Jackson Co.; was 2nd Lieut., Jackson Co., Mar 21, 1832-Mar 10, 1835, Indian War, 1832.
1850 census, Cherokee Co., AL:

Harrison Anthony, 45, b. GA

Nancy Anthony, 46, b. unknown

John Anthony, 17, b. GA

Erline Anthony, 15, b. GA

Doctor Anthony, 13, b. GA

Whitfield Anthony, 10, b. GA

Wm. Anthony, 7, b. GA

Francis Anthony, 5, b. AL

Lewis Anthony, 2, b. AL

Susan Anthony, 2/12, b. AL


Lewis Anthony, b. SC is listed as a neighbor of Rev. Whitfield Anthony, 1840 census, Cherokee Co., AL. Because of dates and locations associated with Whitfield, they could have been brothers.
1850 census, Pauling Co., GA, p. 91, 182, #595:

Lewis Anthony, 53, farmer, b. SC

Patience Anthony, 45, b SC

Hameet Anthony (Harriett?), 24, b. SC

Lewis H. Anthony, 17, b SC

Andrew M. Anthony. 14, b. SC

James Anthony, 12, b AL


Lewis Anthony, I, is believed to have been a descendant of Mark Anthony and Isabella Hart, posssibly throught Capt. John Anthony of VA, NC, and SC, the father of Joel Anthony. We find the name Mark among the descendants. The following quotations state kinship to Joel's descendants:
Life and Sermons of Rev. J. D. Anthony, byt Rev. J. D. Anthony, p. 55:
Concerning Donations

"Owing to many sweeping revivals in the churches during the year, the popularity of the Presiding Elder, - My Coursin, Rev. Samuel Anthony - and the Holy Spirit which rested upon the labors of the coworkers with the junior preacher (for senior hold no protracted meetings), the stearts were able to pay eight-two cents on the dollar."

Pastors of Mulberry, 1826-1964, by Bessie Hart, biographical sketch on Dr. Walter Anthony:

"Rev. Samuel Anthony, pastor of Mulberry about seventy-five years before Dr. Walter Anthony, was a relative."

With few exceptions, the information on Lewis Anthony, I, and his descendants is copied from Lewis Anthony Family and Some Allied Families, by Miss Lillie Anthony, 2336 15th Ave., Vero Beach, FL 32960
Lewis Anthony, I, was snumerated in the census of 1800 and 1810 in old Pendleton District. In 1822 he was living in Edgefield Co.; at that time he sold land, which must have been their home. His wife, Elizabeth signed her right of dower. At that time or sometime shortly after, they moved to Gwinnett Co., GA, and in 1830 both they and their son Samuel and their daughter margaret were in Muscogee Co., GA We think they are both buried there in the cemetery where the son Lewis, II, and some of his family are buried.
Census 1830, Muscogee Co., GA, page 287:

Lewis Anthony, 2 m 15-20, 1 m 50-60, 2 f 10-15, 1 f 50-60

Census 1850, Muscogee Co., GA (next door to son, Lewis)

Elizabeth Anthony, white female age 80, b. VA, living alone

Census 1860, Muscogee Co., GA, Shingle Hill Dist.

House 172, Lewis Anthony

Hours 173, S. W. Anthony

House 174, Henry T. Anthony

House 175, Elizabeth Anthony, age 84, and Jacinta Kent, age 12

(This child is thought to have been a daughter of Elizabeth Kent, who was a daughter of Mark Anthony and Mary Montgomery; see later).

(Often, they seem to have been in doubt of their correct dates and places of birth.)

  1. Mark Anthony, d. 1844, md. Mary Montgomery

  2. Margaret Anthony, md. Phillip Lamar, Jr.

  3. Rhoda Anthony, md. Archibald Thomas

  4. Nancy Anthony, md. George W. Womack, son of Jacob and Delphia Womack.

    1. Eugenia

    2. Cynthia

    3. Jessee

  5. Wesley Anthony. (Samuel Wesley Anthony, son of Lewis and Martha, stated that he was named for two of his father's brothers).

