Health Online at Medline Plus a seniorNet Workshop

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Health Online at Medline Plus

  • A SeniorNet Workshop

  • SeniorNet is a service program of the Lutheran Service Society of Western Pennsylvania

What are the top 5 uses of the Internet by seniors?*

  • Send & receive e-mail (93%)

  • Research hobbies (58%)

  • Get the news (55%)

  • Seek specific info on health & wellness (53%)

  • Check the weather 50%

What benefit does health education have for seniors?

  • “Health education is one of the factors that have decreased the number of senior citizens who are chronically disabled and require nursing-home care.”

          • Proceeding fo the National Academy of Science, 2003

Where can I go online for health education and information?

What is Medline Plus?

  • Medline Plus is the official website of the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

  • Medline Plus consistently provides reliable and objective information about health care.

How do other websites qualify as links to Medline Plus?

  • Medline Plus contains numerous links to other websites providing health and medical information.

  • Medline Plus uses a strict set of criteria to determine is a website should be linked.

  • The criteria are found under Selection Guidelines on the homepage.

Where is Medline Plus located?

  • Medline Plus is located at:


  • or


What will I find at Medline Plus?

  • Information

  • Instructions

  • Help and Advice

  • News

  • Links to other health-related sites

How should I use the information I find at Medline Plus?

    • The information you find on Medline Plus is intended for educational use only and is not intended to replace advice of a health care professional.
    • Please consult your physician before you make any changes to your health care plan.

How is Medline Plus Organized?

  • The Medline Plus homepage is organized into three major sections.

How is Medline Plus Organized?

  • Section #1 (homepage left)

    • Health Topics
    • Drug Information
    • Medical Encyclopedia
    • Dictionary
    • News
    • Directories
    • Other Resources

How is Medline Plus organized?

  • Section #2 (homepage center)

    • Current Health News
    • Featured site
    • In the Spotlight

How is Medline Plus organized?

  • Section #3 (homepage right)

    • Interactive tutorials
    • NIH SeniorHealth
    • E-mail subscription service
    • Tour the site link

How do I search for health information on Medline Plus?

  • By linking to various sections then searching by alpha order, topic or subject and/or key word

  • Note: once you link off the homepage, all major sections are displayed as tabs at the top of each page

  • By using the website’s search engine

Can you give me an example?

  • YES! Let’s look for information on health care issues of interest by linking to Section #1.

    • Health topics (search by alpha or topic)
    • Drug Information (search by alpha)
    • Medical Encyclopedia (search by alpha)
    • Dictionary (by key word)
    • News (search by topic or subject)
    • Directories (search by provider type)
    • Other resources (search by topic)

How do I use the website’s search engine?

  • On the homepage, type in the key words for your search subject into the Search MedlinePlus text box.

  • Select Search Medline Plus button to the right of the text box or select the Enter key

  • Search results will be displayed

What will I find in Section #2?

  • Current news

  • Featured site

  • In the spotlight

What will I find in Current News?

  • Links to current health-related news stories

  • Stories change often

  • Stories come from various sources

  • Note “Printer friendly” & “E-mail to a friend” options

  • Note links to other related stories & Medline Plus pages

What will I find at Featured Site?

  • Information on a special topic.

  • Changes periodically.

  • May be related to a current health issue or a seasonal concern.

    • Allergies in spring
    • Sun-burns in August
    • Frost-bite during February, etc.

What’s “In the Spotlight?”

  • Similar to the featured site.

  • Provides focused information about one current health issue or concern.

  • Changes frequently

What will I find in Section #3?

  • Interactive tutorials


  • NIH SeniorHealth

  • E-mail subscription service

  • Site tour

What’s an Interactive Tutorial?

  • Movie-like presentation of a health topic with animated graphics & audio.

  • Choose from 165 topics.

  • Interactive tutorials require special software (Flash plug-in, version 6.0 or higher).

  • You will be prompted to download if needed.

Can you run an example of an interactive tutorial?

  • Click on Interactive tutorial

  • Select Lyme Disease.

  • To begin, click on Go to Module and Start Module.

  • Use the green arrows to advance forward and backward.

  • Click on Mute Sound to eliminate the sound – this will speed-up the presentation.

  • Use the blue links on the left to skip to a different section.

What is Clinical

  • The section of Medline Plus called provides information about federally and privately supported clinical research using human volunteers.

  • gives you information about a trial's purpose, who may participate, locations, and phone numbers for more details.

Why would I want to participate in a clinical trial?

  • Altruistic - to advance our knowledge and understanding of wellness & disease.

  • Personal - to get access to treatments and procedures that are not currently approved for use in the general population.

What will I find at NIH SeniorHealth?

  • This link takes you directly to a website developed exclusively for older adults by the National Institute on Aging, the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

  • Select Click to Begin to access the site.

  • Accessibility features including enlarged text, high contrast and audio are available.

What is the e-mail service offered by Medline Plus?

  • Medline Plus offers a subscriber e-mail service on the link Sign-up now!

  • Subscribers receive e-mail information from Medline Plus tailored to meet their personal needs and interests.

What is the site tour?

  • An animated tour of the site

  • Lasts about 8 minutes

  • Requires Flash plug-in Version 6.0 or higher

  • You will be prompted to download Flash plug-in if necessary

How can I get more information about Medline Plus website?

  • Try the FAQs link at the top right of the Medlineplus homepage.

  • This is a list of the most frequently asked questions about this site.

  • Questions are listed by topic.

    • Technical questions
    • Using Medline Plus
    • General Questions, etc.

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