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About this list

The titles in this booklist are just a selection of the titles available for loan from the RNIB National Library Service.

Don’t forget you are allowed to have up to 6 books on loan.
If you would like to read any of these titles then please contact the Customer Services Team on 0303 123 9999 or email
If you would like further information, or help in selecting titles to read, then please contact the Reader Services Team on 01733 37 53 33 or email
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Allan, Jeanne.

No angel. 1990. 4v.

When sensible, warm-hearted Elizabeth saved the life of a complete stranger, she didn't expect her own life to be turned upside down. She had no time in her busy existence for love affairs and she certainly didn't intend to let a man like Andrew T. Harcourt, with whom she disagreed on nearly everything, get under her skin!

Armstrong, Lindsay.

A dangerous lover. 1992. 3v.

Anyone who hoped to exert any control over unconventional advertising genius Brad Morris had to be something special. Verity usually managed him with reasonable success, but that was before he decided to transfer his attentions from his glamorous girlfriend, Primrose, to Verity herself. She had been hurt in the past and had no intention of succumbing to his wiles.

Armstrong, Lindsay.

When the night grows cold. 1987. 3v.

A woman couldn't run a farm in Australia without a man's help - or so Kate Wiley's neighbours thought. Kate was determined to prove them wrong, so when Grevil Robinson offered the help that would save her farm she was reluctant to take it. She didn't want his charity - and she certainly didn't want to fall in love with him.

Ashe, Jenny.

Sister at Greyrigg. 1987. 4v.

Amy Taggart and old Dr. MacFarlane had loved their elderly residents at Greyrigg Manor as much as they would their own relatives. But now Dr. Mac was dead and a new broom was arriving in the person of his son Chris, who didn't know any of the staff and didn't care about the residents.

Beaty, Betty.

Matchmaker nurse. 1986. 3v.

Mr. James Jarvis, orthopaedic consultant at the Frantfield and District Hospital, is reputed to leave a trail of cast-off crutches, mended bones and broken hearts behind him. But, Nurse Hester Stanton vows he will not get away with ruining her sister's life for a second time - though she doesn't bargain for falling in love with him herself.

Bianchin, Helen.

The tiger’s lair. 1990. 3v.

Out manoeuvred by Dominic Preston at every turn, Sachi accepted his ring on her finger as the price she must pay if she wanted a way out of the problems which faced her. But was it a case of going from the frying pan to the fire? And what exactly were Dominic's true feelings about the wife he'd bought?

Burford, Pamela.

I do, but here’s the catch. 2001. 4v.

Charlie never dreamed she'd still be a virgin at thirty - let alone a married one! When she met handsome, rich and worldly, Grant Sterling, she fell in love at first sight. The problem was Grant wanted a marriage of convenience...with no sex! He just needs a mousy, unassuming wife to impress his stuffy law firm.

Carson, Angela.

Another man’s ring. 1989. 3v.

Breaking things off wasn't going to be easy with two sets of parents, as well as the bridegroom-to-be absolutely determined that the match should take place. It was hardly surprising that Judi leapt at the chance to escape to Thailand.

Carter, Rosemary.

Walk into tomorrow. 1986. 3v.

When all her friends were leaving their small farming community for bright city lights and college, Emily had to stay behind to nurse her mother. Now, at twenty-seven, she was seriously considering selling her florist's shop and leaving Random, Minnesota. But then Nick Simon came home for his grandfather's funeral.

Collins, Marion Smith.

By mutual consent. 1990. 3v.

Toni Grey prided herself on her cool level headedness, a quality she knew every lawyer needed. But when she met dynamic Nick Trabour, she felt her cautious reserve slipping out of control. Nick was sensitive, intelligent and excited her as no man ever had - and he was engaged to a woman Toni would never dream of hurting.

Cross, Melinda.

Pulse of the heartland. 1990. 3v.

When all her friends were leaving their small farming community for bright city lights and college, Emily had to stay behind to nurse her mother. Now, at twenty-seven, she was seriously considering selling her florist's shop and leaving Random, Minnesota. But then Nick Simon came home for his grandfather's funeral.