  6. Samuel Anthony, b. 1808, md. (1) Elizabeth Blalock, md. (2) Sarah Rakestraw.

  7. Lewis Anthony, II, b. 1810



Mark Anthony, b. in GA, d. 1844, son of Lewis Anthony, I, and his wife Elizabeth, md. Mary Montgomery, b. in GA, d. 1878. Mark was a farmer, and a Methodist serving the church in various offices. His wife survived him. After removing to Alabama, she moved to Texas with her son, W. E. Anthony. She was the 11th child of Robert Montgomery of GA Mark Anthony was listed in the census of 1840 in Stewart Co., GA

  1. Elizbeth A. Anthony, m. (1) Jan 7, 1841, Levi Kent, md. (2) J. Roberts. Child: Jacinta Kent, living with gr.grandmother in 1860 census.

  2. Robert Anthony, d. in the Army.

  3. John Anthony, entered the Confederate service from Texas at the beginning of the war and was not heard from again until 1904.

  4. Nancy Anthony, d. in childhood.

  5. James Anthony, served throughout the war and lived in Atlanta, GA

  6. Amanda Anthony, md. …Mount.

  7. W. E. Anthony, md. Elizabeth Jones.

  8. Chapple Anthony, killed in the Battle of Baker's Creek. (Ref.: History of Northwest Texas.)



W. E. Anthony, b. Aug 25, 1841, 7th child of Mark Anthony and Mary Montgomery, md. 1872, Elizabeth Jones, b. Denton Co., TX, Oct 3, 1857, daughter of Jackson Jones and Ruth Wisdom on TN, MO, and TX. W. E. Anthony served in the Confederate Army, 1861 to the close of the War. In 1870 he removed to TX, settled in Montague Co. In 1888, he settled in Saint Jo, TX. He operated a gin.

  1. Chappel Anthony, md. Maggie Whaley.

  2. Ophelia Anthony, md. William Broom.

  3. Ada Anthony, md. Theodore Whaley.

  4. Maud Anthony.

  5. Newton (Mewton) Anthony.

  6. Belva Anthony.

  7. May Anthony.

  8. Mable Anthony.

  9. Alice Anthony.

  10. Mark Anthony.

  11. Scott Anthony.



Margaret Anthony, daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Anthony, md. Ca 1825, Phillip Lamar, b. Nov 1785, d. 1857. He was a native of Edgefield Co., SC, son of Phillip Lamar, Sr. and Ruth David and a descendant of Robert Lamar of Maryland and SC. He moved to Gwinnett Co., GA where he taught school. He was living there when he drew in the Land Lottery of 1827 and thus came to Muscogee Co. There he became a successful planter and was County Suveryor. It was said of him that he was well educated and a good friend and adviser to his neighbors.

  1. Sara LaMar

  2. A. R. Lamar, a lawyer in Columbus, GA

  3. Geo. W. LaMar

  4. William H. Lamar, sheriff, and father of Alexander B. LaMar

  5. John E. Lamar, county Surveyor in the city directory, 1859. He moved later to Denison, TX.

  6. James S. Lamar; became a Minister of the Christian Disciples Church and served the church in Augusta, GA for a number of years. He was b. May 19, 1829, d. 1905, md. Jun 19, 1856, Mary Rucker, daughter of Joseph Rucker.

    1. Joesph Rucker Lamar, b. Oct 14, 1857, md. Jan 30, 1879, Clarinda H. pendleton, daughter of William K. Pendleton, WV. Joseph Rucker Lamar became a member of the Legislature of GA Supreme Court, 1903-1906, appointed to the U. S. Supreme court 1910 by President Taft. The second in the Lamar family to hold that position. Ref: Life of Joseph Rucker Lamar, by Lamar; Genealogy of a Branch of the Lamar Family, by Mayes; Martin's History of Columus, GA; Columbus City Directory, 1859.

    2. Mary LaMar

    3. Phillip F. LaMar



Rhoda Anthony, b. Jul 1804, d. Apr 2, 1884, daughter of Lewis Anthony, I, and his wife Elizabeth, md. 1825, Archibald Thomas of NC. They were said to have grown up on Georgia farms. It was said that his family was very wealthy for the times. Most of the children lived in TX and AK. Ref: History of Tarrant and Parker Counties, TX.

  1. Henry L. Thomas, Methodist Minister, md. Feb 1, 1849, ordained 1869, Magnolia, AK. The book states that his mother, Rhoda Anthony, was the sister of Samuel Anthony, minister for over 60 years in Georgia and that she was the daughter of Lewis Anthony of SC.

