Grade Decodable #1 Sand, Tan Hats, and a Mat

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2nd Grade Decodable #1
Sand, Tan Hats, and a Mat

Matt, Sam, and Dan sat. Matt, Sam and Dan sat at Matt’s. “I am Matt’s dad. May I help?” Dad had sand, tan hats, and a mat. “Matt, stand and give me a hand with these hats.” “Look!” said Sam. Matt and Dan stand. “May I?” said Matt. “Take these tan hats, sand, and mat,” said Dad. Dan, Sam, and Dad stand and give Matt a hand.

2nd Grade Decodable #2
Mitts and Hits

Kim and Bill had been to the Sand Pit before. Bill and Kim stand on a ramp. Kim had a mitt, and Bill had a mitt. “Those are our mitts.” Bill had a bat. Kim had a bat. “Those are our bats.” Did Kim hit? Did Bill hit? Did Kim miss? Did Bill miss? Kim and Bill did hit! Kim hits. Bam! Bill claps. Bill hits. Bap! Kim claps. Bill and Kim had been to the Sand Pit!

2nd Grade Decodable #3

A Contest

Max is a frog. Max hops off a big log. Next, Max hops off boxes. Max hops past plants. Max hops fast for bread and jam. Max did not stop! I hop fast. I am the best. Tell me, who can hop fast?” asked Max. “I hop fast,” Jeff grinned. “Let’s have a contest to tell who is best,” said Max. Max headed fast past a big log. Jeff hopped past a log and Max! “Let’s stop to have bread and jam,” said Max. Jeff said, “A rest is good for me!”

2nd Grade Decodable #4

Gwen Must Run
Gwen gets up at ten. “I missed the bus!” she yells. Gwen runs past her mom. Gwen tells her mom, “I must run!” Gwen zigzags past her pal Val. “Will you jump with us?” asks Val. “I must run!” yells Gwen. “Will you stop and visit us?” Mrs. Yip asks. “I must run!” Gwen tells her. “I cannot quit!” “Can I help?” Mr. Buzz asks. Gwen tells Mr. Buzz, “It’s past ten, but I cannot get in!” “There is not class,” Mr. Buzz tells Gwen. Gwen tells Mr. Buzz, “Then I did not miss the bus!”

2nd Grade Decodable #5

The Red Star
Mark, Chad, and Trisha sat in the backyard. “This is not much fun in the dark,” said Mark. “Let’s wish upon a star!” Chad said. “Which star?” asked Trisha. “Start with that red star far up there!” “I will start,” Chad said. “I wish to be rich. I want as much cash as I can get!” Trisha said, “I want a fast car. Then I can travel far across the land!” “Which do you wish for?” Chad asked Mark. “Cash or Cars?” “I wish you were smart,” Mark said. “I am smart!” Chad and Trisha yelled. “But you just wished upon the planet Mars!”

2nd Grade Decodable #6

No Drinks in Class
It is the end of May. Our class is hot. It is hard to think. Bring me a sprinkler or a bucket of water. I’ll splash and have fun. Pick a dock, and I’ll jump off it. If I were king, I’d sing, “Bring me six pink drinks!” I beg, but Mrs. Bridges will not budge. She tells me, “No drinks in class!” I’m stuck in this hot class. I twitch at the edge of my desk. I see the clock tick. “This stinks!” I think. When the bell rings, I want to sing. Thank you, bell! Thanks, Mrs. Bridges!

2nd Grade Decodable #7

Learning to Swim
“When can I learn to swim, Dad?” asks Burt. Let’s start after lunch,” Dad tells Burt. After lunch Dad helps Burt learn to swim. “Dad, will I get hurt in the water?” “I will never let you get hurt, Burt.” First Burt puts his legs under the water. Then his arms are under the water! Burt is swimming a little better. “Dad, can I jump in the water?” Burt asks. “Yes!” grins Dad. First Burt stands up. Then Burt jumps! Burt’s head is under the water! “Dad, I have never had this much fun!” yells Burt. “And I can still learn to swim much better!”

