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Landcare: Expression of Interest 2014-2015

Closing Date: Monday 11 August 2014


Group Name: Budgewoi Beach Dunecare Incorporated If different from applicant;

Applicant Name: Primary group contact person: Phil Heaton

Address: Address: 23 Mimosa Road Budgewoi 2262

Phone: Phone: 0148498910

Website: WWWbudgewoibeachdunecare Email:

Signature: Date: Signature: Date:


Project Aim:

To maintain ecological connectivity of 29.5 hectares of the coastal zone at Budgewoi Beach & extending to supporting Dunecare projects to the south of the site.

Brief description of the Project:

BBDC is into its 19th year restoring & maintaining 26hectares of Budgewoi Beach, & 3.5hectares of Lake & Ocean frontage. This includes, primary, secondary weeding, vegetative maintenance, foredune stabilisation, boardwalks & beach accesses, propagating & planting tube-stock, monitoring the site, & involving the wider community along with project partners in biodiversity conservation.


Location: (i.e. over the entire site, or nominate a specific section)

Name of property owner for the project: - Crown lands- Care & Control WSC + Budgewoi holiday park - Reserve Trust (R88683)

Which sub-catchment will your project be in? Greater Sydney Local Sand Services

Lot and DP:

Name of property owner/s for the project:

Property owner approval for the project:

Already provided – please attach a copy To be obtained


1. Have you discussed this project with Council Landcare staff? YES NO N/A

2. Do these activities fit within the scope of your current approved action plan? YES NO N/A
3. Have you discussed proposed works with other stakeholders and neighbours? YES NO N/A

If yes, please describe:

4. Is there any indigenous consultation required? If yes, please describe: YES NO N/A

5. Have you applied for other sources of funding? If yes, please list: YES NO N/A

To cover cost areas not covered in this EOI BBDC continues to receive corporate sponsorship & apply for small projects grants with LLS. (A list of sponsors is listed)

6. Are there any approvals or permits needed? If yes, please list: YES NO N/A

7. Do you intend to hold field days or workshops? YES NO N/A

If yes, please describe and nominate days:

World Environment day first Sunday in June 2015.

8. Are there any factors which could cause problems? What contingencies can be put in place?


9. Please list any Threatened Species of Endangered Ecological Communities in your work area:

Several EEC’s are located throughout the site in both littoral rainforest & coastal wetland vegetation structures.

Please list, (e.g. weed control, planting preparation, seed collection, propagation, construction etc)

including locations, target weeds, species and methods

Target Outputs
E.g. area, quantity, etc.

E.g. July – June


12th September etc.

Monitoring maintenance
E.g. photos, weed mapping, survival rate etc.

  1. Site maintenance – weed control – targeting – bitou, lantana, asparagus fern, blackberry. Endemic seed collection, sign purchase & installation, planting, community education,


Planting –March to November

Bitou optimum herbicide - week 3 April to week 4 May


Grid quadrat monitoring system

Website- education tool for findings

Daily diary

2 Propagation (compound area) – Construction of germination igloo completed with automated water system. Water supply carried out by Budgewoi Holiday Park.

Facility for 100 seed trays.

Majority of endemic seed germinates September to January


Website- education tool for findings

Daily diary

3. Field day – planting grown tube-stock, World environment day.

640 Banksia integrafolia

June 2014


Grid quadrat monitoring system

4. Collecting & Fertilising spinifex 2.5KLM foredune

  1. Installing & repairing dune stabilising fences & beach accessways

15 x 40kg bags urea
As required

Spring 2014
All year round.

Photos- seeding out spinifex – daily diary

Photos – general beach inspection following storm activity.


What resources do you need to achieve your outputs and objectives?

Group Contribution



Preferred supplier and attach details of design or quotes if applicable

Please refer attached BBDC 2014-2015 wish list

  1. Group contribution:

    • 2295 hrs on-ground works @ $30/hr

    • 370 hrs weed spraying @ $30/hr

    • 400 hrs Propagation/ grants /admin @ $30/hr

    • 3,500 plants - @ $2.50/ plant




  1. Contractor labour: 113.5 hrs @ $44 /hr

Task: weeding asparagus fern at Coloma St
Other: Materials for repairing vandalised accessways $350.00


Total Value of the Project (A+B): $108,571.00 + sponsorship + LLS grant

A $105,700.00

B $2,871.50

Site Photo: Please attach a photo of the area before works commence

c:\users\p\documents\phil\'s docs\dunecare aerial overview.jpg

Mud Map: Please draw your works area, showing reference points (co-ordinates, streets, creeks, buildings etc) and where the activities will be undertaken

Please refer to Budgewoi Beach Dunecare website: WWW budgewoibeachdunecare

Key: Location: Date: Drawn by: North


For works in which planting is a component please list the names of plants proposed to be used (using both scientific & common name if possible), the growth form (tree, shrub, ground cover, vine etc) and the number of plants required.

Provenance (seed collection location): Seeds are all collected on-site in correct vegetation zonation owing to chloride scold.

Plant name

Growth Form

Number required

Melaleuca quinquenervia

Broad leaf paper bark -. tree


Banksia integrifolia

Coastal Banksia - tree


Acacia sophorae

Coastal wattle - shrub


Cupaniosis anacardioides

Tuckeroo - tree


Westringia fruticosa

Coastal rosemary - shrub


Eucalyptus botryoides

Bangalay - Tree


Correa alba var. alba

White correa - shrub


Hibbertia scandens

Climbing guinea-flower Vine


Scaevola calendulacea

Prostrate herb


Dianella caerulea

Blue flax lily - sedge


Lomandra longifolia

Perennial herb


Hardenbergia violacea

Purple coral pea - creeper


Kennedia rubicunda

Dusky coral pea - creeper


Syzygium paniculatum

Magenta lilly pilly - tree


Eucalyptus robusta

Swamp mahogany - tree


Pittosporum revolutum

Wild yellow jasmine - shrub


Total plants


Plant name

Growth Form

Number required

Kataloq: images
images -> 1. Параліч мімічної мускулатури,атрофія обличчя
images -> Мп г. Белгорода «Стоматологическая поликлиника №2» Информированное добровольное согласие на стоматологическое эндодонтическое лечение
images -> Задачами модуля являются
images -> Сагітальні аномалії прикусу. Дистальний прикус. Етіологія, патогенез, клініка та діагностика дистального прикусу
images -> Мп г. Белгорода «Стоматологическая поликлиника №2» Информированное добровольное согласие на проведение ортодонтического лечения
images -> Мп г. Белгорода «Стоматологическая поликлиника №2» Информированное добровольное согласие на пародонтологическое лечение
images -> Yazılım Eleştirisi

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