Idioms and Definitions Actions speak louder than words

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Idioms (1)

23. IN THE SAME BOAT in the same bad situation

  1. Jake and I both lost our jobs yesterday. Now we’re in the same boat.

  2. Our landlord raised the rent on our apartments, and none of us can afford to stay here any longer. We’re all in the same boat.

The expression suggests that people in the same boat share the same bad fate. They will all sink together if the boat capsizes.
24. JUNK FOOD food that is relatively unhealthy, high in sugar and fat and lacking in vitamins, minerals and other body-building components

  1. My children seem to live on junk food: hamburgers, French fries, milkshakes, chips, cakes, cookies, candy, and soda pop.

  2. The parents brought snacks for the children to eat. The school had asked them to bring healthy foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurt and cheese. They asked them not to bring junk food.

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