2nd Grade Decodable #8

Farm Chores
Dora is a farmer. In the morning she gets up in the dark to do her chores. “I wish I did not have chores,” she thinks. “But I like to be with the animals.” “I wish upon that star!” Dora thinks, “No chores!” Dora brings water for the animals. “I still have more chores!” Dora mutters. “I must ride the horse to the store.” Dora sits on her horse. “Run fast!” The horse jumps . “Faster! Faster! Dora yells. We must be quick or we will miss the sun getting up!” Dora grins. Here is the sun! “I wish one more thing. I wish all days were just like this!”

2nd Grade Decodable #9

Paddle, Duck, Paddle
Ellen is a little duck. She steps past a puddle into the pond. “I will get a snack,” Ellen thinks. “I will get bread. I will use my head to get bread.” Ellen paddles to the middle of the pond and spots seven girls on the bank. “Why, I think they will have bread!” “I must use these strong legs to paddle!” Ellen puffs. “Why can’t I paddle faster?” “Here I am!” Ellen quacks as she flaps her wings. “Look, a little duck!” giggles one of the seven. “I think you like to gobble bread.” The girl fumbles for bread and tosses it to the little duck. Ellen gobbles it up and quacks, “Thank you!”
2nd Grade Decodable #10

Kate’s Picnic

Kate and her pals are planning a picnic. The picnic will be in Kate’s backyard. Jane and Jan will come. Kate made sandwiches. Her mom baked cornbread. Jan will bring apples. Jane made punch to drink. Kate set plates on the table in the shade. Then Jane and Jan came! Katie’s little brother Damon came, too. Damon had on his cape and his acorn cap. “No, Damon!” yelled Kate. “This picnic is for girls!” “I am Picnic Man!” said Damon. “I will make the picnic safe! I want apples! I want sandwiches!” “Damon, you are just a little kid,” said Kate. “You can’t come to this picnic.” Damon felt sad. “I never get to have fun with Kate,” he said. And then he went away. Jan whispered to Jane. Jane whispered to Kate. “Come back, Damon!” Jan said. “You can come to the picnic!” “I can?” asked Damon. “Thanks!” Damon gave the girls a big grin. He ran back to the picnic. “Take a sandwich, Damon,” said Kate. “Take an apple,” said Jan. Damon ate and drank a cup of punch. Mom came and cut the cornbread. “Damon, did Kate ask you to her picnic?” Mom asked. She gave Kate a wink. “Yes!” said Damon. “I am Picnic Man! I make the picnic safe!” Damon and the girls had fun. After a game, Jan and Jane had to go. Kate and Damon waved. Jan and Jane did the same. Kate helped Dad take in things from the yard. “You did a caring thing for Damon,” Dad said. “He’s just a little kid,” said Kate.

2nd Grade Decodable #11

Five Gifts for Mike
Mike and Kim like to ride bikes. They ride to the park, and Gran rides along. Mike, Kim, and Gran lock the bikes. They like to hike to the pond. They hike in a line. They hike for a mile. Gran is first and then Kim and then Mike. Five white ducks swim in the pond. The ducks quack and dive. They nibble insects. Fins make ripples on the pond. “Which kinds of fish swim in the pond?” asks Mike. Gran tells Mike, “That kind is a sunfish, and the black fish is a catfish.” “I like the catfish the best!” yells Mike. The fish swam and hid under a rock. The next time they ride, it is just Kim and Gran. Mike is sick. He must rest in bed. Kim tells Gran that she misses Mike. “We can find a gift for Mike,” Gran tells Kim. “Yes!” smiles Kim. I will find him one!” Kim thinks of gifts that Mike will like. She picks up a rock that shines in the sun. Next Kim finds a little tan shell. These are things that will make Mike smile. Then Kim finds a big white feather. She gathers a nut, and she picks up a dime. Kim has five gifts that Mike will like. Kim and Gran must take the gifts to Mike. But first Gran must make a quick stop. “Mind if I make a card for Mike?” asks Gran. “He likes catfish. I will give him one.” Kim hides Mike’s gifts in a tin box. Kim gives Mike the box of gifts. Gran hands him the card. “You gave me the park!” Mike grins.

