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Time and Date: November 27, 2015 (6:00 PM – 6:35 PM)

Meeting Location: Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute
Attendance: Stephanie Wang, Kevin Teng, Madhav Panday, Carena Chen, Rita Alsalaq (called in), Vincent Trang, Melissa Menard, Zarin Tasmin, Saadia Tuyyab (Skype), Marlena Nguyen-Dang, Willis Suen, Bavitthran Kathirgamanathan (Skype), Anum Shivji Arwani, Sabina Iqbal (Skype), Michele Kacori, Ankit Verma, Jessica Li, Justin Lui, Stanley Chung

Regrets: N/A

Agenda Item



    1. Welcoming and Opening Remarks:

      • Stephanie Wang (Managing Director of the Health Out Loud – Non-Profit Organization Branch) presented a brief overview of the meeting and agenda items.



    1. Call to Order:

      • The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm. A quorum was present. Stephanie had stated previously that tonight’s meeting was going to be a shortened meeting, and important issues will be brought forward during one-on-one meetings with her.



    1. Approval of the previous Managing Team minutes (Date and time: November 13th, 2015 @ 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM)

      • Motioned by Stephanie. Moved by Willis Suen and seconded by Vincent Trang to approve the minutes of the November 13th Core Team meeting as posted. Carried.

    1. Approval of November 27th’s Managing Team Agenda

      • Agenda for today’s meeting was provided in hardcopy (to members present in-person) and posted in advance on Basecamp. Every member of the Core Team had access to the agenda.

      • Motioned by Stephanie. Moved by Jessica Li and seconded by Zarin Tasmin to approve the agenda of the November 27th Core Team meeting as posted. Carried.



    1. Introductory Items

    2. Introduction of Structure

      • Stephanie reminded the team to sign-up for a one-on- one session with her for an opportunity to provide feedback on your experience in HOL, receive personalized feedback and give updates about their subcommittee.

    1. One-minute pitch: move to next year

      • Vincent’s one-minute pitch moved to the core meeting next year.

Stephanie: decide on possibility of doing the pitch at the organization-wide social


    1. Points of Interest

    2. Notification: Facebook group instead of message thread – will implement next year

      • Feedback was taken into account from discussions following the previous meeting on November 13, 2016. From here onwards, the Facebook group will be used for announcements rather than a message thread. Please monitor for updates.

    1. Non-profit Organization Training

      • A free training session for volunteers running non-profit organizations is available. If members are interested in attending, they should contact Ankit Verma for business cards and Stephanie for Health Out Loud informational packages. Stanley announced that the organization CapacityWise is offering nonprofit management and strategic leadership workshops in January 2016.

Stanley Chung: post this opportunity in Basecamp under D: Opportunities/ideas/questions


    1. Points of Discussion

    2. Organization-wide Social

      • Social will be happening on December 23rd. The time is to be decided. The location will be decided by end of November. This event will be a potluck.

    1. Basecamp Training

      • Subcommittees are expected to complete the scavenger hunt training and send their results to Check Ankit’s announcement on Basecamp for more details.

    1. Opportunity: Educational Institutions Outreach - Social work classes, etc.

      • Stephanie has contacts at Centennial College social work program and University of Toronto Masters of Social Work program. She is looking for volunteers to coordinate presentations regarding Health Out Loud to students interested in doing a placement with Health Out Loud for next year.

      • Coordination will be happening in January.

      • The Marketing subcommittee will head this initiative. Zarin, Vincent, Michele Kacori, Sabina Iqbal, and Stephanie to be speakers.

    1. Marketing and website announcement

      • New newsletter and website designs unveiled and are available through Basecamp and presented to the team via slide show presentation. Feedback from other core team members were given to Marketing co-directors and Website team’s graphic designers.

Everyone: message Saadia Tuyyab or Carena Chen if you have ideas for board games and activities; look out for the announcement

Subcommittees: remind everyone to complete scavenger hunt Basecamp activity

Marketing subcommittee: to begin emailing contacts at Centennial College and University of Toronto to be ready to present in January 2016


    1. Points of Action

    2. Reminder about one-on-one meetings their purpose

      • This was the last meeting of the year. All Co-directors are required to sign up for their one-on-one sessions with Stephanie.

    1. Last stretch

      • Stephanie asked the team to stay on top of tasks and finish off any outstanding tasks. If they are having difficulty, co-directors should reach out to their executive assistants and/or Stephanie.

    1. Winter 2016 Schedules

      • The deadline to email winter schedules is the first week of January 2016. Managing team meeting times will be changed.

Everyone: preparation for one-on-one include feedback for Stephanie, your experience in HOL, updates from your sub- committee, and come up with some goals you want to work on for next year.
Everyone: Email your schedules for the Winter 2016 by first week of January.
Stephanie: relay “What does health mean to you update” during one-on-one meetings


    1. Adjournment

      • The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 PM.


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