Guidelines for Accepting a Certified Candidate From Another District or Annual Conference.

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Guidelines for Accepting a Certified Candidate From Another District

or Annual Conference . (¶312.3, 2008 BOD).
¶312.3, The Discipline states that “a person who is a certified candidate or who is in the candidacy process may have her or his status or studies accepted by another district committee in the same or another annual conference.”

  1. When a Candidate or Local Pastor transfer is being requested, the Bishop or Cabinet member making the request, or the candidate will contact the DCOM Chair who will in turn contact the former registrar for the transfer of file.

  1. For action withint this annual conference the file must include all of the items required by the Pacific Northwest Conference. (These are listed on the form: Certified Candidate File Content Checklist, dated 10-3-2011.) In summary:

  • personal data inventory (GBHEM form 102)

  • results of (national) criminal and credit background checks.

  • medical report (GBHEM form 103)

  • candidate’s disclosure form (GBHEM form 114)

  • record of the Charge Conference approval (Form 104)

  • psychological assessment report

  • written response to ministry questions (Par. 311.2 2008 BOD)

  • mentor report(s)

  • statement of call (Par. 311.1d) and written responses to John Wesley’s questions in Par. 310.

  • verification of certification as a candidate (Form 113)

  • annual renewal of candidacy, if applicable.

  • Recommendation to BOM for licensing or appearance before Provisional Committee (if applicable)

For a licensed local pastor, all preceding items plus:

  • documentation of licensing (copy of the license)

  • annual renewal of the license for pastoral ministry

  • transcripts (seminary or Course of Study) if applicable

  • transcripts of undergraduate education if applicable

  • Local Pastor Mentor’s report(s)

  • recommendation from the current district superintendent.

  1. The dCOM reviews the candidate’s file. An interview and a majority vote are required prior to acceptance of candidacy.

  1. If the candidate is certified, the action is reported to the candidacy registrar of the Board of Ordained Ministry. If the candidate is requesting local pastor status, the dCOM makes a recommendation regarding licensing by the Pacific Northwest Conference and reports this action to the Bishop prior to local church assignment.

Draft per 11-29-2011.
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