Log books and shipping accounts (ca. 1806-1882)

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The following logbooks represent an exciting and formidable chapter in Falmouth’s history. They preserve the stories of the Falmouth whalers and their daring captains, enlisted men and whaling wives. Copies of these logs are also available on microfilm at the Falmouth Public Library.

 Addison (ship) of New Bedford

Samuel Lewis. Captain

Thomas H. West, Master 1845

1 vol. 20X32 cm.

Addison (ship)

Samuel Lawrence, Capt.

Thomas H. West, Master, 1845

n.w. coast, Kamchatka, Honolulu

30X20” 2v. unpaged.

Chas. Landers, Wt. Falmouth was last captain.


Journal of Bark Alto, (New Bedford) 1857-62

Pacific Logbook


American (ship) Nantucket, 1841-45

Alexander Coffin, Capt.

Pacific Logbook

Awashonks (Bark) Falmouth, 1834-36

Pacific logbook


Prince Coffin, Capt.


Ship Awashonks 1836-1840

Rufus Pease, Master


Caroline Boston to Amsterdam, 1806


Catalpa (bark)

Logbook of bark Catalpa of New Bedford

Master: Solomon L. Hamlin

Whaling voyage to Galapagos Islands


1v. 160 pgs. 29cm.

contains list of letters written on voyage p.158-159.

Obed Pierce, Captain

Pacific logbook



Commodore Morris (Ship) Falmouth, 1845-49

Pacific logbook

Silas Jones, Master



Commodore Morris (Ship) 1859-64

Pacific logbook

Silas Jones, Master

21X33” unpaged



Edward Cary (ship) 1849-53

Roland C. Phinney, Master

Pacific voyage



Eugenia (bark) 1859-64

Pacific logbook

Capt. Daniel B. Nye, 1869

2v. 30X20, 32X22

Slop Accounts


Hannah and Sally, 1808-1810

Capt. Silas Jones


Henry Trowbridge (brig) 1879-82

Atlantic logbook

Caleb A. Hamlin, Capt.



Leonidas (Ship) 1846-49

Indian Ocean Logbook

Henry F. Gifford, First mate

see also Gifford Journal


Marcella (Merchant Ship)


Silas Jones, Capt.


Marengo (Ship) 1859-61

Indian Ocean logbook

Frederick A. Weld, Capt.



Massachusetts (Ship) of Nantucket

Indian Ocean, Pacific Logbook

Seth Nickerson, Capt.


Nimrod (New Bedford) 1845-46

Indian Ocean

Wanton A. Sherman, Capt.


Nimrod (New Bedford) 1854-57

North Pacific

Nehemiah P. Baker



Phocion (Ship) 1833

New Bedford to Bremen

Warren N. Bourne, Capt.

Acct. of provisions


Phocian of New Bedford 1833-1845


Roscoe (Bark) of New Bedford 1844-1846


Samar Batavia to Boston

Capt. Silas Jones, Jr.


Sarah Herrick, (Brig) 1820-22

Virginia & Cape Verde Islands


Moses Chase, Master

19X16” unpaged


Stephanie of New Bedford 1847-1850


William Penn of Falmouth 1833-36 Acct. Books

William Penn (Ship) 1841-45

3 voyages, 3v. Winnipeg to Pacific

Masters: John C. Lincoln, Russell Bodfish

1st built in West Falmouth

MARITIME PAPERS (ca.1766-1926)

 Consist of materials that relate to the following vessels: Addison (ship); Awashhonks (ship); Bazaar (boat); Betsey (schooner); Cape Horn Pigeon (bark); Commodore Morris (ship); Edward Cary (ship); Elizabeth (schooner); Eugenia (bark); Federal (sloop); Fleet Wing (bark); George (sloop); Hobomok (ship); Jane P. Glover (schooner); Polly (sloop); Rhoda (schooner); Sally (sloop); Superior (sloop); Susanna (sloop); Union (schooner); Urania (bark); and William Penn (ship).

