However, there are a lot of silly programs and commercials on tv which stuff our

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Mass Media

A lot of people are fond of watching TV. Others say that television is becoming a national disease.Every day millions of people watch TV and find it the best way of entertainment. Why is television so popular?Personally, I spend at least two hours a day watching TV. Thanks to television, I can learn about the latest international and local events, I "travel" all over the world and broaden my mind. Television gives me food for thought, introduces me to new ideas and activities. There is always a great variety of programs on TV: news and sports programs, talk shows and TV games, documentaries and feature films, concerts and theatre performances. Besides, there are a lot of excellent educational programs for children and teenagers. They help them improve their knowledge, transfer them to different places and develop their imagination and creativity.

However, there are a lot of silly programs and commercials on TV which stuff our

heads with nonsense. Some people don't choose what they watch and they are glued to the screen the whole days. Watching television can be addictive as well as smoking or drinking coffee. This fact lets some people affirm that television is becoming a national disease. The other problem is that there is too much violence on TV. Every day we are reported about natural disasters, murders and robberies. We watch hits where people are killed before our very eyes. It dulls our sensitivity and makes us aggressive.To conclude, it's up to you to decide what to watch and how much time to spend in front of the TV-set. All in all, television can be very dangerous when it is misused. That is why it is very important to choose programs that we watch very carefully and to limit our viewing time.Some parents allow their children to watch TV the whole days, while other parents are worried about the negative influence of television on children's physical and mental development.A lot of parents still don't know how television influences children's health and development. Is it all right to let children watch TV as much as they want?In my opinion, it's not right that some parents use television as a babysitter in order to keep their children quiet. Besides, many of them don't care what films and programs their children watch. As a result, boys and girls watch hits, commercials, soap operas and programs which are not intended for them. As experts point out, television delays children's speech development. What is more, a lot of adults complain that they can't get their sons and daughters to leave the TV-set when they want to play with them or to take them to the zoo. Nowadays some children are so addicted to television that they are not interested in anything else: they don't read books, communicate with grown-ups and other children. They move less, speak less and they even think less. As a result children are becoming passive, lazy and dull-witted.However, television has some advantages as well. There are a lot of good cartoons and feature films for children on TV. Besides,

there are excellent educational programs and programs designed for schools. They help children broaden their mind, transfer them to different places and develop their imagination and creativity.To some up, if a child's parents are clever enough, they will choose carefully what their son or daughter watches. It is very important to limit children's viewing time. Boys and girls should understand that there are a lot of other interesting and useful things to do besides watching TV.

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