Dailey, Janet.

After the storm. 1975. 3v. UK Loan only.

Lainie was desperate for money to help pay for treatment for her invalid mother, and there was only one person she could turn to - Rad the husband from whom she had been separated for the last five years. Astonishingly, he agreed to help, but on one condition - that Lainie should return to him as his wife.

Darcy, Emma.

The unpredictable man. 1986. 3v.

Lyn was tired of always taking second place to her glamorous sister, so when her aunt left her a legacy, she determined to make use of the chance to live her own life. Then she discovered that Aunt Henrietta had also left her as a legacy - to the outrageous, unpredictable Peter Kelso.

Darcy, Emma.

The ultimate choice. 1990. 3v.

Horses were Kelly's life, and when Justin St. John, the sardonic new owner of Marian Park seemed set to ruin her show-jumping career, she was determined to stand up to him. But when Kelly confronted him she found a very different man from the one she'd heard about, and the reality was far more challenging and infinitely more dangerous!

Devine, Angela.

Yesterday's husband. 1994. 4v. UK Loan only.

Emma had walked out on her husband eight years ago, but now Richard Fielding was back - with a vengeance. Her father had lived for his company, it had meant everything to him. How could she let Richard destroy all her father stood for? She had no choice. She had to pay Richard's price, even if that meant she could never live with herself again.

Donald, Robyn.

The stone princess. 1992. 4v. UK Loan only.

Eight years after they had parted for good, Petra knew that she still felt something for Caine Fleming. Was it lust or love? One thing was certain, he was the only man who could turn her quietly controlled life into a seething mass of emotion and torment. But how did Caine feel about her?

Donnelly, Jane.

A man apart. 1968. 4v.

Libby Mason had everything - looks, money and a comfortable, safe background provided by a loving uncle who had always been like a father to her. Everyone who knew her hoped that Libby would marry Ian Blaney and they were all quick to point out how misguided she would be to entertain any romantic ideas about the "outsider" Adam Roscoe. But wasn't it just possible that "everyone" might be wrong?

Field, Sandra.

Safety in numbers. 1992. 3v.

Josh MacNeill was not a conceited man, but he knew that there were plenty of women around who would be happy to have him as a husband. So what on earth was he doing in Nova Scotia hankering after a woman who had hated him when she was ten years old and didn't seem to have changed her opinion very much in the intervening years?

Fraser, Alison.

Tainted love. 1994. 4v.

Clare had a good idea of how Fen Marchand saw her: his opinion was totally coloured by her past. Although Fen was prepared to try her out as his housekeeper - because he desperately needed one - she wasn't good enough for the likes of him! But that didn't stop there being an intense physical attraction between them. However, Clare's past had taught her to keep her distance.

George, Catherine.

Devil within. 1984. 4v.

Why was Saul Treharne so cold and hostile towards her? After all, she had been willing to go off to the wilds of Brazil to be governess to his little girl. Why couldn't he see that all women were not as selfish and unprincipled as his ex-wife?.

Gibson, Rosemary.

An unequal partnership. 1991. 4v.

Mike was not about to abandon the business her grandfather had built up to a cold, calculating business machine like Luke Duncan. But Luke was not a man who was easily thwarted. And he was hardly likely to leave even a minor investment at the mercy of a girl whom he clearly regarded as barely competent.

Gordon, Victoria.

Dream House.1981. 3v.

The recalcitrant author Jackson Collier just wasn't coming across with his latest book, so Karin was sent by her boss to help him finish it. But she found herself rail roaded into helping him build a house, all of which made her feel uncharitable towards him - until she realised how jealous she was of his involvement with the lovely Neridah Gregg.

Graham, Lynne.

Bittersweet passion. 1987. 3v.

Claire knew that Dane Visconti had never had much faith in women, but he had always seemed indolently fond of her, that was why it had seemed natural to turn to him when she needed help. Dane was one of the beautiful people and definitely not the marrying kind, but then Claire hadn't planned for their marriage to be permanent. What was she going to do?

Gregory, Kay.

Amber and Amethyst. 1990. 3v.

