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  1. Background

    1. The World Agroforestry Centre’s Genetic Resources Unit

    1. Why a GRU Collections Policy is needed

  1. ICRAF’s global agroforestry tree mandate

    1. Defining agroforestry tree species

    1. The role of ICRAF’s GRU

      1. ICRAF GRU’s current role

      1. ICRAF GRU’s potential role

    1. ICRAF’s current GRU policy

  1. Prioritising collections based on ICRAF’s global mandate

    1. State of the World’s Forest Genetic Resources Review, 2014

    1. Survey of Economic Plants in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands

    1. Useful Tropical Plants database

    1. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

  1. Prioritising collections based on the needs of users

    1. ICRAF user’s surveys

    1. ICRAF GRU’s records of species-specific requests for material

    1. Useful wild genotypes and domesticated cultivars in other genebanks

  1. Gap analysis

    1. ICRAF GRU’s global coverage

    1. ICRAF GRU’s coverage of user priority species

    1. ICRAF GRU’s coverage of wild genotypes and cultivars for domestication

  1. ICRAF GRU collections policy

    1. Acquisition policy

    1. Managing the collections cost-effectively, including decisions about retaining or discarding collections

      1. Criteria for determining cost-effective storage and multiplication methodologies

      1. Retaining or discarding material

    1. Other considerations

      1. Infrastructures and facilities

      1. Partnerships

      1. ABS compliance


[Cover photo: the monkey orange tree, Strychnos cocculoides]


ABS Access and Benefit Sharing

CBD Convention on Biological Diversity

CBO Community Based Organisation

CIAT International Centre for Tropical Agriculture

CRP CGIAR Research Program

CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

EMBRAPA Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation

FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

FGR Forest Genetic Resources

GBOWS Gene Bank of Wild Species

GRIN Germplasm Resources Information Network

GRU Genetic Resources Unit

IARC International Agricultural Research Centres

ICRAF World Agroforestry Centre

ICRISAT International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics

ILRI International Livestock Research Institute

ITPGRFA International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

IUCN International Union for the Conservation of Nature

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