Juncus platyphyllus (Wieg.) Fern. Wet trailside bank. 8400 ft

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45114. Juncus platyphyllus (Wieg.) Fern. Wet trailside bank. 8400 ft.

(Det. F. Hermann)

45115. Clematis dioica L. Climbing in trailside trees.

7000 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45116. Viburnum mendax Morton Beside trail on steep slope.

Same as # 4587? 7500 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45117. Cornus Small tree up to 20 ft. Along

streams and on slopes, common. 5500-

7000 ft.
45118. Verbesina apleura Blake Yellow. Shrub to small tree up to

25 ft. Moist slope. 8000 ft.

Took Kodachrome of this.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45119. Rondeletia brachistantha Corolla a rose pink, pale inside.

Standl. & Steyerm. Shrub up to 6 ft. Steep slope.

7500 ft. (Det. Dr. Standley)
45120. Lobelia laxiflora HBK Deep orange. Semi - shrubby up to

8 ft. tall. Moist slopes.

6500 ft. (Same as collected near

Orizaba in México.) (Det. R. McVaugh)

45121. Satureja seleriana Loes. Crimson flower. Semi – shrubby up

S. guatemalensis Standl. to 3 or 4 ft. Steep slope.

Det. C. Epling 7500–8500 ft. ( Det. Dr. Standley)

45122. Lobelia sartorii Vatke Pink-purple. Trailside banks.

7000-8000 ft. (Det. R. McVaugh)

45123. Lamourouxia dependens Benth. Brilliant orange. Semi-shrubby

up to 4 ft. tall. Steep slopes

above 7500 ft. (Det. F. W. Pennell)
45124. Potentilla heterosepala Fritsch Trailside bank. 8000 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45125. Cleyera revoluta Kobuski Small tree. Crest of cumbre. 8500 ft.

(Det. C. E. Kobuski)

45126. Cuscuta jalapensis Schlecht. On composite. At gap in the cumbre.

8500 ft. (Det. T. G. Yuncker)

45127. Hymenophyllum fucoides Swartz Hummocks of humus in the fog

forest of the cumbre. 8500 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)
45128. Hymenophyllum polyanthos Swartz Trunk of tree in fog forest.

8500 ft. (Det. C. V. Morton)

45129. Cunila polyantha Benth. White. Semi-shrubby, up to 6 ft.

Odor of M. spicata. Steep slope.

7500 ft. (Det. Dr. Standley)
45130. Holodiscus argenteus (L. f.) Maxim. Shrub up to 8 ft. Steep slope beside trail. 7500 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45131. Smilex subpubescens A. DC. Vine of steep slope climbing into trees. 7500 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45132. Cornus Small gray bracts. Steep slope beside trail.

7500 ft.
45133. Gaultheria odorata Willd. Steep slope above trail. Same as # 4559. 7500 ft.

45134. Arenaria guatemalensis Standl. & Steyerm. White. Edge of bank above

trail. 7500 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45135. Arenaria reptans Hemsl. Same data as # 45134 but a different

species. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45136. Smilacina flexuosa Bestol. Same data as # 45134.
45137. Galium Purple black fruits. Same data as # 45134.
45138. Galium Moist edge of bank above trail. 7200 ft.
45139. Erigeron karvinskyanus DC. Moist trailside bank. 7200 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45140. Galium Orange fruits. Data as in # 45138.
45141. Linum guatemalense Benth. Edge of bank above trail. 7100 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45142. Hackelia guatemalensis Brand Baby blue flower. Trailside soil. 7500 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45143. Houstonia serpyllacea (Schlecht.) White flower. Trailside soil.

C. L. Smith 6500-7500 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45144. Carex quichensis sp. nov. Type Soil at edge of brook. 7000 ft. (Det. F. Hermann)
45145. Nasturtium officinale R. Br. Aquatic?. White flowers. In brook.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45146. Prunella vulgaris L. Purple. Brookside soil. 7000 ft.

(Det. Carl Epling)

45147. Clethra Small tree. At edge of brook. 7000 ft.

45148. Viburnum disjunctum Morton Edge of brook. Same as 45116? 7000 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45149. Alnus ferruginea HBK. Same as the others? Edge of brook.7000 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45150. Viburnum disjunctum Morton Edge of brook. Has wider leaves etc; than

45148. 7000 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45151. Hypericum uliginosum HBK. Bank of brook. 7000 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45152. Lycopodium setaceum Lam. On trunk of tree near its base.