2nd Grade Decodable #12

The Mole Zone

It is a fine morning. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. Dad is going to get the paper. “This is the best yard on the block,” Dad thinks. “The grass is perfect, and the garden is lush.” That is when Dad spots the hole. Next to the hole is a dome of dirt. “No, no,” he mutters, “not a mole!” “A mole will not stop at a single hole. This mole must go, and it must go now.” “Mr. Mole, you have got to go now!” Dad yells. But Mr. Mole is not at home. The mole is rolling over the grass. It is headed for the garden! The mole heads under the gate. Over the hedge jumps Bandit the cat. “Go, Bandit, Go!” yells Dad. “Get that mole!” At that, Old Buster the dog wakes up. “Bark at that mole, Buster!! At that, Old Buster the dog wakes up. “Bark at that mole, Buster!! Send him packing!” Old Buster trots over and sniffs the mole. Both Bandit and Buster like this thing. Bandit gives it a lick. Old Buster and the mole are nose to nose. “No, no! You two are both no help! You are supposed to chase that mole!” The mole gets an insect off a rosebud. Mom, in her robe, runs to the open gate. “Don’t let that mole rob my roses,” She yells. Mom tells Cole, “Hold this cup while I get the hose! I’ll give that mole a cold, wet squirt!” “Hold on,” Cole chimes in. “The mole broke just two little buds. Old Buster digs holes for his bones, but you don’t give him a cold squirt!” “The mole is little and helpless,” Mom admits. “We have space for a mole zone, don’t we?”

2nd Grade Decodable #13

Hope’s Cute Music Box

This is Hope. She is the best artist in her class. She uses lots of art things in her projects. Hope had the cutest cube-shaped music box. She kept her art things in it. But hope lost her music box. Hope goes looking for her music box. She finds her lost mule and a human model. Hope cannot find the cute music box. It is time for art class. There is no time to buy art things. With no art things, Hope felt useless. Hope goes to art class and sits at the table. “You don’t have your cute box?” asks Robin. “Use this paper.” “Thanks!” “Use this, too,” adds Will. “I can tell you like red.” Hope tells Will, “Thanks!” This will be useful.” Justin lets Hope use his markers. He shares his music, too. Hope likes to make art with music. Stella sits across from Hope. She hands over glitter and paste. “You can use this glitter and paste,” Stella tells Hope. Simone asks the class, “Can we gather all the pastels?” The class yells, “Yes! Then we can all use them.” The art class starts. Even with no cute music box, Hope makes art. Hope uses her pals’ art things. Later, Hope walks home thinking. She will have to buy art things. She cannot afford to buy a cute music box for a while. But Hope is in for a surprise. Her cute cube-shaped box sits on her bed. A note from her sister is on it. Hope yells at her sister, “Use the music box, fine! Just ask first next time!” Hope shares the art things in her music box. “We can all make better art if we share!”

