Native seed collection report, lake mclarty january 2017

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Exact Location:

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Southern Boundary of Lake McLarty

Melaleuca teretifolia Banbar Lat: 32.714220, Lg:115.717889

Melaleuca pauciflora Lat: 32.714689, Lg:115.716261

Juncus kraussii Sea rush Lat: 32.713390, Lg:115.713215


Southern Boundary of Lake McLarty

Melaleuca teretifolia Banbar Lat: 32.713643, Lg:115.718961

Melaleuca pauciflora Lat: 32.714833, Lg:115.715747

Melaleuca viminea Mohan Lat: 32.714689, Lg:115.715575


South-eastern Boundary of Lake McLarty

Regelia ciliata Lat: 32.714184, Lg: 115.721405

Astartea fascicularis Lat: 32.715627, Lg: 115.720003

Juncus pallidus Pale rush Lat: 32.715555, Lg: 115720848

Melaleuca lateritia Red Robin Bush Lat: 32.715663

Lg: 115.721448


Other Relevant Information:
Parent Plants:

All Melaleuca species which provided seed are established in a ‘Seed Orchard’- Rehabilitated areas adjourning similar native vegetation fringing the south section of Lake McLarty. This also includes Astartea fuscicularis (insufficient seed - not stored) and Regelia ciliata

Melaleuca lateritia (Red Robin Bush) and Juncus pallidus (Pale rush) grows there naturally in the south-eastern corner. Juncus kraussii (Sea rush) on the mud-flats, south end of the Lake.
Date of Storage: 20-02-2017

All seed was fumigated, naturally dried, cleaned of ‘chaff’, stored in air tight, sterilized jars, lightly dusted with an insecticide and labeled. Then placed in a calico bag with silica gel in a cool dark place

Future Use: Lake McLarty
Collector: Heather H Adamson Scientific License No. SLO12034

Assisted by: Bob Paterson (3days) and Teresa Hey (1 day)

‘Heart of Green’ H H Adamson Seed Collecting Report Up-dated: 03-04-17

Yüklə 187,98 Kb.

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