7000 ft. (Det. C. V. Morton)

February 8, 9, 1945.
Still in El Quiché
I rode on Feb. 8 to San Francisco, a big coffee plantation below Cotzál. Francisco walked. I made
no pretense of collecting. I noted that much of the vegetation was oak and pine. The "roble" type of oak
predominated below Cotzál. There were two pines; one a white, possibly P. (ayacahuite?). San Francisco
lies at 3400 feet and here there were sycamores and black walnut along the rivers Chipal and Cotzál.
Above on the mountain was considerable Liquidambar.
On Feb. 9, I walked the 26 miles back to Nebaj, making collections as I went. Incidentally my map is
not correct regarding rivers of this region, whose water is cold, clear and highly charged with Ca2CO3. All
of the brooks

Remember: Dept. of El Quiché

and rivers seem to be travertine, formers and many disappear underground. Most of the rocks are
limestones or more probably dolomites, although there is some shale and occasionally a little sand rock
may be encountered.
The number of genera and species here common to the Southern Appalachians is amazing as
can be judged by the collections. Others seen but not collected include: Salix, Bidens, Plantago, Oxalis
(yellow), Eryngium (much like aquaticum), Senecio, Ceanothus (greyblue), Solanum, Asplenium,
Passiflora, Pteridium and Andropogon.

Hacienda San Francisco lies at 3400 ft. at the junction of Rios Chipal and Cotzál is owned by the Brol

Bros.(Enrique U.S. citizen at S. F. , Pedro in Nebaj).
Kodochrome Roll # II exposed: 7, 8, 9  Falls and cliff's above Nebaj at 4000 ft. or more; 10 And 11 blue
Houstonia like plant.
45153. Juglans (Looks like nigra) huge straight

trees  all limbs too high to get

twigs and leaves. (fruits only).

Forks of river (Rios Chipal and

Chajul) at Hacienda San Francisco.

3400 ft. Feb. 9, 1945.

45154. Platanus Growing with the previous number.

45155. Asclepias curassavica L. Orange flowers with yellow centers.

Open trailside patches toward Cotzál

from San Francisco. 4000 ft.

(Det. R. E. Woodson)
45156. Ponthieva racemosa (Walt.) Mohr. Flowers green with white. Trailside

(dolomite?) boulder above Hacienda

San Francisco. 4000 ft.(Det. D. S. Correll)
45157. Polygala costaricensis Chod. Flowers deep purple blue. Data, as in

# 45155. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45158. Desmodium Trailing. On trailside bank above

San Francisco. 4000 ft.

45159. Carex polystachya Sw. Data as in # 45158.

(Det. F. Hermann)

45160. Salvia rubiginosa Benth. Coelestial blue. Up to 6 ft. tall.

Trailside open areas above Hacienda

San Francisco. 4000 ft.

(Det. Carl Epling)

45161. Dryopteris resinifera (Desv.) Moist slope above bridge on trail

Weatherby from San Francisco to Cotzál. 4800 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)
45162. Rubus eriocarpus Liebm (Red raspberry) same sp. as # 4589

but with fruits. Trailside thicket

between Cotzál and S. F. 5000 ft.

(Det. L. H. Bailey)

45163. Cirsium mexicanum DC. Reminds me much of C. lanceolatum.

Trailside between Cotzál and S. F.

5000 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45164. Crusea calocephala DC. Deep blue flowers. Kodachrome

photograph. Dry trailside bank be-

tween S. F. and Cotzál. 5000 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45165. Clematis grossa Bent. Climbing over trailside shrubs.

5000 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45166. Rapanea ferruginea (Ruiz & Pavon) Small tree. Trailside

Mez between San Francisco

and Cotzál. 5000 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45167. Clethra White flowers. A tree which at a

distance reminded me of Oxydendron

arboreum. More or less open slopes

between S. F. and Cotzál. 5500 ft.

45168. Panicum xalapense H.B.K. Banks (dry) of trail between Cotzál

and San Francisco 5500 ft.

(Det. J. R. Swallen)
45169. Stylosanthes guyanensis (Aubl.) Sw. Soil beside trail between Cotzál

end San Francisco. 5500 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45170. Crotalaria tuerckheimii Senn Data as in 45169.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45171. Castilleja arvensis S. & C. Trailside soil between

San Francisco and Cotzál.

5000 ft.(Det. F. W. Pennell)
45172. Salvia occidentalis Sw. Blue. Trailside bank between

S. F. and Cotzál. 5500 ft.

(Det. Carl Epling)
45173. Salvia occidentalis Sw. Blue. Trailside soil between S.F.

end Cotzál. Possibly same as 45172

but at different elevation and

appearing a little different.4000 ft.

