Idioms and Definitions Actions speak louder than words

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Idioms (1)

6. Blow/run hot and cold to have mixed or inconsistent feelings about something

  1. I don’t understand Jack. One day he’s really nice to me, and the next day he couldn’t care less. He blows hot and cold.

  2. Pam blows hot and cold about studying nursing. Sometimes she says she would enjoy it and sometimes she says it would be too much work.

7. Break the ice to get things started, particularly by means of a social introduction or conversation

  1. It didn’t take long for the guests at the party to break the ice. By the time dinner was served, almost everyone was chatting with someone they had just met.

  2. I’m afraid we haven’t met. Let me break the ice by introducing myself. My name is John Taylor.

The expression suggests the idea of breaking through an icy surface to clear a path for ships.

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