There was little doubt that Kyle Maki was a man of contradictions. He had made a beeline for Amber, but was scornful of her life-style and her youth. Amber, for her part, was determined that Kyle should start taking her seriously, even though she soon realised that there was more than just a difference of age and opinion between them.

Gregory, Kay.

Goodbye Delaney. 1991. 4v.

Good old Jon, he would do as Jessica's fiancé for the evening. After all, she needed that job. But this was one of Jessica's ideas which was to go very wrong. Suddenly she was surrounded by well-wishing parents and developing wedding plans - it was all getting out of hand and try as she might, she didn't seem to be able to stop it.

Hamilton, Diana.

Passionate awakening. 1990. 3v. UK Loan only.

Annie Ross knew that millionaire hotel owner Luke Derringer was dangerous from the first time she saw him, he exuded an air of dark confidence that sent shivers down her spine. He was a man who knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it - and now he wanted her.

Hamilton, Diana.

Games for sophisticates. 1991. 4v.

Quilla Kent knew she was playing a dangerous game when she deliberately set out to attract Fraser McGill in order to save her brother's marriage. And when he began to show an interest, she soon realised that, if this was a game, Fraser McGill had no intention of playing by the rules.

Hammond, Rosemary.

Plain Jane. 1988. 4v.

The visit to Seattle's Fat Tuesday celebrations, with their lack of inhibition, was totally out of character for Jane. She was an ugly duckling who liked herself that way - efficient, reliable and sensible, and thoroughly in charge of her job on the local magazine. She also thought she was in charge of her love life, until she fell all too literally, into Blake Bannister's arms.

Hammond, Rosemary.

Two dozen red roses. 1984. 3v. UK Loan only.

To describe Sloan Sheridan as a womaniser was putting it mildly. It was a regular part of Sarah's job as his secretary to send two dozen red roses as a farewell gift to his numerous cast-off girlfriends - and she was determined never to find herself on the receiving end of that kind of dismissal

Hart, Jessica.

Moonshadow man. 1994. 3v.

Carey's cousin Camilla persuaded Carey to impersonate her. But would Drew Tarrant, the famous TV marine biologist, guess she didn't know what he was talking about? Probably, because Carey was alone with him for the next fortnight on the idyllic island of Moonshadow Cay. If she wasn't careful, Drew would discover another secret - that she found him achingly attractive.

Howard Stephanie.

The Pharoah’s kiss. 1993. 3v.

Harriet was beginning to think that all men were materialistic and selfish. First her fiancé had stolen her money, and now Dexter Ross was proving to be just as bad.

Jameson, Claudia.

Escape to love. 1981. 4v. UK Loan only.

Although Suzie was happily looking forward to marrying John Harding, she was nevertheless rather excited when her cousin invited her to go to Spain with her for a few days - as a kind of 'final fling' before she settled down to married life. But it turned out to be the worst thing Suzie could possibly have done.

Jordan, Penny.

Blackmail. 1982. 3v.

Because of an unfortunate incident when she was only sixteen, Gilles de Chauvigny had had the worst possible opinion of Lee - which, was how, six years later, Gilles had managed to blackmail her into marrying him, for no other reason than that he wanted to get rid of his mistress, Louise, once and for all. To Lee's relief Gilles did not intend the arrangement to be a permanent one - but soon she found herself obliged to think in terms of permanency, not least because she had fallen in love with Gilles.

Jordan, Penny.

Tug of love. 1992. 3v.

Life wasn't easy as a single parent, but Win had managed to raise a child that any parent could be proud of. Now Charlie's father was back on the scene and demanding a share in his son. Was a share all he wanted, or did he intend to take Charlie away from her?

Lamb, Charlotte.

Deadly rivals. 1995. 4v.

When Olivia first met Max Agathios, she was young - and utterly captivated. But Max was her father's business enemy and she was forbidden to see him again. Four years on, Olivia agreed to marry Christos, Max's nephew - it was a match of which both their fathers approved. Then Max reappeared to claim Olivia and she realised she was just a trophy in a battle between deadly rivals.

Lee, Miranda.

Asking for trouble. 1992. 4v.