(Det. Carl Epling)
45174. Desmodium Flowers pink purple.

Trailside bank between Cotzál

and S. F. 5500 ft.
45175. Polygala paniculata L. Flowers purplish and white. In

cornfield slope between Cotzál and

Hacienda San Francisco. 5800 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45176. Lobelia diastotea microntha Rather deep blue. Data as in

(H B K) McV # 45175.

45177. Cuphea hookeriana Walp. Dry bank of trail between S. F.

and Cotzál. 5600 ft.

Det. R. C. Foster)

45178. Rhus radicans L. Climbing roble (oak) on dry

slope on trail between S. F. and

Cotzál. 5700 ft.(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45179. Cuphaea pinetorum Benth. or Data as in # 45177.

C. Hookeriana Walp. (Det. R. C. Foster) (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45180. Scleria oligantha Michx. Dry trailside bank between S. F.

and Cotzál. 5700 ft.

(Det. E. L. Core)

45181. Salvia holwayi Blake Scarlet with a tinge of pink.

Roadside bluffs near Cotzál. 6000 ft.

(Det. Carl Epling)

45182. Saurauias oreophila Hemsley Shell pink. Medium shrub. Trail­

side near Cotzál. 6000 ft.

(Det. H. F. Copeland)

45183. Viola guatemalensis Becker (Usual blue).Trailside bank

between Cotzál and Nebaj. 6500 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45184. Geranium guatemalense R. Kunth Trailside soil below Cotzál toward

em. Moore San Francisco. 5500 ft.

(Det. H. E. Moore)

45185. Geranium guatemalense R. Kunth em. Moist trailside bank between Cotzál & Nebaj.

Moore 6400 ft. (Det. H. E. Moore)

45186. Purple flowers. Roadside slope

near Cotzál. 6100 ft.
45187. Cardamine flaccida Cham. & Schl. Roadside (dolomite) boulder above

Cotzál toward Nebaj. 6300 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45188. Lycopodium clavatum L. Thicket on slope above trail near

Cotzál. I also saw it near Nebaj

in like habitat. 6100 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

45189. Cardamine fulcrata Greene Moist trail bank between Cotzál and

Nebaj. 6400 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45190. Thalictrum guatemalense C. DC. & Rose Dry bank above trail between Cotzál

and Nebaj. 6300 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45191. Phaseolus tuerckheimii D. Sm. Copious purple flowers. Roadside

thickets above Cotzál. 6200 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45192. Holodiscus argenteus (L. f.) Maxim. Thicket on trailside slope between

Cotzál and Nebaj. 6500 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45193. Gaultheria odorata Willd. Black edible fruits. Up to 6 ft. high.

Bank above trail near Nebaj. 6200 ft.

45194. Saurauias villosa DC. Small tree; white flowers. Slope

below trail between Cotzál and Nebaj.

(Det. H. F. Copeland)
45195. Sisyrinchium Pale grey blue flower. Bank in

roble (oak) forest beside trail

between Cotzál and Hacienda

San Francisco. 5800 ft.

45196. Carex polystachya Sw. Dry trailside bank between Cotzál

and San Francisco. 5600 ft.

(Det. F. Hermann)

February 10, 1945.

Worked on plants. Took pictures of burning forests and Pension Migoya at Nebaj on KodachromeRoll II. Began

Roll III with a picture of a couple of Nebaj young bucks (Fernando Julian Recinos G.and Clemente Arevalo) and
another including some Indian carrying wood. Took Army truck to El Quiché via Sacapulas.

February 11, 1945.

By mail bus to Guatemala via Sololá and Lake Atitlán, a beautiful region.

February 15, 1945.

Steve White, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Weatherwax and I left Guatemala City in the FEA car for Quatzaltenango.

We stopped at 9300 ft. on the Cerro above Tecpán in Chimaltenango: also at 10,300 ft. just west of Maria
Tecúm in Totonicapán and at 10,500 ft. in the cerro east of the town of Totonicapán. The first stop was in
oak and Cupressus. The second in Pinus ayacahuite, Viburnum and a small solanaceous tree. The last was
in a conifer forest of Pinus ayacahuite and Abies or Pseudotsuga.


45197. Viburnum discolor Benth. Large shrub. Cerro above Tecpán.

9300 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45198. Arbutus ? Small tree. Cerro above Tecpán.

9300 ft.
45199. Zeugites munroana Hemsl. Steep slope among oak. Cerro above

Tecpán. 9300 ft.(Det. J. R. Swallen)
45200. Cornus Tree up to 1 foot in diameter.

Moist slope, Cerro above Tecpán.

