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Idioms (1)

18. Get (someone’s) goat to irritate or annoy someone

  1. I can’t believe the boss is giving Judith the day before Christmas off, when he refused to let me take the day off. That really gets my goat!

  2. The one thing that really gets my husband’s goat is when he finds a parking place and someone else comes along and steals it.

Compare to: get (one’s) dander up; bug
19. Get/give (someone) the green light to get or give permission to proceed

  1. The planning stage of the project was complete and we got the green light to start construction.

  2. . The boss gave them the green light to order all the equipment they needed.

This expression comes from the green light on a stop light, which indicates that cars can move forward.Synonym: give/get (someone) the go-ahead.
20. Golden age a time when something is at its best

  1. The 1930s were thegolden age of radio, when everyone gathered around in the evenings to listen. After television took over, radio became secondary.

  2. . The golden age of American literature began at the turn of the 20th century.

The expression is usually used to refer to the past.

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