2nd Grade Decodable #14

A Good Life at the Lake
“Rise and shine, Kate!” said Mom. “It is another fine morning! Let’s go to the lake and hike.” So Kate and her mom went to the lake. They went on a hike. They spotted many plants and animals. “Look at this, Mom!” said Kate. “Did you find an animal?” asked Mom. “I see a cute little frog!” said Kate. “Can I take it home with us?” asked Kate. “It will be mine. I will name it Spike!” Just then, the frog ate a bug. And it ate another bug. “Can you find lots of bugs?” asked Mom. “Yes,” smiled Kate. I can find many bugs at home in the backyard.” Kate kept smiling at her mom. “How will this frog survive at home?” asked Mom. “I can use a box to make a safe home,” said Kate. “Hold on!” said Mom. Now the frog has a big lake. Compared to a lake, how is a little box for a home?” “Not so fine, I suppose,” said Kate. The frog hopped away. Kate gave a sad little wave. “Where did the frog go?” asked Mom. “The frog has a good life at the lake,” said Kate. “I don’t think it’s wise to take the frog home with us.” Mom gave Kate a big hug. “Let’s wade in the lake now,” said Mom. “Perhaps you can see another animal.” “Look, Mom!” said Kate. “Look where?” asked Mom. “I just spotted a cute fish!” said Kate. “Can I take it home with us?” asked Kate. “It will be mine! I will name it Goldfish.” “Kate!” said Mom. “Just kidding!” grinned Kate as the fish swam away. Kate and Mom had a good time at the lake.

2nd Grade Decodable #15

Edith and Pete

(Edith the ant and Pete the bird)

Edith was taking a stroll on the river bank when she slipped. In the river she went! The water in the river was fast! Edith could not compete with the fast water. If she went under, then she would not make it. Pete saw Edith struggling. Pete was a kind bird. He wanted to help. “How can this be happening?” Pete asked. “I will help that ant,” Pete said. Pete got a blade of grass. He dropped it in the river. “Here!” Pete yelled, “grab this blade of grass!” Edith got out of the river. Edith was safe. Pete went over next to Edith. “Are you hurt or sick?” asked Pete. “Do you have a fever?” “No, I am fine,” panted Edith. “Thanks. Because you helped me, I will help you in time.” Later, Edith saw a cat staring at Pete. “This cannot be good for Pete,” Edith said. Edith had to help so Pete would be safe. The cat crept up a little bit more. Edith reacted fast. Edith bit the cat before Pete even spotted it. The cat yelled. This alerted Pete to get away. Now two kind acts were complete. Edith had returned Pete’s kindness. Think about the kind acts that Edith and Pete did. Pete helped Edith, and Edith helped Pete. Because of these acts, Edith and Pete are both fine. If just one had not helped, this would not be. Did you think Edith would be able to help Pete? What does this tell us? What can we learn from Edith and Pete? Even a little ant can return a kind act. An unplanned kindness does make a difference. We can all be like Edith and Pete!

2nd Grade Decodable #16

Just a Phase for Phil

Phil had a wreck in here. To get on his bed, Phil had to climb over piles. There were piles of wrinkled shirts, shorts, and pants. There were piles of belts with knots in them. There were piles of wrappers and paper. Phil’s mom did not mind the wreck. “People can have a mess for a short time. This is just a phase for Phil,” she said. Phil liked his wreck. He felt he had a knack for making a mess. Phil liked to win, too. He had a knack for winning! Phil and Tim wanted to have a contest. They grabbed hands and gripped hard. Their knuckles hurt. Their thumbs went numb. Then Phil’s wrist hit the desk. Phil lost. “You must do what I tell you,” said Tim. “You must pick up the piles in here,” said Tim. “Humph!” said Phil as he began to wring his hands. He did not like this one bit. But Phil lost. So Phil HAD to pick up the piles. And he did. What would people think if he didn’t? “Here is a wrench!” said Phil. “Did a plumber forget it?” asked Tim. “I don’t know,” said Phil. “Here is a phone and a stuffed lamb!” “What is this letter?” Phil asked. “Did a rock star write to me? Did I write to a rock star?” Phil picked up the wrinkled shirts, shorts, and pants. Phil undid the knots in the belts. Phil picked up the wrappers and papers. Tim knocked and came in. “It looks so good in here!” he said. “Let’s take a photo!” Let me use this comb first,” said Phil. “This is a better phase, Phil!” said his mom.

2nd Grade Decodable #17

Be A Wrangler!

