Guide to codex recommendations concerning pesticide residues

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In addition to several taxonomic handbooks and guides dealing with specific botanical and zoological families the following references among others were consulted.

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(see also Prince-Perciballi 1983)
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1 Extra nos. for grapes, used for special purposes FB 1235, FB 1236.

1 Extra nos. for commodities, derived from sweet corn 1275, 1276-1279 Reserved

1 Extra no. for commodities derived from beans: AL 1030, bean forage (green)

1 Extra no. for processed soya bean products and wastes, used as animal feed: 1265. Reserved 1266-1269.

1 Extra nos. for processed sugar beet products 1201, 1202-1204 Reserved

1 Extra no. for commodities derived from cereal grains not otherwise listed. Reserved 1260-1264.

1 Extra no. for processed maize products: 1255. Reserved 1256-1259.

1 Extra nos. for processed rice products: 1205, 1206. Reserved 1207-1209.

3 Extra nos. for processed rye products: 1250, 1251. Reserved 1252-1254.

2 Extra nos. for processed wheat products: 1210-1212. Reserved 1213 and 1214.

1 Extra nos. for processed sugar cane products, sugar cane by-products and wastes (used as animal feed): Reserved 1231-1234.

1 Extra nos. for commodities derived from oilseed: Reserved 1241-1249.

1 Extra no. for products derived from palm nut 1240.

2 Extra nos. for peanut, whole SO 0703 and for products derived from or processed from peanuts: 1270. Reserved 1271-1274.

1 Extra nos. for processed cacao products 1215 and 1216; 1217-1219 Reserved

1 Extra nos. for cattle commodities: 1280, 1281. Reserved 1282, 1283.

2 Extra nos. for Horse commodities 1292-1293.

2 Extra no. for pig commodities: 1284, 1285. Reserved 1286, 1287.

3 Extra no. for sheep commodities: 1288, 1289. Reserved 1290, 1291.

1 Extra no. for goose products 0849 see poultry, edible offal of Group 038

1 Extra no for processed shrimps or prawns 1220, 1221-1224 Reserved

1 FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper no. 26, Rome 1981

2 Extra nos. for bean products AL 1030 (bean forage (green))

1 Extra no. for alfalfa products: AL 1021 (alfalfa forage, green). Reserved 1225-1229.

3 Extra nos. for clover products AL 1031 (clover hay or fodder)

1 FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper No. 26, Rome 1981

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