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Nick Treweeke (Chairman) (NT)

Minutes of Executive Meeting – Monday 8th May 2017 at 7.30 pm

Venue: Kidlington CC

Paul Duester (Vice Chairman), Colin Olliffe (Gen’ Secretary) (CO),Peter Baring (PB), Owen Lewis (OL), Colin Mercer (CM), Ivan Mulford (IM), Chris Probert (CP), Barrie Pudwell (BP), David Quinn (DQ),Ian Royle (IR), Peter Whitlock (PW),Sam Willett (SM), Nick Wilks (NW) and Andy Worman (AW

1. Apologies:

Steve Oliver and Brian Standish had offered their apologies.

Simon Morse did not attend the meeting.

2. Minutes of Meeting 10th April 2017
Page 1 – Apologies: Incorrectly stated that Peter Baring was not present, he did attend the meeting.
The April meeting minutes, having been read were then approved and signed by the Vice Chairman.

3. Matters arising from the March meeting minutes:

a) Ground Standards questionnaire? ….see under (1) below:

b) Final venues for cup finals for website: …see under (2) below:

c) Inter League game update:….see under (3) below:

d) Welfare Officer update: ….See under (4) below:

e) OCA/CL Sub-committees ongoing: ….see under (5) below:

f) Groundsman’s Course update: ….see under (6) below:

g) Job descriptions and committee member’s roles: ….see under (7) below:

h) Grants application from Clifton Hampden: ….see under (8) below:

i) Outstanding fees from Hanney and Stanton Harcourt: …see under (9)

j) Photos for display on website and payment? …see under (10) below:

  1. Ground Standards questionnaire:

OL read out the revised email that will be sent to the OCA clubs and this will contain the online questionnaire which will be automatically collated and a deadline of two weeks will be stated. This will also go on the OCA website, so that anyone wishing to complete the survey can do so. (Action OL/CO)

  1. Final venues for cup finals:

IM confirmed that all the finals are on the website and these are as follows:

Pullinger 20-20 Semis and Final will be held at Charlbury CC on Sunday 16th July.

Osberton Radiators Cup – Sunday 6th August at Westcott CC

Steve Dixon Memorial Cup – Sunday 13th August at Eynsham CC

Telegraph Cup – Sunday 27th August at Hook Norton CC

Airey Cup – Monday 28th August at Stonesfield CC

  1. Inter-league game update:

SW confirmed that the game will be played on Sunday 23rd July 2017, to be hosted by the OCA and will hopefully be played at E & W Hendred. Shirts will again be purchased from Trysports as per last year’s game. (Action SW/IM)

  1. Welfare Officer Update.

CO advised that although too late to add to the 2017 Handbook, Michael Geeson-Brown is listed on the OCA website as County and OCA League Welfare Officer. All clubs are to be advised of this and it will be suggested that ALL clubs should have a nominated Welfare Officer, particularly those with Youth Sections and Under 18 players. All captains should be DBS checked and the OCB is there for any club seeking advice. (Action CO)

  1. Sub-committees going forward:

It was brought to the notice of the Executive that the CL had produced a statement in which it stated that they were now open to receive applications from any established clubs, which is completely different from their current criteria when a club has to win Division One of the OCA before they can make an application.

This flies in the face of everything we have been trying to achieve with the merger, when the CL would not compromise to take the process forward. Although the Umpires sub-committee have ‘chatted’, the other sub-committee thought that there was no point in continuing with discussions with the CL.

It was also agreed that we should draw up a ‘promotional statement’ and advise any interested clubs of the benefits of our league, and CM agreed to draw something up, send round to committee members, for final discussion at the next meeting. (Action CM)

  1. Groundsman’s Course update:

In SM absence, DQ advised that the course had been cancelled as only three (3) persons had applied to attend.

