Note: Please look through resources very carefully. This is a controversial issue so some sources may have bias. Check carefully for the expertise or background of the writer or contributor. To Link to any article

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Note: Please look through resources very carefully. This is a controversial issue so some sources may have bias. Check carefully for the expertise or background of the writer or contributor.

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  1. TED TALKS on IVF:

  2. IVF (National Geographic):

  3. IVF (3D animation)

  4. Stem Cell Controversy:

  5. Interview with Robert Edwards:


  1. ART Success Rates - CDC - Provides success rates of procedures and infertility clinics throughout the United States.

  2. Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago - Information on IVF (in vitro fertilization), TET (tubal embryo transfer), ZIFT (zygote intra-fallopian transfer), GIFT (gamete intrafallopian transfer), ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), blastocyst transfer and other infertility treatments.

  3. Fertility Network - IVF - Discussion of in vitro fertilization. Provides information about the history of IVF, the stages of IVF treatment and the risks and concerns associated with the procedure.

  4. IVF Connections - Connects people going through IVF to information and support. Features bulletin boards, email lists, chatrooms, questions and answers, stories, links and an IVF in Canada section.

  5. IVF Journal - A personal description of one woman's in vitro fertilization experience.

  6. - IVF Patient Manual - Includes information about in-vitro fertilization. May be read online or downloaded.

  7. InteliHealth - Provides a list of facts and statistics related to infertility.

  8. Treatment Options - CRH - Step by step description of the in vitro fertilization process.

  9. Women's Center - Provides step by step treatment description of IVF from evaluation to assisted technology procedure, includes pictures. Tamil Nadu, India.

  10. eMedicine Health - In Vitro Fertilization - Consumer health resource providing a description of the in vitro fertilization process.

  11. UK IVF clinics and statistics (HFEA)

  12. US information, statistics, and lists on assisted reproductive technology (CDC)

  13. Test Tube Babies on PBS

  14. BBC profile of Louise Brown (July, 2003)

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