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Curriculum vitae

Seeking a challenging position involving analysis, development and implementation of my knowledge and experience can be shared and enriched, Looking forward for an opportunity where my skill and abilities can be utilized

2006 - (Master of Commerce) Correspondence Course Pursuing in Annamalai University, Chidambaram.
2003 - B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) from Aringnar Anna Govt. Arts College, Villupuram (Affiliated to Madras University).

Computer Skills

Operating System : Windows XP, Windows 7
Markup language : Latex

Databases : MS-Access
Accounting Package : MS-OFFICE, TALLY 6.3
Type writing : English Higher

Work Experience
I worked as a ACCOUNTANT in Lakshmi Group Of Companies, Villupuram from 01/06/2010 to 25/12/2012
Position and Responsibilities:

  • Handling all type of Vouchers (Receipt Voucher, Payment Voucher,

Purchase Voucher, Sales Voucher)

Purchase, Sales Register

  • Cash & Bank Functions

  • Bank Reconciliation Statement and all Types compliance Procedures related

With banks

  • Preparation of Debtors and Creditors Monthly Outstanding Reports &

Cash Budget for MIS Purposes


  • Preparing Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly reports to submit the Financial


I worked as a ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT Cum SECRETARY in Zoman Mohd. Al Hajri & Partners Contracting Co. Dammam, Saudi Arabia since 20/10/2007 to 05/02/2010
Position and Responsibilities:

    • Maintaining all types of Registers (Receipt Register, Payment Register,

Purchase, Sales Register)

    • Cash & Bank Functions

    • All HR Related Works like Controlling of Manpower Agencies in Various

Countries, Visa Works, Ticketing, Create and Maintaining All Employees

Files and others works

    • Electric Stores Coordinator (Maintain stocks Report)

    • Purchase Coordinator (Collect Price Quotations From Various Suppliers)

I worked as a Assistant Accountant cum Store keeper in Lakshmi Group Of Companies, Villupuram from 15/02/2005 to 30/05/2007
Position and Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining and enter daily accounts transactions

  • Maintaining and supervising the stock availability as well as the system, organizing the parts in proper location with proper documents.

  • Receiving new parts & repaired parts from various vendors through Receiving department. Updating all information of parts in system.

  • Checking the balance stock and reporting to Manager.

  • Issuing parts to various station on their request, prepared Daily, Monthly & Yearly Reports.

I worked as a Assistant Accountant in Jayam Bone and Fertilizers Company, Villupuram from 20/07/2003 to 30/11/2004.

Personal details

DATE OF BIRTH : 07.05.1982 (30 YEARS)

Key Strengths

Analytical abilities

Sharp learning curve

Hard working

Supportive team member

Hobbies & Interest

Readings books, Watching T.V


I here by declare that all the information mentioned above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Place : Yours Sincerely,

Date :

Yüklə 90 Kb.

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