Modal verbs complete the sentences with the correct modal verb

Circle the correct option

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3. Circle the correct option.

1 I’m not sure where Jane is. She could / must be at the office.

2 Sally has to / doesn’t have to pass all her exams because she wants to go to university.

3 You ought to / can check you have all the ingredients before you start making the cake.

4 The letter should / couldn’t arrive tomorrow. It was sent by express delivery.

5 You mustn’t / have to book the tickets soon, otherwise they’ll be sold out!

6 You don’t have to / mustn’t smoke at a petrol station. You can’t / could cause an explosion.

7 That painting is obviously a forgery. It mustn’t / can’t be by Van Gogh.

8 That doesn’t have to / can’t be right! The answers must / can be wrong.

4. Match the sentence beginnings (1-4) with the endings (a-d).

1. 1 You have to watch

2 You must watch

3 You mustn’t watch

4 You don’t have to watch

a that programme if you don’t want to.

b that programme – you’ll love it!

c too much TV. It’s bad for you.

d a lot of TV if you want to become a TV critic.

2. 1 You have to buy

2 You must buy

3 You mustn’t buy

4 You don’t have to buy

a any more books or you’ll spend all your money.

b the new book by Dan Brown. It’s incredible.

c the books – you can get them from the library.

d all the books before the course starts. It’s a university regulation.

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