John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

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John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley

515 Sunset Road Boynton Beach, FL 33435

(561) 891‐9634

Resume in application for the position of the man himself, commander, with the one idea that works.

Career objective:

Force dam fluidification, the collection of that which falls from the heavens and the replacement of the flush toile.t. with thE manuel fertilizer machine. Undam the rivers, jack e.t. for their ships and be the quickest organism out of the mud into sweet vessels with the goods ever seen. Transport product past all dam obsticles and through any eventuality for all time, reviere.


University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Services, Environmental Horticulture

Work Related Experience:

1999‐2001 “Burnies” Valet, drove the getaway car at the largest heist in history for Mr. Bernard Lawrence Madoff

May 2002 Stucco repair, Jack “The Boston MOB’s Ledgerman”

December 2010 Blew the shit out of the U.N.

March 2013 Fired the Pope

Thanksgiving 2013 Algiers Point ferry to New Orleans’s Shops at Canal St. with Jack from the Men in Black (See picture

depicted at New Yolk’s Riviera Café Bar)

Other Related Experiences:

1998 First time descent of Snake River from Jackson Hole to the sea with Thomas Shindelman

2003 Married in Kumamotosi Japan, to Yi’s daughter Misa Kanazawa

March 2006 Replaced the table on the illuminati Jose Marti International Airport Havana, Cuba

2011– 2015 St. Helens to Port IsabeL by canoe

May 2014 BMOC OPP

May 2015 66.6 kilogram mass recorded in Cuba’s Immigration dungeon (I booked em)


Maximillion (from The Black Hole),, all communiques must occur after mailing $100 money order or cash to John Lawrence Jolley, 515 Sunset Road, Boyintown Beach Flowridea 33435

God, King’s Hwy and Kissimmee River, Fort Pierce, Florida (772) 465‐2575 call for produce delivery, starts taking orders for the holiday season on Thanksgiving,

Florida Pressure Wash/Terminator Exterminator, Troy Conrad #W22873,Wakulla C.I., 110 Melaleuca Dr.., Crawfordville FL 32327, deposit $100 in per communique

Financing’s Bernard Lawrence Madoff #61727-054 deposit $100 in account per com

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