It is also worth noting that many plants that are usually sold as

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It is also worth noting that many 

plants that are usually sold as 

shrubs can be gradually trained 

to become small trees.  Some 

examples are:

Eugenia reinwardtiana 

Melaleuca Snowflake

Syzygium wilsonii 

Leptospermum brachyandrum

Metrosideros excelsa

Depending on the aspect of 

the house, Citrus, Jaboticaba, 

Mulberry and other fruit trees 

might also be suitable. 

Before establishing any plants 

near homes or buildings, advice 

should be sought from a Nursery 

or Horticulturist.

fact sheet

Certain tree types planted in close proximity 

to buildings can pose a significant hazard and 

risk of damage in the event of a severe storm.  

Generally tall trees with high crowns should not 

be planted in near vicinity to houses or other 

buildings due to the potential for such trees to 

fall or lose heavy limbs during severe storms or 

weather events.

Disease such as fungal infection can also 

weaken root systems and increase the risk of 

failure.  Disease is commonly caused by outside 

influences such as poor pruning methods or 

root damage during driveway construction and 

soil build up over existing root systems for new 

gardens.  All too often, the symptoms of root 

disease are not obvious to an untrained eye.

Should it be necessary to plant trees 

near buildings, smaller shade trees are 

recommended such as:

Banksia integrifolia (Coastal Banksia)

Pandanaus sp (Pandanus)

Drypetes deplanchii (Yellow Tulip)

Callistemon viminalis (Weeping Bottlebrush)

Grevillia banksii (Red flowered Silky Oak)

Buckinghamia celcissima (Ivory Curl Flower)

Backhousia citridora (Lemon Myrtle)

Randia fitzalanii (Native Gardenia)

Austromyrtus bidwillii (Python Tree)

Michelia champaca (Yellow Jade Orchid Tree)

Dracaena marginata (Dragontree)

Plumeria obtusa (Frangipani)

Trees and Storms

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