  1. Job Descriptions and committee member’s roles:

The current list had been circulated to the committee prior to the meeting and it was agreed that the few gaps would be filled in and any adjustments made before the next meeting and emailed to the General Secretary, so that everyone knows who fills each role, which is particularly important when it comes to making decisions, and to avoid the pitfalls of the past!! (Action Committee/CO)

  1. Grant application from Clifton Hampden:

IM confirmed that a grant of £450.00 had been agreed for the purchase of a sight screen.

  1. Outstanding fees from Hanney and Stanton Harcourt:

SO had confirmed that Stanton Harcourt had paid the outstanding money but not Hanney CC. In view of the club closing, it was agreed that we would not chase them for settlement, unless they re-applied to join the OCA at a later date. (To advise SO)

  1. Photos for display on website and payment:

CO explained that Steve Wheeler was prepared to supply photos on a weekly basis to the OCA, so that these could be added to the website or linked to it.

CO felt that we should reimburse him for his work to the sum of £25.00 per week - £100.00 per month, capped at £500.00 on a year’s trial. CM agreed to look into a suitable way of linking the photo site with the OCA website and in the meantime the photos will be sent to Nick Wilks, who will use a number of these in the 2018 handbook. (Action CM)

4. Correspondence:
Grant application from Sunningwell C.C. - The club had approached the OCA for a grant towards a replacement tractor to pull their gang mowers, looking to cover a shortfall of £500.00.

This was passed to the Grants Committee for consideration. (Action Grants Committee)

Umpires report on the game at Yarnton: An emailed report had been sent to the General Secretary, advising the ground at Yarnton had not been adequately prepared for the game against E & W Hendred and that the Yarnton & Cowley team had arrived very late to the game. This matter should have been sent direct to the Umpire Secretary (DQ) who will now deal with this in conjunction with IR, as it could be a disciplinary issue? It was agreed that the umpires involved were at a loss to know whether this was an umpiring or grounds problem. (Action DQ/IR)
E-mail received from Radley CC – The General Secretary advised that an email had been received on the Sunday afternoon (7/5/17) which would need to be discussed by the ‘Admissions Committee’, and in the absence of BS, this committee would consist of CO, PD (Vice Chairman) and NW and would be meeting after this meeting to discuss and make their decision. (Action Admissions Committee)

5. Treasurer’s report:
SO had emailed his apologies and reported that there was nothing in particular to report, and that Stanton Harcourt had paid their outstanding amount for trophies but the Hanney fine were still unpaid (see matters arising 9.) . The Grant had been paid and the account for the Handbooks. SO will be contacting Allsports for ordering trophies on his return.
6. Disciplinary:
It was reported that a player who should not be playing due to an outstanding ban from last season had in fact played. IR agreed to look into this and take the necessary action. (Action IR)
7. Fixtures:

Nothing to report.

8. Umpires:
DQ reported that all but one club had been represented at the Umpires pre-season meeting, which was an excellent result. The question of umpires marking up reports etc. on their games was discussed, which resulted in nearly 100% in favour, a fantastic move forward and it will now be necessary for DQ and others on the committee to agree what exactly we will be asking the umpires to do, to move this matter forward. (Action DQ/Committee)

It was also suggested that we should return to the 1-5 marking for umpire’s performance (not 1-3 as at present) as this would give a better scope for asking an umpire for a report. DQ was asked to bring a proposal to the next meeting, and this would be for the 2018 season. (Action DQ)

DQ advised that he was concerned about the ‘poor attitude’ from Swinbrook relating to their umpire rota and had written to them but had not received a reply. It was agreed the General Secretary should write to them, requesting them to respond to DQ immediately. (Action CO/DQ)

9. Registrations:
PW reported to the committee as follows:

"All clubs registered their players by the registration deadline with only 1 club needing to be reminded. The season has started relatively quietly from a registration point of view with 45 matters being dealt with to date, many of these being to deal with registration errors and duplicate registrations for players who decided to move clubs. This compares to 60 matters at the same time last season. It appears that clubs have taken on board that they don't need to contact me by email or phone, even on a Saturday for straightforward player registrations, hence the reduction in emails and phone calls. Currently we have 2056 registered players."