Included are accounts and inventories; bills of lading and bills of sale of shares in vessels; agreements to charter and carry passengers; auction announcements; court papers arising from suits against owners; depositions and protests of ships’ masters and crew; customs papers; health certificates and identification papers of crew, insurance records; ships’ registers and whale men’s papers.

Included also are photographs, biographical data, journals, and reminiscences of ships’ captains. Also a volume of records (not dated; compiler unknown) of Falmouth ships’ captains. Entered are the names of the captains, the ships they commanded, whaling grounds they visited, and quantities of oil taken.

Included also is a list (1926, compiler unknown) of Falmouth boys who went to sea and became ship masters.

These papers deal primarily with vessels that were engaged in the whale fishery. Papers relating to the bark Orion, which commanded by Falmouth’s Captain Henry C. Bunker, and carrying a number of Falmouth Passengers, went from Boston to San Francisco in 1849. 3 Boxes, 7 vols.


The Falmouth Archives maintains genealogical files on Falmouth families as well as maintaining Falmouth family papers, deeds, records and photographs. Holdings in the Archives include but are not limited to the following families:

Aldrich, Allen, Aurelio, Bailey of S.C., Baird, Bassett, Bates, Bears, Beebe, Benedict, Bodfish, Bourne, Bowerman, Bowman, Bradford, Briggs, Brown, Bunce, Bunker, Burgess, Butler, Carter of Middlesex Co., Chadwick, Clark, Conant, Cornish, Crocker, Croswell, Crowell, Dandridge-Washington, Davis, Dean, Dewey, Dickens, Dillingham, Dimmick, Donaldson, Edwards, Eldred/Eldridge, Ellis, Emmons, Fenner, Fenno, Fish, Fisher, Forbes, Freeman, Gates, Gifford, Goff, Goodspeed, Goodlow of VA, Gorham, Gould, Green, Grinnell, Grinnell/Linnell, Hallett, Hamblin, Hamlin, Handy, Harding, Harris, Hatch, Hersey, Hewins, Hill, Hills, Hinckley, Hitch, Holland-Gardiner, Holmes, Hooker, Howe, Howland, Hoxie, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Jennings, Jones, Keith, Kendrick-Godfrey, Kennedy of SC, Kimball, Lake, Landers, Lawrence, Lee of VA, Lewis, Lincoln, Lincoln-Kittredge, Lilly, Lovell, Lufkin, Lumbeck, McComiskey, McLane, Malchman, Mann (Zipporah), Martin, Meigs, Mitchell, Moore, Nye, Olney, Palmer, Parker, Pattee, Perry, Phinney, Piper, Powers, Price, Proctor of VA, Redfield, Robinson, Robinson/Sanford, Rowley/Rowlee, Scott, Sherman, Shiverick, Smythe, Stone, Stoughton, Stratton, Swift, Thatcher, Thompson, Tobey, Tripp, Turner, Underwood, Warren, Watson, Weeks, Wicks, Wilbur, Wilcox, Wilson, Wing, Wiswall, Wood, Wright of VA, Yeager, Yost.


Cheney, Dimmick, Gideon, Gifford, Fisher, Freeman, Hall, Hatch, Horton, Jones, Lawrence, Lewis, Little, Pitman, Sanford, Shiverick, Turner, Wicks, Wood. 



The Archives maintains a growing collection of vintage and contemporary images of Falmouth. Subjects include but are not limited to the following areas. (Note: The Falmouth Historical Society charges a fee for permission to reproduce their images. Contact the Archivist for additional information.)

 Individual Portraits/Maritime Portraits

Falmouth Villages/Buildings/Businesses/Scenes

Houses/Falmouth/Falmouth Heights

Houses/East Falmouth/Hatchville/North Falmouth/Waquoit/West Falmouth


Benjamin Harrison Aerial Photographs

Glass Plate Collections

Postcard Collections

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