Knock! Knock! Knock! It is a fine morning, saddle pals! Is it your first time here at the ranch? Are you glad we are here together, partner? We hope you have the best time! Write or phone home to tell your pals all about it! We offer horse rides here. A ranch visit is not complete until you climb on a horse! Get a horse at the corral, partner. These are the wranglers. Wranglers ride, and wranglers rope. The wranglers will find a horse for you to ride. Here is the finest horse in these parts. Her name is Little Lamb. She has a knack for being charming! Climb up on the horse. The wranglers will help. The wranglers know the ropes. Check that the knot is set. Step up here and grab the saddle horn, partner. Swing that leg over and climb on. Ride on, partner! We will ride together with the wranglers. The wranglers go first, and we go behind. Is the ranch like you hoped it would be? Look out for these limbs, partner! Wrap the rope around your knuckles! Ride on! That was a fine ride! You and Little Lamb look good together! Can we get a photograph? Climb off the horse, partner. We can brush Little Lamb, and we can comb her mane. And she will like to nibble on a snack. Wranglers ride, and wranglers rope. You want a rope lesson, partner? Look at the wranglers with the ropes. Get the knot on the rope just so. Hold your thumb, swing that arm, and twist that wrist. You can rope! You have a knack for this, partner! We can call you a wrangler now. And it is just the first morning on the ranch!

2nd Grade Decodable #18

A Good Deed at the Beach
Mom woke us up. “No more sleeping!” she said. “We are going to the beach.” “Sweet!” we said. “Have a bite to eat,” Mom said. “Then put on jeans and sneakers. No swim things this week.” “What do you mean?” we asked. “Come and you will see,” said Mom. We got in the car and headed to the beach. I could smell the sea. I could feel the breeze. I like to be on the beach. Then, Mom said, “Read that.” A poster read, “Clean up your beach. Please help!” “We need to help,” my sister said. I agreed. “We will,” said Mom. “That is the reason we came to the beach.” We gathered to hear a man speak. He instructed us, “Pick up trash. But please leave shells, rocks and seaweed. And keep on the beach! Do not get in the water now.” He told us to clean in teams. The three of us were a team. Each team got a trash bag. “Sweep the beach!” the man said. We picked up bags, cans, and more. Mom picked up a green bottle. My sister picked up a string of beads. I picked up a banana peel. “At least I have these,” I said. It did not seem to take long. We put all the bags in a big heap. Then we had a seat on the beach. My sister said, “Now the beach is clean! I hope we can keep it neat and clean.” “Thanks for your help,” the man said. “Here’s a treat to eat.” He gave us a sheet to read. “If you are free, come back in three weeks!” We did not swim in the water, but still had fun. And we did a good deed for the beach!

2nd Grade Decodable #19

Hit the Trail

It may be a good day for a hike! Here are fun ways to hit the trail. First, let’s read tips for safe hiking on the trail.

Trail Tips

Stay on the trail. It is the best way to be safe. And that way, you do not harm things in the wild.

Stay with your pals! There may be times when you want to hold hands and make a chain.

Take away those things that you bring. But let plants and animals stay right where they are.

Heads or Tails Hike

Can’t agree on which way to go? The heads or tails hike is best if you like to explore.

Get a nickel and hike until you get to a spot where two trails cross. Flip the nickel.

If the nickel lands on heads, then take a right. If it lands on tails, take a left.

Art Hike

Take paper and pens with you on the trail. Make a quick sketch when stopping to rest.

Later you may make a painting from your sketch. If you have paints in a tray, you may take these on the trail.

Or, you may take clay with you. Then you can make the shape of a plant you see on the trail.

A to Z Hike

To play, look for a thing that starts with the letter A. Say the name of the thing. Then find a thing that starts with the letter B and say its name. Keep playing until you get to Z.

Alike Hike

Look for things that are the same in some way. Pick one thing for the day.