  2. Alexander B. Thomas.

  3. Lewis M. Thomas.

  4. Martin V. B. Thomas.

  5. william S. Thomas.

  6. Mary Thomas, md. (1) George Shepherd, md. (2) Martin Alexander

  7. Sarah C. Thomas, md. Henry Heath.

  8. Eliza J. Thomas, md. Henry Heath.

  9. Fanny A. Thomas, md. (1) Banson Owen, md. (2) Tobias Ranson.

  10. John W. Thomas.

  11. Samuel E. Thomas.

  12. Lewis thomas. (The 1st Lewis may have died young).



Samuel Anthony, b. 1808, d. Mar 3, 1880, son of Lewis Anthony, I, and his wife, Elizabeth, md. (1) Mar 2, 1826, Gwinnett Co., GA, Elizbeth Blalock, b. Feb 18, 1805, d. Nov 19, 1851. Both were born in SC. She is buried in Talbotton, GA He is buried in Oak Park Cemetery, Americus, GA, on the same lot with his daughter, Martha, and at least one granddaughter. The Methodist church placed a bronze tablet on his monument, in honor of his memorable life and service.
He, and perhaps his wife, was converted in Gwinnett Co., GA Level Creek Church was orgainzed in a log building built by Phillip Lamar for a school house in 1822 or early 1823. One of those listed as licensed to exhort and then to preach was Rev. Samuel Anthony. The Presiding Elder expressed doubts that young Anthony would succeed as an itinerant preacher. He became one of Georgia's best loved ministers, affectionately called Uncle Sam. He drew land in the land Lottery of 1827 and thus he and his family came to Muscogee Co. He was admitted to the conference in 1832. His first assignment was to Okmulgee Circuit. During his second assignment it was said that the churches on his circuit received 1500 members. The statement is made that he was appointed by his conference to all the best places in the state at one time or other.
He was a delegate to the General Conference in 1845, out of which came the separation of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the beginning of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. He served on the board of directors of one or more colleges, also was one of those who helped to establish the South Georgia Methodist Orphanage, was Presiding Elder several times, (and) served Mulberry Church in Macon three times. (Ref: History of Gwinnett Co., GA, by J. C. Flannigan; History of Gwinnett Churches; Memo on the Death of Rev. Samuel Anthony, Mar 5, 1880, published in the Christian Advocate of that year; Life of Joseph Rucker, by Clarinda P. LaMar
Rev. Samuel Anthony was enumerated in the census of 1830 in Muscogee Co., GA p. 289; census of 1850, Talbot Co., GA; census of 1860, Randolph Co., GA
He was often referred to as the "Old Roman" because of his uncompromising opinions. He allowed no worldly element in the church, and for this e rebuked Mulberry's congregation because of the organ, saying "If that whimmer-jimmy in the left (loft?) will please keep quiet, Brother Danforth will raise the tune." On one occation, when (in) the act of performing a marriage ceremony, he was shot and grievously wounded by an enraged relative of the bride. He proceeded with the wedding despite his sufferings.
Rev. Samuel Anthony, md. (2) Sep 11, 1854, Sarah Rakestraw.
Children by 1st wife:

  1. Oliver Perry Anthony, graduated from Emory College, was third president of Andrew Female College. He married May 9, 1855, P. P. Smith. She died young (and is) buried (in) Cuthbert, GA He served in CSA: Company 1, 51st Regiment, Captain Mar 1862; Maj. Late Mar of 1862; Lt. Col. 1863; resigned Jul 1864. This company was made up mostly of men from Clay Co.

Census 1860: O. P. Anthony, age 28, teacher, b. GA

  1. Mary Ann Anthony, b. Sep 10, 1829, d. Sep 4, 1848, md. Aug 8 1846, Athens, GA, Rufus L. Moss. She died in NY, is buried in Athens, GA He remarried Apr 6, 1854, Elizabeth Luckie.

  2. Samuel W. Anthony, b. Apr 12, 1832, Houston Co., GA, md. (1) Annie Marie Snipes. He died in Texas. He served in CAS, private, Co. H, 51st Regiment, composed of men from Randolph Co., on the roll Nov 1862 (to) May 1864. Also said to have been in Ball's Regiment. He attended Emory College, studied medicine and surgery under Dr. J. P. Logan in Atlanta. He moved to Texas and was a doctor and farmer. There was at least one son by his 1st marriage, named Mark Anthony. Mark lived in Frederick, OK, a very highly esteemed citizen, b. Apr 15, 1872, d. 1934, the father of Mrs. Margaret Grimsley, 1605 Maiz Dr., Stillwater, OK. Dr. Samuel W. Anthony, md. (2)

Annie Cottell in Milam Co., TX, their only son, Melvin Anthony.
[Milam Co. TX census 1880 Dist 103 Page 30 lists:


Samuel W.