At twenty-eight, Serina longed for marriage, and a man who would love her for herself, not the way she looked. Aaron Kingsley had been that sort of man but when he came back into her life, Serina found that he'd changed. The sort of relationship he wanted did not involve love and commitment. She was asking for trouble - but how could she resist?

Leigh, Roberta.

Bachelor at heart. 1992. 4v.

Andrea had once had a crush on Luke Kane, but he had chosen to kill her feelings cruelly and she had learnt to hate him instead. Yet she still found his raw sexuality difficult to resist. But resist him she must, or go down in history as another of Luke Kane's disposable women

Lewty, Marjorie.

A kiss is still a kiss. 1989. 3v.

James Warrington came into Victoria's life when she needed help desperately and had no one to turn to. And, although she wasn't quite sure whether his motives were entirely honourable, he did his best to save her from the consequences of her father's thoughtlessness. It was natural that she should be grateful to James, but where did the boundary lie between gratitude and love?

Lyons, Mary.

No other love. 1984. 4v.

The last person Olivia Harding had expected her cousin's fiancé's uncle to be was Raoul de Varennes - the man who had so cruelly jilted her. And now she was travelling through France with him. Despite the assurance the intervening five years had brought her both professionally and personally, she found the situation very difficult to handle.

McAllister, Anne.

Call up the wind. 1992. 3v. UK Loan only.

Lacey Ferris rued the day she was marooned with Mitch Da Silva, the most insufferable of men, on a desert island. But there was no way she could escape, either from the island or from him. And even if she could escape there was no guarantee that she would be totally free, for she knew she could never escape from herself and her feelings for him.

McCarthy, Susanne.

A casual affair. 1990. 4v.

At thirty-one and at the top of her profession, TV presenter Rachel Haston thought she knew what she wanted next: a husband and family. But Nick Farlowe wasn't about to be tied down. The question was, though, could she ever settle for the simple contentment of being a wife and mother, when loving Nick showed her the choice of throwing a lifetime's caution to the wind?

Marsh, Valerie.

Dark obsession. 1985. 3v. UK Loan only.

Fran felt decidedly ill. On the verge of passing out she heard Grant's voice - after nine years. Later, in hospital, she assumed she had imagined it. But Grant was real - and so, she discovered, was his obsession for his first wife, who looked so like Fran - his second wife.

Marton, Sandra.

The Corsican gambit. 1992. 4v.

What could Francesca do when loyalty to her brother meant she had to spend an evening in the company of a man who was a total stranger? The fact that he was attractive was irrelevant. She had no choice but to grit her teeth and succumb. However, kidnapping was something else altogether - who did this Maximillian Donelli think he was?

Matthews, Jessica.

A nurse’s courage. 2002. 2v. For UK Loan only.

Nurse Rachel Wyman had come back to Hooper to get over a tragedy and think about a new career. Dr Nick Sheridan adored Rachel and knew she was a brilliant nurse. He needed her, and so did Hooper General Hospital. If getting her back to work and winning her love meant helping her conquer her fears about nursing, then he would. But success depended on one other thing: Rachel's courage to take them both on.

Mayo, Margaret.

Reluctant hostage. 1992. 4v.

It hadn't taken Libby long to realise that Warwich Hunter wasn't the sort of man who was easily crossed. He believed that Libby's sister had stolen a large sum of money from him, which was why he seemed determined to turn Libby's dream holiday in Tenerife into a nightmare.

Michaels, Leigh.

With no reservations. 1989. 3v. UK Loan only.

The Clinton Hotel was old, a bit shabby, and wasn't competing with its rival, the Kendrick Kansas City, and Lacey soon realised she lacked the killer instinct to put it back on its feet. The obvious answer was to sell to Damon Kendrick - but Damon didn't want the hotel unless Lacey came with it.

Mortimer, Carole.

Tangled hearts. 1987. 3v. UK Loan only.

Sarah shook her head. "I can't..." "Marry me. I know," he dismissed harshly. "How about an affair, could you live with that?" She paled at the contempt in his voice. "You aren't even trying to understand ..." "Oh, but I understand perfectly," Garrett said. "I'm good enough to have an affair with, but not to have around permanently as a husband!"