For example, you may find animals with a tail. Or, you may find things that are gray. You may make a list of them to remember the hike.

2nd Grade Decodable #20

Meet the Bats

Is that a flutter over the dark street? Is it a bird? Is it a bug? It may be a bat!

Bats are interesting animals. Do you know much about them? Read on to gather details about bats.

Are bats a kind of bird?

Both bats and birds have wings. So, bats and birds are alike in that way. Bats are mammals, not birds. Birds have feathers. Mammals do not. A bat is the only mammal that can flap its wings and travel in the air.

Can bats see into the dark?

All bats can see. But bats use a different way to “see” in the dark. Bats make calls and then wait. The call travels away from the bat and may hit an object. Then the call returns to the bat. The bat’s brain can tell from where the call is returning.

The bat realizes that an object is near. That way, the bat will not bump into things. Or, it may find bugs to eat!

Where do bats live?

Bats live all over. They live on cold, flat plains or deep in rain forests. Bats may live near you!

In the day, bats sleep. Bats may stay in caves or in trees. When they sleep, bats hang upside down!

How big are bats?

Each kind of bat is a different size. Some bats are big, and some bats are little. The bumblebee bat is only two inches from wing to wing! A big bat may reach five feet from wing to wing.

How can bats help us?

Did you know that bats like to eat bugs? They eat lots of bugs, even ones that bite us. Bats keep the number of bugs down. So, we need bats. The next time you see bats, say thanks and wave!

2nd Grade Decodable #21

Granddaddy Spider and the Party

Now, spiders have little waists. But that was not always the way. Here is the story of how that happened.

One sunny day, Granddaddy Spider studied the bees as they gathered golden, sticky dust from a daisy.

“What will you do with all that dust?” asked nosey Granddaddy.

“Carry it back to the hive,” buzzed the bees. “We need lots for the party.”

“A party? That’s funny,” said Granddaddy. “I didn’t hear of any party.”

Granddaddy Spider went home. He drummed on his web to contact his grandkids. They were in each corner of the jungle. “Come home quickly!” he asked.

The tiny spiders scurried home. “What is it, Granddaddy?” they asked.

“Who is going to have a party?” Granddaddy asked.

“It is Donkey,” said a tiny spider.

“It is Elephant,” said another.

“It is Chimpanzee,” said a third.

“It is Zebra,” said the last.

“I cannot believe it!” Granddaddy said. “Four parties? And each is in a different corner of the jungle? How funny! But when?”

No one had any idea.

Granddaddy needed to know when a party started. He made a plan. He spun four long, silky lines. He wrapped each line around his middle.

He gave each tiny spider a line. “Carry these with you to your corner. When a party starts, tug on the line. Then I will know where to go.”

In three days, Donkey’s party started. A tiny spider tugged on the line. Just then Elephant’s party started, and there was another tug. Chimpanzee’s and Zebra’s parties started, too. Here came the third tug and then another.

The tiny spiders tugged and tugged. Granddaddy was being squeezed by all the lines. Finally, the lines snapped. By then, Granddaddy Spider’s waist was tiny. And it remains that way to this day!

2nd Grade Decodable #22

A Force in the Dirt

Greetings, readers! It’s Ace Reporter here. This morning, we are down in the dirt! And we have a chance to chat with Grace. Grace is an officer of the dirt. She is at the center of the important jobs here.

Ace Reporter: Please tell us, Grace. What important jobs do you and your force perform each day?

Grace: We do so much down here! You may not notice us down in the dirt, but we perform important jobs each day.

Grace: Remember all the leaves and plants that fell? If we did not do our job, all those leaves would stay where they fell. Our job is to eat that dead stuff up. We mince it up and turn it into rich dirt.

Grace: We make tunnels in the dirt, too. These little spaces help plants live well. This does not cost a single cent! And let me tell you, Ace. This is a hard job. It is not a cinch.

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