NC ?


Marion N.





Keeping house




Samuel P.









William S.





At School




Anna M.





At School









At School




Laura O. (?)








Edward N.









  1. John Thacker Anthony, b. Feb 26, 1835, d. Mar 7, 1835.

  2. Martha Jane Anthony, b. Sep 18, 1836, d. Dec 4, 1915, md. Washington, GA, Henry Pope Huling. She and at least one daughter are buried (in) Oak Park Cemetery, Americus, GA

  3. William Parks Anthony, b. Apr 2, 1839, d. Sep 5, 1839.

  4. Sara Elizbeth Anthony, b. Oct 18, 1840, md. John Buchanan. She graduated from Andrew Female College, Cuthbert, GA, in it's first class. She taught for a time, (and) later entered a journalistic career which lasted almost as long as she lived. At one time (she) was on the staff of Holland's Magaine, writing under the name of Sallie Anthony.

  5. Julia Elizbeth Anthony, b. Aug 21, 1845, md. T. B. Sims.

  6. Mark Anthony, b. Feb 21, 1850 [d sometime between 1880 and 1889], md. (1) Mattie Fort, d. young (1872); md. (2) Minnie Winn 1875 [should be md (2) Minnie Wynn Apr 2, 1875 b Sep 1855, daughter of Rev. Alexander McFarland Wynn

Fulton Co. GA census 1880 Dist 94 Page 6 lists:






Clerk in store




M. H. (or W.)





Keeping house




A. W.








Atlanta city directory 1889 lists Minnie W. Anthony (Widow of Mark) ].



Lewis Anthony, II, b. SC, age 40 in 1850 census, son of Lewis Anthony, I, and his wife Elizabeth, brought to Gwinnett Co., GA and Muscogee Co., GA by his parents, md. 1835, Martha Taylor, b. Wilkerson Co., age 35 in 1850 census. They were listed in Stewart Co., GA in the 1840 census, Muscogee Co., GA in the 1850 census, and in Muscogee Co. GA in the 1880 census. The children grew up to be well know and respected Christian citizens.

  1. Daughter d. between 1840 and 1850 census, remembered as named Sarah.

  2. Henry Thomas Anthony, md. (1) 1860, Ariminta Amelia Thompkins, 3 children; md. (2) 1869, Laura Ann Edwards, 1 child; md. (3) 1873, Mrs. Elizabeth (Halley) Peed. 5 children.

  3. Samuel Wesley Anthony, b. May 3, 1838, d. Mar 19, 1905, md. (1) May 12, 1859, Mary Ann F. Motley, b. 1842, d. Dec 5, 1872; md. (2) Dec 28, 1876, Mary Virginia Lambert, b. Sep 20, 1850, d. Apr 19, 1915. Four children by 1st marriage, 8 by last. Youngest child: Miss Lillie Anthony, 2336 15th Ave., Vero Beach, FL 32960, has published a book, Lewis Anthony Family and Some Allied Families, 1968. (This was the) reference used for this section of this book. She has done extensive research on the Anthony family and furnished much information used in other parts of this book.

  4. Judge Lewis Anthony, md. (1) Sallie Batchler, md. (2) Lucy Baltey.

  5. Mark (Marcus) Averett Anthony, md. Nancy Lambert.

  6. Warren T. Anthony, md. Mary Virginia Short.

  7. Mary Jane Anthony, md. Marcus L. Comer.

  8. William Alexander Anthony, md. (1) Anna Williams, md. (2) Velma Thorp.



Elizabeth Carter, b. 1802, (Jul 11, 1801 tombstone) GA, d. 1860, Coffee Co., GA, md. Mar 11, 1819, Moses Overstreet, b. 1795 (1797, d. Mar 1, 1852, tombstone). Both are buried at old Royals Church, Coffee Co. GA His is listed in census records of: 1820 Burke Co., GA; 1840 Houston Co., GA; 1850 Ware Co. GA; 1860 Coffe Co., GA (widow only). Names of the family suggest that she was the granddaughter of Mary Anthony and Josiah Carter of Warren Co., GA Further research may prove that the following Josiah Carter records were for Josiah Carter, Jr., and the father of Elizabeth (Carter) Overstreet:
Index to Headright and Bounty Grants of Georgia, 1756-1909. p. 100:

"Josiah Carter, location of grant Burke Co., Grant Book AAAAA. Page 655, acres granted 280, year 1798. Josiah Carter, location of grant Burke Co., Grant Book ZZZZ, p. 545, acres granted 96, year 1797."