9300 ft.
45201. Myrtus montana Benth. (in part) Open flaring pink flower; shrub up

to 3 ft. Moist slope of Cerro above

Tecpán. 9300 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45202. Lycopodium reflexum Lam. Moist slope of Cerro above Tecpán.

9300 ft. ( Det. C. V. Morton)

45203. Viburnum discolor Benth. Almost tree like. Top of Cerro west

of Maria Tecúm in Department of

Totonicupán. 10,300 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45204. Vaccinum Flower pink, more closed. Roadside

bank near Punto de las Piedras, west

of Maria Tecúm, Totonicapán.

10,100 ft.

February 16, 1945.

Steve White, Dr. Weatherwax and I drove over into the Department of San Marcos to a cerrito about 5 mi.

north of Palestina (elevation 9000 ft.). On the way back we stopped at the station where they are
experimenting with the rooting of Cinchona (elev. 9500 ft.), a few miles west of San Juan, Quetzaltenango.

45205. Wigandia Small tree, blue flowers. At 9000 ft.

5 miles N. of Palestina, San Marcos.
45206. Buddleia nítida Benth. Yellow flowers. Shrub up to 12 ft.

Data as in last. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45207. Passiflora membranacea Benth. Purple bracts. On roadside trees west

of San Juan in Dept. of Quetzaltenango.

files, Manning 9300 ft. (Det. E. P. Killip)

Took picture of Wigandia and Sambucus on Roll III.


February 17, 1945.
We (Steve White, Dr. & Mrs. Weatherwax and I) drove back via San Cristrobal and Totonicapán and
Sololá to Hotel Tzanjuyú at Panajachel. At San Cristobal we watched the laundry and nude bathing in the
public bath from a warm spring.

45208. Verbena ciliata Benth. In fields west of Quetzaltenango,

8000 ft. (Det. H. N. Moldenke)
45209. Pyrola Roadside bank in mts. east of Toto-

nicapán, Totonicapán Dept. 10,500 ft.

45210. Trema micrantha (L.) Blume Small shrubby tree. Near the waterfall

on road between Panajachel & Sololá

in Dept. Sololá. 5500 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)


On Roll III took picture of white pine-Abies? or Pseudotsuga forest with valley and Cuchumatanes in

February 18, 1945.
We visited Santiago via motorboat in the a.m. I took many pictures on Roll III and started Roll IV In Santiago. I
collected very few bryophytes there and on the way into Guatemala City.

February 20, 1945.

By train to El Rancho with Hans Kroner. By Camion to Jícaro in Baja Verapaz to the site of Kroner’s
sawmill (elev. 1800 ft.). Between El Rancho and Jícaro the vegetation is typical of the dry tropics (many
legumes); many, in fact most, plants unknown to me. The rocks are mica schists and greisses. At about the
level of the mill, pine and some oak begins. I took a walk with Kroner in the p.m. up the roads a short
distance above the sawmill. There is some pine of which I took specimens. It makes firm hard lumber.
Mangoes have gone wild hare and are very common. Antlions (look same as in U. S.) are common here.
There are a few cicadas. The river near the sawmill is the Río Vitoque.

45211. Tibouchina longifolia (Vahl.) White flowers. Roadside bank near Jícaro.

Baill.( ?) 1800 ft. Small, trailing plant.

(Det Dr. Steyermark)

45212. Pinus oocarpa Schiede Dry slope of mountain near Jícaro.

1900 ft. (Det Dr. Steyermark)

45213. Saurauias sp. indet. White flowers. Small tree up to 15 ft.

Scaling bark. Dry slope near Jícaro.

1900 ft. Petals white, early deciduous,

(Det. H. F. Copeland)

February 21, 1945.
Took truck up the road toward San Jerónimo to an elevation of 4000 ft. and followed the road near Jícaro
and creek on foot up to elevation of 5000 ft. making collections. The pine ridges remind me of the
Cumberlands. Above 3500 ft. are caks including “roble”. In moist spots and near creeks is Liquidambar
and above 4000 ft. along creek is Carpinus. Saw but did not collect: Pteridium, Rubus (blackberry), Linum
(whorled leaves), Smilax, Athryriun, Salix, Eleocharis, Myrica (and they make candles). Took pictures of
pine, sweet gum, Carpinus, and other unknown trees. STARTED ROLL V.


45214. Trichomanes quercifolium H. & G. On wet ledge under falls. 4500 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

45215. Liquidambar styraciflua Flowers & fruits. In ravine along

road. 4000 ft.