Murrey, Jeneth.

The daughter of the night. 1983. 4v.

Hester desperately needed a large sum of money to pay for medical treatment for her foster-mother, and had no compunction about tracing her real mother and demanding the money from her. But the formidable Demetrios Thalassis intervenes and agrees to supply the money in return for a wife - so what else could Hester do?

Napier, Susan.

The counterfeit secretary. 1985. 4v.

Ria had worked hard to turn herself into the sort of secretary James Everett wanted - cool, composed and as streamlined as the latest office equipment. It was no business of his that Ria was really a warm-hearted, tempestuous widow, and mother of twins. The problem started when James saw the "real" Ria for the first time.

Neels, Betty.

A secret infatuation. 1994. 3v.

Tempting advice - dare Eugenie take it? A country upbringing had taught her to be practical ...not to cherish romantic dreams about tall, handsome strangers! But a chance encounter one misty day in spring changes all that.

O’Neill, Margaret.

Christmas is forever. 1993. 3v.

Staff Nurse Poppy Pope has a special affinity with children and being given the chance to fill in at the popular paediatrics unit at Princes Park Hospital was like a dream come true. Her immediate boss was the new Senior Registrar, Dr Nicholas Fordyce, apparently an excellent caring doctor and a friendly man. So why is he distinctly unfriendly to Poppy?

Oldfield, Elizabeth.

The final surrender. 1992. 3v.

Sorcha was astonished when her stepfather left her fifty-one per cent of his business. She knew nothing about holiday complexes but Rui de Braganca, who had the remaining shares, did. Sorcha soon found that what he lacked in shares he more than made up for in sheer male magnetism, and she was hooked. To succumb though would be to surrender her secret.

Pargeter, Margaret.

At first glance. 1981. 4v.

At that time it seemed unlikely that they would ever meet again, so no harm was done. But they did meet again, in very different circumstances.

Parv, Valerie.

Love like gold. 1992. 3v.

As a child Anne Fleming had been devastated by the fickle nature of the film industry. She was now a successful gold geologist in a small outback community - and loving every minute of it. And she had no intention of letting anyone rake up her past - least of all film director Tom Callander.

Peake, Lillian.

Forbidden attraction. 1990. 4v.

After a serious accident Suki Day's singing career seemed to be over. Christine was Suki's best friend and determined to help her make a full recovery. But she was all too aware of the uphill task that lay before her. Which wasn't helped by her growing attraction towards the new man in Suki's life - businessman Judd Rogerson.

Rees, Eleanor.

Love's destiny. 1989. 3v.

Sasha Dinwoodie, freelance journalist and TV presenter, was only half-gypsy, but she soon realised how strong her Romany instincts were when the dynamic film-maker, Dirk Kendrick, arrived to film her "people". How dared he sneer at their ways - and how dared he manage to blackmail her into helping him make his unwelcome film?

Rhoades, Sandra. K.

Bitter legacy. 1986. 3v.

Jenny had hoped for three quiet weeks at her log cabin by Eden lake, so was not pleased at the arrival of Steven Radley. Jenny's attitude was grudging, so Steven's abrasive behaviour wasn't too surprising. And when she found out he was working for her stepfather, running "her" company, she planned revenge in order to discredit him. But things didn't seem to be turning out quite as she'd expected.

Richmond, Emma.

Suspicious heart. 1989. 3v.

If Christian Hamilton had had any idea of the consequences, she would never have offered that stranded motorcyclist a lift! How was she to know that he was wanted for theft and was being followed by his autocratic stepbrother, Richard Treherne? And now the man was following her!

Roding, Frances.

Gentle deception. 1989. 3v. UK Loan only.

Rosy was delighted to make the acquaintance of her distant cousin Elliott and his wife Bea, but her new-found happiness was misinterpreted, and Bea's younger brother and sister thought she was setting her cap at Elliott. It wasn't true, but the only way to convince everyone was for Rosy to find herself a man.

Spencer, Catherine.

The loving touch. 1990. 3v.

