Ideas for Possible Projects on the San Gabriel River Trail General

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Ideas for Possible Projects on the San Gabriel River Trail

  1. Synthesis and coordination of existing web-based resources that can be accessed by trail users.

  2. Collection, collation, and access (perhaps web-based) of photographs of the trail.

  3. Synthesis and web access to maps of trail corridor.

  4. Development of centralized GIS database for trail corridor.


  1. Surveys of trail users. Who uses the trail—residents, nonresidents, gender, age, socioeconomic background, race/ethnicity.


  1. Study water quality of the San Gabriel Rivers. How does water quality differ between the North San Gabriel and South San Gabriel? How does it vary upstream and downstream? How does it vary seasonally?

  2. Ecological studies of populations of the Georgetown salamander (Eurycea naufragia) found in the trail corridor. Development of interpretative materials on salamander.

  3. Wildlife viewing blinds for the trail. (possible partner local chapter of Audubon Society)

  4. Interpretative materials on biology of Rivery Pond.

  5. Study of urban ecology along trail corridor. How does surrounding urbanization affect plants and animals in trail corridor?

  6. Interpretative materials on plants and wildlife found along the trail.

coordinate with Sun City Nature Club, Texas Native Plant Society, Georgetown Chapter

  1. Biology of springs in trail corridor and native plant restoration plan.

  2. Identification of exotic and invasive plants in corridor.

  3. Identification of environmentally sensitive areas that can be used for designating utility corridors.

  4. Interpretative materials on geology of trail corridor.

coordinate with Lake Georgetown Trail Riders

  1. Interpretative materials for star gazing along the trail.

  2. Assess possibilities for repopulating areas with native plant species.

possibly with Fish and Wildlife Service
Economics and Business

  1. Develop plan to connect trail users with downtown and other Georgetown businesses. Make businesses accessible to trail users and inform trail users about adjacent businesses.

  2. Economic studies of impact of recreation and ecotourism on Georgetown economy.

  3. Economic impact of trail visitors.

  4. Does the trail influence value of adjacent property and homes?

  5. Marketing plan for recreation/ecotourism using the trail as a unifying theme.

Recreation, Fitness, and Kinesiology

  1. Information on hiking the trail.

coordinate with Sun City Hiking Club

  1. Synthesis and distribution of material for bike use of trail (possible partners Sun City Bikers and Austin Ridge Riders).

  2. Development of exercise and fitness programs utilizing the trail.

  3. Classification of trail difficulty, organization of rides/hikes by difficulty, loops, areas of interest, etc.


  1. Age-appropriate educational materials for use with the trail.

  2. Programs for use of the trail by day care centers.

  3. Develop a program of environmental stewardship and ethics in conjunction with the trail.


  1. Local history of early settlements in and around the trail corridor, including both pre-European peoples and European-Americans and possible history of springs.

possible partner Williamson County Historical Society

  1. Interpretative materials for Shell house and other historical structures in trail corridor. (possible partner Williamson County Historical Society)

  2. Interpretative materials for prehistory of the trail corridor.

Art, Music, Creative Performance

  1. Development of music, dance, theater, and other creative performances associated with the trail.

  2. Creation of works of art that are esthetic expressions of the trail and trail corridor.

  3. Sculpture projects that incorporate the local landscape.

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