Early History of Georgia, Wilkes Co., by Davidson:

Lottery of 1832: "Carter, Josiah, Orphan."

Moses Overstreet was the son of Henry Overstreet (RS), grandson of James Overstreet who was killed by the Torries in the Revolutionary War in 1782. Henry lived on the Savannah River, Barnwell Co, SC (county deed records), md. Ann buford, daughter of John Buford and Mary Green. Moses was born when his parents lived for a short time across the river in GA Henry moved to Screven Co., GA about 1823 and died there about 1830.

  1. Henry Josiah Overstreet, b. Sep 25, 1820, never married.

  2. James W. Overstreet, b. Oct 27, 1822, md. Susan Solomon, daughter of Godwin.

  3. Sarah Ann Overstreet, b. Feb 25, 1825, md. William Royal; he md. (2) Civvie Carter, sister of Elizabeth.

  4. Jane Elizabeth Overstreet, b. Dec 5, 1827, d. Jul 20, 1828.

  5. Mary Ann Overstreet, b. Jul 11, 1829, d. Sep 27, 1829.

  6. Moses William Overstreet, b. Mar 10, 1832, d. Jan 9, 1852, unmarried.

  7. Martha Amanda Overstreet, b. Oct 21, 1835, md. Friffis Ricketson.

  8. Seaborn Franklin Overstreet, b. Jul 28, 1838, md. Elizabeth Fender.

  9. Benjamin Jacob Overstreet, b. May 13, 1841, d. Jun 29, 1862, CSA

  10. Mary Catherine Overstreet, b. Jul 25, 1843, md. John Spell.



James W. Overstreet, b. Oct 27, 1822, d Mar 3, 1900, 2nd child of Elizabeth Carter and Moses Overstreet, md. Feb 3, 1852, Susan Ann Solomon, daughter ob Godwin Solomon and Jane Gaskins, b. Beeaufort District, SC, daughter of David Gaskins and Martha Heard.

  1. Delilah Overstreet, b. Aug 15, 1854.

  2. Henry Clay Overstreet, b. Sep 17, 1857.

  3. Elizabeth Overstreet, b. May 10, 1859.

  4. Mary Jane Overstreet, b. Dec 5, 1860.

  5. Martha Ann Overstreet, b. Dec 13, 1862.

  6. Seaborn Franklin Overstreet, b. Aug 18, 1864.

  7. Arjane Overstreet, b. Mar 17, 1866.

  8. Susan Clayton Overstreet, b. Feb 19, 1868.

  9. Moses Oscar Overstreet, b. Oct 10, 1869.

  10. James W. Overstreet, b. mar 13, 1871.

  11. Josiah Overstreet, b. Mar 3, 1873.

  12. David Overstreet, b. May 20, 1875.

  13. Lilla Overstreet, b. Dec 13, 1876.

  14. Lulu Overstreet, b. Feb 17, 1879.

  15. Benjamin Jacob Overstreet, b. Feb 17, 1881.



Susan Clayton Overstreet, b. Feb 19, 1868, 8th child of James W. Overstreet and Susan Ann Solomon, md. Herbert Hamilton Parker, 9th child of Anthony Parker and Eliza Surles.

  1. Edgar James Parker, b. Aug 10, 1891, md. Mary Compton.

  2. Herbert Anthony Parker, b. Aug 3, 1895, md. Concetta Trombetta.

  3. Estelle Prker, b. Jan 1898, md. Edward lawrence Padrick, lives at 108 NW - 35th St., Gainsville, FL., 32601.

    • Patricia Melba padrick, b. Dec 22, 1922, md. John Alton Samuel.

      1. Sharon Elizabeth Samuel.

      2. John Lawrence Samuel.

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