Daniel Hunter had been disillusioned by ambitious women and saw Ashleigh, newly returned from working in the Third World, as yet another of the same breed. Fortunately, Daniel's family - delightful daughter Kate and perceptive great-aunt Miriam - more than made up for his brusqueness. But a part of Ashleigh wished that Daniel could admit to the flaring attraction so obvious between them.

Steele, Jessica.

Dishonest woman. 1982. 3v.

"Marriage or nothing" Kimberley had told Slade Darville bluntly, so marriage it was. But what Slade didn't know was that she had only married him because if she didn't she would lose her home. She had been dishonest with him, so perhaps it was only poetic justice when he promptly turned the tables on her.

Summers, Essie.

Season of forgetfulness. 1983. 4v.

To escape the humiliation of seeing her ex-fiancé married to someone else, Valancy had gone to work for the author Godfrey Carmichael, who was also embittered by the break-up of his engagement. In time Godfrey asked Valancy to marry him, and although she had fallen in love with him, could she marry a man who was so obviously still in love with someone else?

Van der Zee, Karen.

Fire and spice. 1995. 4v. UK Loan only.

To Zoe Langdon, Bryant Sinclair was a dream come true - an almost perfect Mr Right with an instant family. There was just one problem - whatever was going on between them was clearly going to be a temporary arrangement. Deserted by one woman, Bryant had no desire to let another get close. Despite the fire and spice their relationship promised, he was quite prepared to let her go.

Walker, Kate.

Give and take. 1991. 4v. UK Loan only.

It had been so easy to communicate with Richard Deacon via letters, that Liz had allowed her doubts to be swept away and agreed to meet him. But she had been badly hurt by her unhappy marriage and certainly had no intention of getting involved. So why did Richard have such a disturbing effect on her? And would she ever be free of the past?

Weale, Anne.

The singing tree. 1992. 3v.

Roderick Anstruther offered Flower a way of life which matched her natural inclinations, and would prove an attractive, exciting husband. There was only one problem: love wasn't part of the deal. And the more Flower got to know him, the more she realised how barren their marriage would be for her without that vital ingredient.

Weale, Anne.

Thai silk. 1991. 3v.

When Clary found a fellow Briton in trouble in a strange land, the least she could do was try to help. Not that Alistair Lincoln was particularly grateful to her for summoning him halfway across the world to bail out a stepsister who was no longer his responsibility. And, as Clary had chosen to interfere, he was quick to enlist her as an ally in dealing with the recalcitrant Nina.

Weale, Anne.

Lost lagoon. 1987. 4v. UK Loan only.

Alexandra had fought hard to make her way in her chosen career of interior design and she was determined not to allow love to alter her lifestyle. Then, on a working assignment in Vancouver, she met Laurier Tate. Was it just a passing attraction, or her one real chance of happiness?

Wells, Angela.

Reckless deception. 1992. 3v. UK Loan only.

As soon as Ilona saw the handsome Greek stranger, she knew he spelt one thing - trouble! Yet, stuck in a strange country, she had to agree to his outrageous proposal. However, it was soon clear that the arrogant Alexos Faradaxis wanted a lot more than even Ilona had first thought. And would she ever be able to discover the dark truth about his past?

Wentworth, Sally.

Duel in the sun. 1995. 4v.

Catriona wanted the job in Egypt, on an archaeological dig, so desperately that she had lied in order to get it. Now, she was faced with her new boss, arrogant Lucas Kane who was not prepared to hear excuses for her past behaviour or her present relationship with Omar, an attractive Egyptian businessman. And Catriona began to wonder if she'd made a mistake after all.

Whittal, Yvonne.

There is no tomorrow. 1990. 3v.

Revil Bradstone was sure that Alexa was responsible for the tragedy which had befallen his sister and he meant to have his revenge for the unhappiness she had caused. And nothing that Alexa said could convince him of her innocence. Would she now have to pay the price for a misunderstanding in the past?

Wilson, Patricia.

Bond of destiny. 1989. 4v.

He was as hard and arrogant as ever, and just as devastatingly handsome. But Victoria knew to her cost that he wasn't interested in her so much as in her inheritance, and she was determined not to succumb to him.

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