Jlus implementation Committee Meeting Community Planning Division cab boardroom Friday, December 14, 2012

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JLUS Implementation Committee Meeting

Community Planning Division

CAB Boardroom

Friday, December 14, 2012

9:00 -11:00 AM
Members Present: Vice-Chair Dorothy Bailey, Julie Woepke, Redell Duke, Jeanette Musil, , Fred Harley, Nell Johnson, Marc Shaener, Lt. Col. Don Treanor and Sarah Cavitt, David Humphreys (rep. for Col. Urtso)
Members Excused: Chairman Howard Stone, Thomas Aylward, Mike Graziano, Wanda Plumer, Sarah Hoyt for Thomas V. Mike Miller, David Iannucci, James R. Estepp, , Col. Gregory Urtso , David Iannucci, Nell Johnson, and Betty Horton-Hodge
Members Absent:
Public Present: Gillie Haynes, Jennifer Prizeman, Weston Berg, and Paul Holland
Staff Present: Ray Dubicki, Ivy Lewis, John Wooden, Cynthia Fenton, Jonathan Williams, Debra Borden and Nicole Fuller

Agenda Item

Discussion/Agreed-Upon Actions

Welcome / Administration

The meeting began at 9:08 a.m.

The Vice-Chair welcomed the committee and reviewed the schedule and meeting notes from November meeting. The meeting notes were approved.

Interim Land Use Controls (ILUC)- Status Update


Annual Report

ICEMAP – Installation Complex Encroachment Management Action Plan

Staff confirmed the effective date of the ILUC was Dec. 6, 2012 (upon the County Executive’s signature). The ILUC expires in 12 months.

Staff reviewed the MIOZ proposed schedule:

April-MIOZ draft will be completed

June- Committee Review

July-PZED (must be done before August recess)

The Committee reviewed items in the 2013 Annual Report:

  • 2012 Highlights

  • Appendix B (Review of Meeting Topics)

Staff asked the committee to review the Implementation Matrix and send comments by the first week of January 2013 to submit to Council.

A Committee member introduced the ICEMAP team giving the presentation, Paul Holland and Weston Berg. An informational brochure was distributed to the committee.
Mr. Berg and Mr. Holland presented an overview of the three year initiative of the ICEMAP, including background, goals and objectives for each of the 11 installations within the ICEMAP geographic area (from West Virginia to Pennsylvania), and identification of encroachment threats.
A question was raised as to whether the JBA community planner would identify funds to work with the community to clear the Clear Zone. Mr. Holland responded that he is tasked with identifying a strategy and process as well as programmed funds.
The team would like the ICEMAP community information to be posted on M-NCPPC and/or County website.

Public Outreach

Staff explained the public outreach strategy:
The active strategy is the specific message/focus: You are affected and how; the passive strategy comprises public education and general concepts of Safety inside and outside the APZs
Focus on:

  • Place of Interest

  • High noise area

  • APZ1

  • APZ2

  • Clear Zone

  • Flight Path

Staff discussed a 5 month process; January-May for Public Outreach; each month will focus on a different topic on what the MIOZ proposes:

  • January- History (Know the Base)

  • February- Height

  • March-Noise (TBD)

  • April-Safety (TBD)

  • May-MIOZ (TBD)

Staff indicated they will need assistance from the committee to identify venues. Committee members indicated they would like the meetings near the Clear Zone(CZ) area and in or near the APZs.

Staff will engage different speakers to discuss each topic and ensure the information is available online. A committee member suggested putting the information on YouTube and cable television to educate the community.
A committee member asked if developers had been notified of the ILUC. Staff will produce a packet for developers to inform them of the impact areas and pass information to the builders. A committee member asked if the real estate disclosure was codified. Staff responded it will be in the MIOZ, it is currently voluntary.

Next Steps

The committee will request the Congressional delegation to assist with funding for clearing the CZ. The 11th Wing will look at partnerships and other resources to fund projects for relocations.

Public Participation


Information Sharing

Mr. Holland will send the PowerPoint to staff to send to the committee in PDF with his contact information


10:40 a.m.

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