10. Cups:
PB reported that two Airey Cup games had been scheduled for last Saturday, with one being played and the other conceded. Peter advised the committee that he would NOT be available to attend the Osberton Radiators final on the 6th August at Westcott, so would need this covering. He also asked if there was any objection to Mr. Patrick Boyd Maunsell presenting the cup at the Airey Cup, there were no objections.

DQ advised that there were 8 teams in the Pullinger 20-20 competition and this would commence this week.

11. Grounds and Facilities: (Including Ground standards)

The situation with the OCA Grounds Course had been mentioned (see Matters arising 6.)

It was reported by IM that the Yarnton ground was a ‘shambles’ despite them supposedly having a Groundsman provided by the Parish Council? This was not a good start for 1st teams playing at Yarnton and the ground will be monitored over the next few weeks to see if there is any improvement. (Action IM/SM)

It had been reported that there had been a change of ground management at the Leys, Witney where the Witney Swifts play, and at their first game it had been noticed (on the Thursday) that the pitch had been marked out the wrong way round, down the leys rather than across it, but it had been rectified in time. It was uncertain if this new management team were the same who cover the West Witney and Carterton grounds? (Action Grounds Committee)

12. Website:
AW advised that there were a few things to do on the site, and was advised that the ECB link was not working? CO asked that a new folder for ‘weekly reports’ to be added and AW agreed to organise this, which hopefully will appear on the home page. (Action AW)
13. Diary dates:
Due to the merger not going ahead, the EGM for clubs would no longer be taking place. CP will cancel the booking with the council. (Action CP)
14. Forum and Social Media:
CM reported that there was not too much happening on the Forum. He suggested that a page on the website could be made available to record things like ‘batsman top scores, 5 or more wickets taken in a match, etc. etc.’, or in Colin’s words “spice it up a bit for younger players”…

(Action AW/CM)
15. Media:
KB had sent the following report via email:
First week went very smoothly with all results reported on time. Very pleasing that perhaps finally after several years the deadlines are being adhered to.

Clubs must be made aware that any results that miss the 12noon Sunday deadline (12noon Monday for Sunday matches) will NOT appear in local newspapers either I results or reports. This would be a shame if there is a significant performance that will go unreported and so clubs must be aware of this.

Furthermore. I am from 2017 onwards also compiling the Cherwell League reports for the local newspapers.

Any club that wishes to have a team photograph published should send their photos to kierenbushnell@btinternet.com with a full caption naming everyone in the photograph.

I am also happy to receive other photographs relating to matches played and they will be considered for publication if space permits.

All photographs must be accompanied with a full caption.

16. Results
NW was happy to report that clubs had adhered to the deadline for results, which meant he had no chasing to do, long may this continue, week by week!
17. Any Other Business:

SW Willett reported that he had received 6 requests from players on the Player Pool, 4 of which he had agreed. There were a few comments from the committee as to the criteria of the Player Pool and SW agreed to look at this and act accordingly. (Action SW)

CO mentioned that now Gordon Clack of Hawthorn Sports Agencies had retired and would be no longer supplying balls, consideration should be given to the question of a ‘standard ball’. There are a number of ways this could be administered and not tie up clubs who are strapped for cash to ordering in one go, so he agreed to look at various possibilities, maybe with clubs ‘trialling’ certain balls during the season. (Action CO)
18. Date of next meeting(s):
The next meeting of the OCA Executive will be held on Monday 12th June 2017.

Both BS and PD will not be attending this meeting – Owen Lewis offered to chair the meeting.

To be held at Kidlington C.C. (By kind permission) at 7.30 pm
Meeting closed 9.35 pm Minutes completed and circulated on 16.05.2017

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