45216. Desmodium barbatum (L.) Dry pine slope. 3400 ft. (Det. by Steyermark)

Benth. & Oerst.

45217. Desmodium With simple leaves. Dry pine slope. 3400 ft.
45218. Flowers striped, beautiful rose purple.

Plant about 4 ft. tall. Dry roadside bank.

4800 ft.
45218a. Cassia tagera L. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45219. Salvia polystachya Ort. Flowers coelestial blue. Moist bank below

road. 4800 ft. (Det. Carl Epling)

45220. Diphysa robinioides Benth. Small tree – for rotenone? Dry roadside

bank. 4800 ft. (Det. Dr. Standley)

45221. Tripsacum (Related to corn) about 4 ft. tall. Roadside,

dry bank. 4500 ft.

45222. Carex polystachya Sw. (Note smut!). Roadside exposed rocks.

4500 ft. (Det. F. Hermann)

45223. Dryopteris resinifera (Desv.) Weatherby Between boulders at edge of brook. 4000 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

45224. Elephantopus Pine slopes. 3800 ft.
45225. Carpinus caroliniana var. Along stream. 4000 ft.

tropicalis Donn. Smith. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45226. Valeriana sorbifolia HBK. Moist roadside bluff. 4700 ft.

according to F. G. Meyer, 45226 is (Det. Dr. Standley)

var. sorbifolia F. G. Meyer.
45227. Saurauias zahlbruckneri Buscaloni. White flowers. Moist site (shaded)

along stream. 4600 ft.

(Det. H. F. Copeland)
45228. Equisetum myriochaetum C. & S. (Same as at Nebaj). 6 ft. tall, many small

cones but all shed. Moist, shaded site

along stream. 4600 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

45229. Jussiaea suffruticosa var. Yellow flowers. In bed of dry arroya. 3200 ft.

pubescens (L.) Munz (Det. Dr. Steyermark)
45230. Cissus sicyoides L. Mature fruit, blue black. Climbing into trees

in moist, shaded site along stream. 4600 ft.

(Det. L. H. Bailey)
45231. Lygodium venustum Swartz Fronds 12 to15 ft. long climbing into small

trees & shrubs. Moist soil on slopes. 2500 ft.

(Det. C. V. Morton)

February 22, 1945.
Rode to end of lumber road toward the Finca Bucara and walked on up to the Finca. At about 4000 ft. the
pine gave way to oak, Liquidambar and various unknown species. The elevation of the Finca: 4800 ft. Mr.
Walter Schwendener said 5000 ft. In the p.m. we visited one of his catetales below at elevation of 3800 ft.
On a ridge nearby I found Ostrya and Chinaphila maculata. He mentioned a plant which he described as

growing on the other side of the mountain. ( I believe it is yew. Later: it is.) There are flying squireels here.

In January & February are winds of high velocities in the late afternoon (frightened my mozos. Pedro
Ramírez & Eduardo Juárez, a little. The Finca is in the Department of El Progresso.

45232. Oxalis rhombifolia Jacq. Yellow flowers. a shrub, sprawling, up to

4 ft. in length. Below Finca Bucaral. 4000 ft.

(Det. Dr. Steyermark)

45233. Lycopodium pithyoides C. & S. In crotch of oak below Finca Bucaral.

4000 ft. (Det. C. V. Morton)

45234. Ostrya virginiana var. guatemalensis Ridge (rather moist) below Finca Bucaral.

(Winkl.) Macbride 4000 ft. (Det. Dr. Steyermark)


February 23, 1945. and February 24, 1945.

Sr. Walter Schwendener and I left for the top of the mountain with our 3 mozos. We climbed to Tres
Rostros(alt. 6700 ft.) above Finca Bucaral in the Sierra (de las Minas) which is the boundary between El
Progresso and Baja Verapaz. Here exists a cloud (fog) forest with many strange trees in it. I was impressed
by the tree fern (trunk 1 foot diam. & 20 ft. tall.) and small palms. The yew and Evonymus were a bit
unexpected. We camped under a big tree fern (built “ranchito” from fronds) and climbed the next morning
to Pitoreal, (alt. 6500 ft.). We walked until we came to the camino between S. Catarina in Baja Verapaz &
S. Vicente in El Progresso. We descended to the river below S. Catarina, Municipio de San Jerónimo, to
encounter box elder and other plants. We again climbed,


up to the Sierra and at dusk reached San Vicente in Municipio de Morazán in El Progresso. We made
campjust below S. V. and it rained during the night. We had cloud, fog, drizzle most of our trip and we
were muddy and frecuently wet. The plants encountered (but not collected) of interest were: Smilax

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