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Burn the candle at both ends

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8. Burn the candle at both ends to overwork oneself

  1. Marie works all day and goes to school every evening, then she has to get up early in order to study. She’s wearing herself out. She’s burning the candle at both ends.

  2. You really burn the candle at both ends. You’ve got to start taking it easy or you’ll end up in the hospital.

The expression suggests that one is wasting one’s resources or energy.
9. Chew (something) over to think slowly and carefully about something

  1. I know the idea doesn’t seem appealing at first, but why don’t you chew it over for a few days before you decide?

  2. Janice is not sure she is going on vacation in August. She’s chewing it over.

The idiom probably originates from another expression, chew the cud, referring to the fact that a cow chews slowly and regurgitates its food to chew it a second time.

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