Idioms and Definitions Actions speak louder than words

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Idioms (1)

15. Eat (one’s) hat to do something unpleasant in the case of being proven wrong

  1. I don’t believe the boss is going to give us an extra day off work at Christmas time. If he does, I’ll eat my hat.

  2. Matthew told me he would eat his hat if my favorite football team won the championship this year. He felt there was no possibility that they could win.

Compare to: bet (one’s) bottom dollar; bet (one’s) boots
16. Fat cat a rich but usually lazy person

  1. Now that Mr. Anderson is rich, he rides around town in a fancy car like a fat cat and has everyone else do the work.

  2. Richard is such a fat cat businessman. He owns several supermarkets.

The expression is primarily used to describe a man (usually not a woman) who, although rich, is not seen as industrious. He has perhaps become wealthy through hard work but is now relaxing, or he has never had to work for his wealth.
17. Fishy looking or sounding suspicious

  1. They won’t say where they got their computer. Their story sounds fishy to me. I think they may have stolen it.

  2. Someone called on the telephone telling me I had just won a free trip to Hawaii, but first I had to buy his or her product. It sounded pretty fishy, so I hung up.

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