Northern Virginia Parents of Two Launch CareLuLu com, an Easy and Free Online Child Care Search Tool

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Washington, D.C. — August 7, 2013

Northern Virginia Parents of Two Launch, an Easy and Free Online Child Care Search Tool

After struggling to find a daycare, a local entrepreneurial couple creates website to simplify search for other parents

Northern Virginia entrepreneurial couple and parents of two girls ages 4 and 2, Patrick Matos and Evgeniya (Jen) Usmanova together with co-founder Gabriel Chagas Marques are on a mission to help families find safe, affordable and high-quality child care and early childhood education. Collectively they created CareLuLu, the most convenient way for parents to find a daycare or preschool that fits each family’s specific needs. As parents themselves, they know how difficult and time consuming it is to find the right daycare, so they decided to simplify the process and built a free online resource that allows parents to quickly find and compare options. CareLuLu’s online tools allow parents to search for child care in their area and filter by a set of simple criteria that are important to them. CareLuLu is currently covering the Washington, D.C. Metro Area (DC/VA/MD) and is planning to expand to other cities soon.

CareLuLu facts and how it differs from other child care search sites

  • 'Lulu' definition (noun, \lü-lü\): An outstanding or remarkable person, or thing. That’s exactly what CareLuLu does — helps find remarkable child care for your little ones!

  • CareLuLu is not another daycare listing or directory. CareLuLu offers a free comprehensive overview of the daycares and preschools listed with all the information in one place, including tuition rates.

  • CareLuLu offers a criteria-based search that allows parents to instantly find daycare centers or preschools that fit parents’ needs in terms of budget, hours, and services provided. This personalized search is currently not available on other child care websites.

  • CareLuLu asks child care centers all the questions that parents want to know, so parents won’t need to spend hours searching on Google and calling providers.

  • Data collected is presented in a consistent way so that parents can easily compare child care options.

  • Unlike other websites, CareLuLu offers verified reviews by other parents. CareLuLu ensures that the reviews are by parents whose children are enrolled (or were previously enrolled) at that particular school.

  • The CareLuLu team conducts in-person visits of Verified providers, offering real-world photos and detailed information about those schools.

  • Individual child care websites often don’t list critical information such as tuition or staff experience and sometimes, school websites don’t reflect the reality of their facilities. CareLuLu helps parents make sense of it all.

  • CareLuLu allows parents to compare, short-list, and instantly schedule a tour of daycares and preschools they love without having to call or do research on multiple websites.


“As parents ourselves we know how busy life can get. With CareLuLu we are helping simplify the child care search by doing the homework for you! For Verified schools, we take the time to personally visit each site, speak with the director, see the facility for ourselves and give you real-world photos to bring you peace of mind.”

Attributed to Evgeniya Usmanova, Co-founder and Mom-in-Chief, Chief Marketing Officer, CareLuLu
“We found it hard to believe just how much time was spent on finding the right care for our kids. It seemed natural for us to create CareLuLu to make it easy for other families to find child care. Having a baby should be a celebration and new parents shouldn’t have to worry about finding a great daycare.”
Attributed to Patrick Matos, Co-founder and Dad-in-Chief, Chief Executive Officer, CareLuLu
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Suggested Facebook updates

  • Finding child care and preschool is never easy, but the newly launched @CareLuLu (FB tag) simplifies the process by collecting all of the information for you and enabling you to quickly see which center is best for your family. #CareLuLuCares

  • Easy, fast and free! @CareLuLu (FB tag) helps parents find the right child care to meet their family’s specific needs. No more calling around and wasting time. CareLuLu does all the homework for you, giving you what you want more of — time with your kids! #CareLuLuCares

Suggested feature and blog post ideas

  • Review of the CareLuLu site and how it helps families find appropriate child care.

  • Write about your personal experience finding child care and suggest CareLuLu as a new way to help facilitate the search.

  • Feature parents and Co-founders Patrick and Jen in a Q&A (interviews can be arranged).



For all media inquiries and to request an interview, please contact:

Evgeniya (Jen) Usmanova |202.684.5234
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